Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
8e58cdbcc371 8170884 Clean up post-jlink file copying to the images
70bdcead204c 8176331 Simplify new doclet packages
9a27a9527866 8176172 Imported FX modules have have residual_imported.marker file
445ce1eef4d8 8175307 rpath macro needs to use an argument on macosx
de2acea42514 8176469 Warnings from the build: Unknown module: jdk.rmic specified in --patch-module
cda60babd152 8176509 Use pandoc for converting build readme to html
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
18f02bc43fe9 8176509 Use pandoc for converting build readme to html
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
1c29d5e01ace 8175336 [TESTBUG] aot junit tests added by 8169588 are not executed.
aacd98d54cd3 8139906 assert(src->section_index_of(target) == CodeBuffer::SECT_NONE) failed: sanity
7a8840999420 8175811 [JVMCI] StubRoutines::_multiplyToLen symbol needs to exported
606c35b6fac5 8168914 Crash in ClassLoaderData/JNIHandleBlock::oops_do during concurrent marking
492ed7f0906d 8175516 JNI exception pending in jdk_tools_jaotc_jnilibelf_JNILibELFAPI.c:97
8efd063fd433 8175512 new fails with -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1
30befb9c6655 8175085 [REDO] G1 Needs pre barrier on dereference of weak JNI handles
d6a0fe7ae0e8 8175567 Build of hotspot for arm-vfp-sflt fails
2ff05d967fb2 8175887 C1 value numbering handling of Unsafe.get*Volatile is incorrect
2cd642f679c5 8175917 [JVMCI] Avoid long JNI handle chains
18607b3adc85 8176054 [BACKOUT][REDO] G1 Needs pre barrier on dereference of weak JNI handles
191ffbdb3d7b 8176509 Use pandoc for converting build readme to html
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
310c2c221cb7 8175830 Provide javadoc description for jdk.xml.dom module
51b63f1b8001 8176509 Use pandoc for converting build readme to html
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
7d5352c54fc8 8176509 Use pandoc for converting build readme to html
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
4b8e662483a1 8176155 SubmissionPublisher closeExceptionally() may override close()
9a22fca36ecc 7132577 javax/management/monitor/ fails in JDK8-B22
59a110a38cea 8175325 NetworkInterface.getInterfaceAddresses throws NPE when no addresses
314a7c2356c3 8176131 Simplify new Taglet API
eee4e9f9a547 8176337 Mark several tests as intermittently failing
0c12834e44c2 8167525 update jdk tests to remove @compile --add-modules workaround
ec0bba5289ae 8176320 sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ compilation error, all mach 5 tier 2 platforms broken.
1e350cbeb189 8175209 Account for race condition in java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/
ef7930a8e319 8176317 (ch) Add print of timeout value to java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/
cc365ecb830d 8176235 Minor updates to package.html
4f151e0530e6 8176394 Incorrect relational operator in java/nio/channels/FileChannel/
3b2391fffdc5 8176400 Problemlist sun/security/ssl/X509KeyManager/ due to JDK-8176354
a54e33fc0f2d 8176195 Fix misc module dependencies in jdk_core tests
a3276d8711b7 8176183 sun/security/mscapi/ fails on Windows
0ed8755f5b7f 8170884 Clean up post-jlink file copying to the images
4752e7a805fd 8176044 (tz) Support tzdata2017a
bc1bf2be03bc 8175797 (ref) Reference::enqueue method should clear referent before enqueuing
bf5351eced99 8176332 Increase sleep time in java/nio/channels/Selector/ write1()
a643e91c7138 8176237 (fs) java/nio/file/FileStore/ should conditionally check FileStores
f41f869703b3 8176029 Linebreak matcher is not equivalent to the pattern as stated in javadoc
080bac0e45b6 8176331 Simplify new doclet packages
f80fadfa33c3 8176303 Flow.Subscription.request(0) should be treated as an error
9b01b12f022c 8163979 [macosx] Chinese text shows as Latin w/ openVanilla input method
04b8a8fb5806 8170552 [macosx] Wrong rendering of diacritics on macOS
7bea1b574070 8172500 Create test for SwingSet SliderDemo
656ccef366ac 8172701 Jemmy: FrameOperator: maximize() and demaximize() is not properly implemented
c0cfc1420a14 8162959 [HiDPI] screenshot artifacts using AWT Robot
e67a9a0f1561 8174161 [TESTBUG] Create test for SwingSet DialogDemo
c89cba3ceeec 8172489 [TESTBUG] Create test for SwingSet DialogDemo
88cb99cf7c28 8175066 Compilation error due to tag in JDK-8162959
094ebbe85b36 6622944 Use instead of package.html within awt packages
7f92506142d1 8175025 The copyright section in the test/java/awt/font/TextLayout/ should be updated
3799572cf48b 7119774 [macosx] test ComponentMousePositionTest sometimes fail on Mac
1d9121a770e3 6753165 java/awt/TextField/DisabledUndoTest/DisabledUndoTest.html context menu can't be invoked on textfield
34d3e5054f42 8175266 Use instead of package.html within swing packages
54ac9c6c5fd6 8175293 Window size is not updated after setting location to display with different DPI
502905f8b0aa 8140329 [TEST_BUG] test failed because image was not generated
471e84618f29 8039888 [TEST_BUG] keyboard garbage after javax/swing/plaf/windows/WindowsRootPaneUI/WrongAltProcessing/
578d409941a5 8175831 Provide a javadoc description for jdk.accessibility module
4d0e15c0e141 8033128 Javadoc change is required for java.awt.Robot(GraphicsDevice screen) constructor
a8cd8b6b53bc 8171808 Performance problems in dialogs with large tables when JAB activated
7e125e598be3 8176009 The awt robot use incorrect location in a multi-screen environment
6f94405b43ac 8168307 Toolkit.getScreenSize() returns incorrect size on unix in multiscreen systems
78d1ef540864 8175513 JNI exception pending in awt_GraphicsEnv.c:2021
708f958bee98 8176046 Replace package.html files with in the java.desktop module
9dbb4b4883e5 8176097 Window set location to a display with different DPI does not properly work
8173972 createScreenCapture not working as expected on multimonitor setup with different DPI scales
743970d86b39 6490753 JComboBox doesn't look as native combobox in different states of component
103f15c4564d 8158209 Editing in TableView breaks the layout, when the document is I18n
ca56040ffe44 8152683 Deadlock when resuming from sleep with different monitor setup
95c66fb5c294 8176350 Usage constraints don't take effect when using PKIX
497bd97602b3 8176469 Warnings from the build: Unknown module: jdk.rmic specified in --patch-module
5e83bde9a7db 8176509 Use pandoc for converting build readme to html
bd3c91984011 8176542 Missing @Deprecated arguments for jdk.policytool
09b92d3067a3 8176537 Add test to check JDK modules to have no qualifed exports to upgradeable modules
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
17249d1d92fe 8176266 Make visitUnknown specification more explicit
f183296d126b 8176131 Simplify new Taglet API
917615c2abd9 8175860 javadoc crashes with incorrect module sourcepath
8a3382a9320f 8176333 jdeps error message should include a proper MR jar file name
0873c6b6d28f 8175184 Annotation processor observes interface private methods as default methods
d8aeea31f9b5 8175317 javac does not issue unchecked warnings when checking method reference return types
1d3c7096b3b6 8072114 javac performance should be improved
95c92c634f60 8176265 Method overload resolution on a covariant base type doesn't work in 9
a60be0cc160b 8175235 type inference regression after JDK-8046685
5a620c54268e 8176412 jshell tool: automatic imports are excluded on /reload causing it to fail
e9e81bd49607 8176331 Simplify new doclet packages
05e0692b98ab 8176477 Use DirectiveVisitor to print module information
a76a2f66ff2a 8176470 javac Pretty printer should include doc comment for modules
7888a3e99700 8176482 Use of DirectiveVisitor needs @DefinedBy annotation for
6b51827c339c 8175198 Javac incorrectly allows receiver parameters in annotation methods
35252ae6a7d3 8175799 module summary page shows duplicated output
b6b9c65b47b4 8174974 Annotation type pages generated by javadoc is missing module information
2340259b3155 8176492 @since value errors in java.compiler module
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
d6ef419af865 8176511 JSObject property access is broken for numeric keys outside the int range