Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
7e095c2db6b2 8174064 Tab expansion broken for make
98503c50ee77 8174069 Verify that bash is at least version 3.2
6669d58b28b0 8174172 Race when building java.base.jmod
5327e511b68d 8145337 [JVMCI] JVMCI initialization with SecurityManager installed fails: access denied
9942e3c1ffd3 8173409 make setMixingCutoutShape public and remove jdk.desktop
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
9eada61b403d 8049375 Extend how the org.omg.CORBA.ORB handles the search for
9383da04b385 8174698 Fix @since in in dev/corba repo
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
8c7769a2e1fe 8173393 Module system implementation refresh (2/2017)
8a7b0b443ca7 8173229 Wrong assert whether all remembered set entries have been iterated over in presence of coarsenings
b53b0251e250 8173472 AArch64: C1 comparisons with null only use 32-bit instructions
aa9bbc5fbf68 8173399 Jittester: sources should be aligned with latest product state
2c44cff993b8 8171084 heapdump/JMapHeapCore fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Heap segment size overflow
ab3d4589f4d8 8173584 Add unit test for 8173309
6349a973d248 8158546 C1 compilation fails with "Constant field loads are folded during parsing"
47dfa7f4098e 8173404 C2: wrong nmethod dependency can be recorded for
a1d2a9d7e580 8173338 C2: continuous CallSite relinkage eventually disables compilation for a method
7fc338000594 8173373 C1: NPE is thrown instead of LinkageError when accessing inaccessible field on NULL receiver
9a9d35b5f377 8156073 2-slot LiveStackFrame locals (long and double) are incorrect
b07ef472634f 8173693 disable post_class_unload() for non JavaThread initiators
b6f61bfa87dd 8173227 [JVMCI] HotSpotJVMCIMetaAccessContext.fromClass is inefficient
fa455b914ac9 8173846 [AOT] Stubs hang onto intermediate compiler state forever
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
e372795e1b7c 8173290 3% regression in SPECjvm2008-XML with b150
7990ced86ca4 8174696 Fix @since in in dev/jaxp repo
42c30d817faa 8173393 Module system implementation refresh (2/2017)
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
42993fcbd8f3 8057795 Update of the mimestypes.default for JAF
b7e70e1e0154 8174697 Fix @since in in dev/jaxws repo
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
c39f051b38d8 8173910 (fs) java/nio/file/FileSystem/ should conditionally check FileStores
1ef7723209e7 8169313 not granted NetPermission(getProxySelector)
88f5292cbbad 8173943 Change error reporting of LauncherHelper to include actual Error class name
f5807d240630 8044626 Update RMI specifications to reflect modularization changes
8165649 Re-examine if Activatable object can be created from non-public class and/or constructor
e50de2389390 8173712 Rename JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable to JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS
47526f23be49 8151116 Add extended key usage constraint to the jdk.certpath.disabledAlgorithms security property
04c3f5221759 8173783 IllegalArgumentException: jdk.tls.namedGroups
e56bfa6ae3ce 8173898 StackWalker.walk throws InternalError if called from a constructor invoked through reflection.
23074c7a0bc6 8174128 [testbug] Remove implementation dependency from java.time TCK tests
bb824eeea452 8174157 Backout 8151116
223b9c6c892f 8173410 Add commented config line for
cb761a779278 8173708 Re-enable AES cipher with CFB128 mode for Ucrypto provider
4be3ef759ead 8173587 LambdaMetafactory needs to validate descriptors and method name
00cd2ba50e10 8160655 Fix denyAfter and usage types for security properties
56a5cee26bbb 8033076 LambdaMetafactory should use types in implMethod.type()
95050afa6898 8174226 Test failures after JDK-8033076
cad3932c20ec 8168423 Test Task: Custom system class loader + security manager + malformed policy file = recursive initialization
5757370ec024 8173387 java/nio/channels/Selector/ failed with "Test timed out early with timeout 100000000999"
a547b3736c3b 8049375 Extend how the org.omg.CORBA.ORB handles the search for
34174308ee40 8174127 (ch) Add instrumentation to java/nio/channels/FileChannel/
23ef25fca147 8174241 ProblemList update for TestWsImport, JdbMethodExitTest and jimage tests
297a26386644 8173957 Fix @since in in dev/jdk repo
cb3a760ccbb0 8174716 java/net/httpclient/security/ failing in JDK 9
1c8f054f6278 8173393 Module system implementation refresh (2/2017)
ba1d4f8c77de 8156073 2-slot LiveStackFrame locals (long and double) are incorrect
0d2ab72ba600 8145337 [JVMCI] JVMCI initialization with SecurityManager installed fails: access denied
a024ba2ca3d2 8170113 jimage extract to readonly directory causes MissingResourceException
27716a9b2378 8143077 Deprecate InputEvent._MASK in favor of InputEvent._DOWN_MASK
bdb8499fdb64 8170578 CUPS Printing is broken with Ubuntu 16.10 (CUPS 2.2)
6dbd2f0fbd71 8173409 make setMixingCutoutShape public and remove jdk.desktop
05b82284817f 8170493 JNI exception pending in JavaComponentAccessibility.m
fbddaaa26e1b 8173145 Menu is activated after using mnemonic Alt/Key combination
ed26eebc8c88 8174739 Rename JMOD section name for native libraries from native to lib
71ae110c5efd 8174745 Httpclient source update for JDK 8
ef6894aeb9fe 8165640 Enhance jar tool to allow module-info in versioned directories but not in base in modular multi-release jar files
4cda2699bf59 8174740 RuntimeException: Module m's descriptor returns inconsistent package set
db26f90a85f5 8174194 Several java/lang tests failing due to undeclared module dependencies
96748d4b1204 8173777 Merge javac -Xmodule into javac--patch-module
fdfa7b2fe9a7 8174837 Add "since=9" to deprecated ContentSigner and ContentSignerParameters classes
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
f0bc0f34d2cc 8174140 Move test files into package hierarchy
981fbff798b8 8173302 Move the Description up on module and package index page
c80dce0bcab4 8174027 error message should adapt to the corresponding top level element
e8d71e4be697 8173893 JShell: reduce memory leaks
c9b0b57e3bd5 8173845 JShell API: not patch compatible
fc0a9318d392 8173916 jshell tool: /methods signature confusing/non-standard format
8174028 jshell tool: /method /type failed declaration listed (without indication)
8174041 jshell tool: --startup PRINTING references undeclared Locale class
7729c633b9f1 8174073 NPE caused by @link reference to class
706967704e65 8174249 Regression in generic method unchecked calls
f06dc0d49d68 8168965 search items are not listed in any sensible order
70014b92e871 8174672 JShell tests: jdk/jshell/ problem listed with wrong bug number
37ec42288f73 8169200 Gen has a reference to Flow that is not used, should be removed
fbfd5e635eb2 8174262 Error message misspelling: "instanciated"
65d446c80cdf 8173393 Module system implementation refresh (2/2017)
3e4d400638e5 8174099 class ComboTask at the combo test library needs an execute() method
e7b7e4e436c4 8174762 JShell: @since tags missing
f34b5b81ef55 8174104 Compiler does not allow non-existent module path entry
8be741555fa6 8173777 Merge javac -Xmodule into javac--patch-module
162b521af7bb 8174245 Javadoc is not working for some methods
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
c84e9bd100e9 8173393 Module system implementation refresh (2/2017)
f6070efba6af 8174699 Fix @since in in dev/nashorn repo