Changeset Bug IDSynopsis
e9a564028f2f 8189704 broken links in the javax/xml/namespace package
dd3b97564ed7 8192007 javadoc @uses and @provides tags in the modules documentation appears before the first-sentence summary of the service type.
efb9f4c91bde 8194232 Container memory not properly recognized.
f91345a216c9 8179858 jshell tool: sync nomenclature from reference to online /help
9c37fbceb579 8194069 doclint throws missing comment warnings on lines which can't even have javadoc
3b00541635f9 8193671 Default Methods tab under Method Summary includes static methods
8935285e8759 8194271 jaotc crashes with --debug flag
a97a26eb896f 8194494 SHA-512 stub uses AVX 2 instructions on non-supporting CPUs
cb7926b6b3d6 8188649 javadoc -encoding doesn't work when using the old doclet API
e2b8009bf42c 8191637 Interface with defaults invalid compiler warning for Serializable
fdf6715229b1 8194666 ProblemList update for bugid associated with, ConcurrentHashMapTest and
069c82c31914 8194662 Problem list com/sun/jndi/ldap/
78aaea7388ad 8193567 Conversion of comparison nodes affects local slots in optimistic continuation
c94c352dc400 8187487 crash with classes with same binary name
239c7d9bb192 8187951 Update javax.lang.model.SourceVersion for "var" name
899a137688b8 8194067 [Testbug] serviceability/sa/Jhsdb* tests can't tolerate unrelated warnings
f0e55fb9cfa3 8193608 Quarantine test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/codegen/ until JDK-8193479 is fixed
13f6856e8489 8194742 Writing replay data crashes: task is NULL
2e5226ca1329 8185986 redundant/obsolete overview.html pages
25732365355c 8194836 delta apply changesets for JDK-8192885 and JDK-8175883
5db30620a3db 8191362 [Graal] gc/g1/TestShrinkAuxiliaryData tests crash with "assert(check_klass_alignment(result)) failed: address not aligned"
478e77658965 8194258 PPC64 safepoint mechanism: Fix initialization on AIX and support SIGTRAP
282262d5031b 8193607 Test failure with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: compiler.tiered.LevelTransitionTest
5207db413697 8194824 Add gc/stress/gclocker/ to the ProblemList file
2fe2d312e6ce 8194681 G1 uses young free cset time when reporting non-young free cset times
d41a61e52a84 8193673 Regression manual Test javax/swing/JFileChooser/6515169/ fails
e8e8c9e6ccf8 8194901 remove interim code from
5b834ec96236 8187805 bogus RuntimeVisibleTypeAnnotations for unused local in a block