Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
acf8119d2b86 8170741 Enable uploading of built artifacts through Jib
84c58139cbd3 8171548 JDK bundles changes sym links incorrectly in the legal directory
08d492210119 8171978 docs should use CSS-friendly instead of
3e4c1bd5ad4c 8171859 Configure check for modular boot jdk needs to be updated
cf6786ed1bf5 8171310 Gtest is always stripped
e5605f29b00e 8159127 hprof heap dumps broken for lambda classdata
1b60e1e7bbec 8171433 [aix] switch on gtest AIX build
71a766d4c180 8172155 jshell tool (make): include built-in startup scripts in image
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
cc3e1333a56a 8171897 Remove third party readme files left from JDK-8169925
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
950181a0bb03 8169938 [AOT] SIGSEGV at ~BufferBlob::vtable chunks
2a0e9e246543 8171897 Remove third party readme files left from JDK-8169925
3abc9ec542ab 8170307 Stack size option -Xss is ignored
4445353efa00 8139566 need proper sync for adding default read edges
a8b0da531b64 8171417 post jigsaw review cleanup in the jtreg jvmti tests
73aa17ad605c 8171155 Scanning method file for initialized final field updates can fail for non-existent fields
9831cd4dd428 8169177 AArch64: SIGSEGV when "-XX:+ZeroTLAB" is specified along with GC options
a8df9b2dfd42 8170767 Zero fastdebug build triggers assertion
58261992eb0d 8170761 Buffer overrun in sharedRuntime_x86_64.cpp:477
1bb30d4b0cea 8168797 do not load any archived classes from a patched module
541a375b8fb9 8171092 C1's Math.fma() intrinsic doesn't correctly process its inputs
600bd97c9b61 8171394 [AOT] failed AOT compilation in compiler/aot/
f3a31c992164 8171129 [aarch64] hs_err logs do not print register mappings
a06aeb88dc39 8171236 RTM/HTM jtreg tests regression after transition to the new GNU-style options
d637600f977a 8170464 Remove shell script from compiler/c2/cr7005594/
9d5a9f0570e6 8171244 PPC64: Make interpreter's math entries consistent with C1 and C2 and support FMA
f44226771aac 8171310 Gtest is always stripped
fcef8579ef44 8170548 VM may crash at startup because StdoutLog/StderrLog logging stream can be badly aligned
9802f36e363f 8170919 LogStreamTest tests crash if they are run first
e5e4011e9c30 8159127 hprof heap dumps broken for lambda classdata
0e09840aa554 8150563 can't find
4b542f41d269 8165496 assert(_exception_caught == false) failed: _exception_caught is out of phase
66107bf60a17 8171398 s390x: Make interpreter's math entries consistent with C1 and C2 and support FMA
64ba2bdc3efe 8170886 compiler/ciReplay/ intermittently throws NumberFormatException
c0e9f4a1b666 8171011 convert some CDS dump time warning and error messages to informational messages which will be printed with -XX:+PrintSharedSpaces
68cc86c42295 8171225 [aix] Fix gtests compile error on AIX 7.1 with xlC 12
273e42b0afce 8171408 [aix] TOC overflow when linking the gtest
6a6ad386125b 8171815 [TESTBUG] Update expected failure message in runtime/modules/
548cb3b7b713 8169373 Work around linux NPTL stack guard error.
c7a256349729 8170655 [posix] Fix minimum stack size computations
0d1580bb0cb3 8171517 test_logMessageTest.cpp has "ac_heapanied" instead of "accompanied" inside copyright notice
fc5845d845e3 8170936 Logging: LogFileOutput.invalid_file_test crashes when executed twice.
da52f1047024 8171410 aarch64: long multiplyExact shifts by 31 instead of 63
a3bd5804b4be 8171537 aarch64: compiler/c1/ generates guarantee failure in C1
a04e67d8ad3c 8171807 8170761 fix should be applied to ARM code after 8168503
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
3ebc973c5dc1 8029360 java/rmi/transport/dgcDeadLock/ failing intermittently
35a4a3c1a1b8 8171824 Remove and from ProblemList
0d27cd70c137 8168935 sun/security/ssl/SSLContextImpl/ failed Intermittently
09d46a5120b5 8160036 Java API doc for method minusMonths in LocalDateTime class needs correction
212c89e7dbe5 8170618 jmod should validate if any exported or open package is missing
70f9673ebcd6 8165664 (ch) does not respect timeout in case of system date/time change and blocks
bd9dd28d7b4f 8145633 Adjacent value parsing not supported for Localized Patterns
66b07872e356 8056205 (fs) Potential for NPE in Files.walkFileTree if closing directory fails
0e90257ab700 8171051 LinkedBlockingQueue spliterator needs to support node self-linking
584f92dadf6b 8170484 Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2016-12
4b131d3dcee4 8073080 TEST_BUG: sun/rmi/transport/tcp/ fails due to "ConnectException: Connection refused to host"
b13c89d205df 6972386 issues with String.toLowerCase/toUpperCase
f20b69263ad2 8167143 CLDR timezone parsing does not work for all locales
fd24639b8a40 8161232 test fails timeout.
4d049a2b6690 8171443 (spec) An ALPN callback function may also ignore ALPN
4db52f28a1ba 8171074 Test api/javax_swing/UIManager/index.html\#Methods is failing
9cbc15255a49 8131347 new @BeanProperty annotation: inconsistent behavior for "enumerationValues"
75f71359ad72 8039273 Font related files should not be modified in ${java.home}/lib
8f4760d6248a 8134612 clipboard.getData(dataFlavor) can throw UnsupportedFlavorException for registered data flavor
005e60c871ef 8171363 [PIT] Four Windows-specific tests fail with InaccessibleObjectException when calling Field.setAccessible()
29bd3803a240 8170798 Fix minor issues in java2d and sound coding.
eef0714323de 8074883 Tab key should move to focused button in a button group
ed7c4f86489f 8171906 Changes for 8148023 break AIX build
800cf181dc87 8168840 InetAddress.getByName() throws no such interface when used with virtual interfaces on Solaris
2ec3c5b622ca 8171940 Incorrect statement about an absolute value of months unit after period's normalization
ce85bfbe98b0 8062389 Class.getMethod() is inconsistent with Class.getMethods() results
8029459 (reflect) getMethods returns methods that are not members of the class
8061950 Class.getMethods() exhibits quadratic time complexity
f42801192a47 8171988 Backout of fix for 8062389, 8029459, 8061950
8c2680d7f686 8171471 libawt_xawt and libawt_headless should not set rpath to /..
caa487ca77b0 8067237 [TESTBUG] javax/xml/ws/xsanymixed/ failed on compilation
d27bab22ff62 8172048 Re-examine use of AtomicReference in
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
51b3b07c0b4f 8170741 Enable uploading of built artifacts through Jib
605b0823d19b 8168615 JShell API: jdk.jshell.spi should be a pluggable ServiceLoader SPI
36c6c7de0875 8171892 JShell: incorrect printing of multidemensional arrays
8171387 jshell tool: message inconsistencies
b2e915d476be 8172102 jshell tool: remove print method forwarding to System.out from default startup
8e69054abeeb 8171132 Improve class reading of invalid or out-of-range ConstantValue attributes
4f348bd05341 8169091 Method reference T::methodName for generic type T does not compile any more
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
90d7af04408c 8170977 SparseArrayData should not grow its underlying dense array data
2f052e2b453d 8171849 Collection and Queue conversions not prioritized for Arrays
2a0437036a64 8151994 test/script/basic/JDK-8141209.js fails