Class StringRelation

  extended by com.sun.labs.minion.query.Element
      extended by com.sun.labs.minion.query.Relation
          extended by com.sun.labs.minion.query.StringRelation

public class StringRelation
extends Relation

A query element for the string operators, which includes all of the valid operators from Relation, as well as substring, matches, starts, ends.

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Fields inherited from class com.sun.labs.minion.query.Relation
field, operator, value
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fields, strict
Constructor Summary
StringRelation(java.lang.String field, Relation.Operator operator, java.lang.String value)
          Creates a relation for a string field.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class com.sun.labs.minion.query.Relation
getField, getOperator, getQueryElement, getValue, toString
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addField, getFields, getStrict, setFields, setStrict
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Constructor Detail


public StringRelation(java.lang.String field,
                      Relation.Operator operator,
                      java.lang.String value)
Creates a relation for a string field.

field - the field that the relation should operate on. This should be a field that has the SAVED attribute and is of type STRING. If either of these preconditions is violated, a warning will be issued when the query is evaluated by the engine.
operator - the operator to use for the relation
value - the value that is being compared to the values in the field