Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
7d5d7ae50c72 8178347 Process and ProcessHandle getPid method name inconsistency
35fbd9906dfc 8177822 Move closed jib configuration for arm platforms to open
9e093f2eaabc 8176271 Still unable to build JDK 9 on some *7 sparcs
ba5b16c9c6d8 8177553 Address removal lint warnings in the JDK build
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
e8699be63872 8176887 AOT: SIGSEGV in AOTCodeHeap::next when using specific configuration
66ec8add62cd 8135161 Missing commas in copyright notices
773e40f3fc21 8178119 [JVMCI] when rethrowing exceptions at deopt the exception must be fetched after materialization
00bf892e5553 8178347 Process and ProcessHandle getPid method name inconsistency
4d6df9a75465 8158168 Missing bounds checks for some String intrinsics
560d7aa083a2 8178731 compiler/ciReplay/ does not compile
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
37cdb2871070 8178347 Process and ProcessHandle getPid method name inconsistency
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
cd268728d178 8177969 Faster FilePermission::implies by avoiding the use of Path::relativize
c35ff69c2852 8178147 Race conditions in timeout handling code in http/2 incubator client
23255bc8606d 8178347 Process and ProcessHandle getPid method name inconsistency
0c8f43317c1f 8177784 Use CounterMode intrinsic for AES/GCM
ede22275fbfa 8158168 Missing bounds checks for some String intrinsics
2a15003cb4b7 8178447 Remove link from JavaDoc to Dev guide
f36e07712a1b 8176544 Compilation error in plaf.metal.MetalBumps.Test6657026
0f4994564ae6 6574989 TEST_BUG: javax/sound/sampled/Clip/ fails sometimes
908bdcadfab5 8177137 8175293 breaks Windows build on Vs2010
b3a70b0fd710 8043773 Deprecate JComponent.AccessibleJComponent.AccessibleFocusHandler
5ca3a286b761 8177766 [TEST_BUG] JPopupMenu tests fails intermittently
cdb6fd420176 8176490 [macosx] Sometimes NSWindow.isZoomed hangs
87801ca8520c 8177625 apple.laf.JRSUIConstants.getConstantName(int) checks for THUMB_START twice
19042d75c724 8177461 Wrong references are used in the javadoc in the java.desktop module
41703cb17ee1 8177560 @headful key can be removed from the tests for JavaSound
e0f119ab7b1c 8167102 [macosx] PrintRequestAttributeSet breaks page size set using PageFormat
9ccf8c6e7d7e 8177672 DataFlavor.imageFlavor is null when the java.desktop module is not resolved
204b01546b68 8177386 [TESTBUG] The "Undo" menu item in the context menu is disable
f19cf7eaf0e3 8164469 [TEST_BUG] Unity, java/awt/MouseInfo/
79e099ab284b 8177450 javax.swing.text.html.parser.Parser parseScript ignores a character after commend end
413e8af4fc3c 8177683 Suppress lint removal warnings in and jdk.policytool
5bfdd4e83008 8177684 Suppress lint removal warnings in AppletSecurity
2c28af3a1e5d 8177682 Suppress removal warning for System.runFinalizersOnExit
2b4bacfcbe17 8177723 Suppress lint removal warning in and jdk.unsupported
5f24e5bf62bd 8169971 fails intermittently at the final clean up
fc53a0468c1f 8178083 Remove intermittent key from java/security/SignedObject/
389b078873a0 8177536 Avoid Apple Peer-to-Peer interfaces in networking tests
2a96f24cea2e 8145163 Test Task for Platform Logging API and Service -- for moduralization
d7add8d9ab22 8178795 krb5 test should be basic
d1c491ec39d2 8178783 Java_sun_nio_ch_EPoll_close0 definition, but no declaration.
9ba6760481a8 8164390 Add module javadoc to jdk.internal.jvmstat
d57893482534 8178840 Adds and to ProblemList
5d2b48f1f0a3 8177314 java VM fails to start with a Japanese ShiftJIS locale
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
151bc67acf92 8178414 fails even after fix for JDK-8178283
256d9fce6c53 8178023 jshell tool: crash with ugly message on attempt to add non-existant module path
3e7eab1d1e96 8178067 support for @uses/@provides tags is broken
688279815c27 8178686 Fix incorrect bug id in test.
b51c0ba6fd8f 8178520 jshell tool: /help /save -- incorrect description of /save -start
ad2910e96239 8178426 Extra } is coming in the javadoc of Taglet.toString() API
d2f92cb767a6 8175823 doclet crashes when documenting a single class in a module.
8b68fb0d8159 8178509 MODULE_SOURCE_PATH: Implement missing methods
8178493 StandardJavaFileManager: Clarify/document the use of IllegalStateException
229a32ad3b26 8176801 tools/javac/platform/ sensitive to warnings sent to stderr
2a8b403a6233 8161295 javac, cleanup use of ModuleTestBase