Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
bf83e4c950e0 8168974 Editor support: include properties file in image
fe1e5f27b071 8167176 Exported elements referring to inaccessible types in java.desktop
9ae47deec185 8168108 lib/classlist should be packaged in java.base.jmod
8d337fd6333e 8160491 tar.gz bundles missing files containing $
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
48fce55afe71 6479237 (cl) Add support for classloader names
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
0fa4b5647f3e 8168923 Use unsigned random long in a temp directory name
50dd63d47f2d 8168921 Inconsistent Annotation.toString()
88d82306b232 8158963 RMI server-side multiplex protocol should be disabled
1396fb6d0279 8168972 Editor support: move built-in and external editor support to the jdk repo
8167639 jshell tool: Edit Pad has readability issues
feca8d2621c0 8151511 Test case in CollectionAndMapModifyStreamTest for LinkedHashMap overrides that for HashMap
fa69be51bf46 8156504 java/net/URLPermission/nstest/ fails intermittently
742e99d3aa32 8143097 java/net/ipv6tests/ fails intermittently with "checkTime failed: got 1998 expected 4000"
b5c6cc183ebb 8169055 [TESTBUG] java/io/Serializable/serialFilter/ tests have undeclared dependency on java.compiler module
90dd858e9303 8169020 Add since element to JDBC deprecated methods
7c61ce6d7852 8169002 Several java/net/httpclient have undeclared dependency on java.logging module
52d732262bfa 8168681 Correct deprecation text for Class.newInstance
aae3690e53e3 8159454 [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/ToolTipManager/7123767/ number of checked graphics configurations should be limited
c505e725b85b 8168498 ExifGPSTagSet and ExifTIFFTagSet should use string literals for String constants
96153792172a 8168288 Dubious FontMetrics values from NullFontScaler
4a8fee1f2953 8168364 [macosx] Delete unused class NSPrintinfo
e54829fa51a3 8168367 Table in javax.imageio package description does not mention TIFF
544828ab2a9b 8168470 [TEST_BUG] @test missed in java/awt/Window/ChangeWindowResizabilty/
eeb8b31afed6 8168292 [TESTBUG] [macosx] Test java/awt/TrayIcon/DragEventSource/ fails on OS X
b82c04707671 8162796 [macosx] LinearGradientPaint and RadialGradientPaint are not printed on OS X.
807349334f32 8165981 Consider making some classes in javax.imageio.plugins.tiff final
6e8788feb253 8168609 No link to BMP specification in javax.imageio package documentation
22c146c486ca 8075904 The regression-swing case failed as Ctrl-F4 can't work with the special options"-client -Dswing.defaultlaf=javax.swing.plaf.nimbus.NimbusLookAndFeel"
329b1a617404 8168540 [TEST_BUG] On Unity, need a delay before screenshot taking to avoid animation
5445b9413d9d 8167615 Opensource unit/regression tests for JavaSound
d13621cb40df 8168899 java.nio.file.InvalidPathException if click button in JFileChooser demo of SwingSet2
3bddef7033e5 8167176 Exported elements referring to inaccessible types in java.desktop
40620d84d55d 8133632 does not properly handle received SSL fatal alerts
b1d58146df13 6479237 (cl) Add support for classloader names
000fe525272d 8037278 sun/rmi/runtime/Log/6409194/ fails Intermittently: unexpected subprocess output
93e7c16fd885 8156079 consider making empty instances singletons
8169222 minor immutable collections optimizations
7ee327a10059 8169231 Fix tests to add @compile --add-modules to workaround jtreg bug
06195d1ca9ce 8166286 jmod fails on symlink to directory
736a5f3085b2 8168108 lib/classlist should be packaged in java.base.jmod
53d76efc6fdc 8160491 tar.gz bundles missing files containing $
efa71dc820eb 8159393 jlink should print a warning that a signed modular JAR will be treated as unsigned
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
d3dde3f775b8 8166538 Improve error reporting for compiling against unexported package
1fc501869aa8 8169074 Build is failing after JDK-8166538
035532fe695b 8169078 add bug IDs to jdeprscan tests
afaafd7267cc 8167636 jshell tool: Edit Pad should be in its own module
692418f52877 8166635 getEnclosedElements() on package causes BadClassFile error
08e3ce8305c9 8166857 langtools build.xml broken on windows
46f2219faf5a 8161969 jshell tool: /var value is not truncated per feedback setting
8166637 jshell tool: confusing truncation of long result values
8154513 JShell tool: welcome message should match feedback mode
8167552 jshell tool: Typo in jshell command '/? /reload' description
80b576bd3631 8167975 align javac --add-* modules options with launcher
16f0cf12da2d 8129559 JShell: compilation fails if class, method or field is annotated and has modifiers
8080354 JShell: Runtime visible annotations cannot be retrieved
5892a55c7bf9 8161983 JShell API: Clean-up following 8160127 et. al.
82a50c8d9a43 8168854 javac erroneously reject a a service interface inner class in a provides clause
47871e348144 8169093 Generics, javac not matching actual and formal arguments.
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
a7f21ee6ed30 8156619 Unimplemented ES6 features should result in clear Error being thrown