Package org.jdesktop.swingx

Contains extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including new and enhanced components that provide functionality commonly required by rich, data-centric client applications.


Interface Summary
JXCollapsiblePane.JCollapsiblePaneContainer Tagging interface for containers in a JXCollapsiblePane hierarchy who needs to be revalidated (invalidate/validate/repaint) when the pane is expanding or collapsing.
JXTipOfTheDay.ShowOnStartupChoice Used in conjunction with the JXTipOfTheDay.showDialog(Component, ShowOnStartupChoice) to save the "Show tips on startup" choice.
Searchable Interface that used to implement search logic in all the search capable components.
TranslucentRepaintManager Marker interface suggesting that the given RepaintManager supports translucency

Class Summary
AbstractPatternPanel Common base class of ui clients.
AbstractSearchable An abstract implementation of Searchable supporting incremental search.
AbstractSearchable.SearchResult A convenience class to hold search state.
EditorPaneLinkVisitor A ActionListener using a JXEditorPane to "visit" a LinkModel.
JXCollapsiblePane JXCollapsiblePane provides a component which can collapse or expand its content area with animation and fade in/fade out effects.
JXCollapsiblePaneBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXCollapsiblePane.
JXComboBox Adds some visual enhancements to JComboBox.
JXDatePicker A component that combines a button, an editable field and a JXMonthView component.
JXDialog First cut for enhanced Dialog.
JXEditorPane An extended editor pane which has the following features built in: Text search undo/redo simple html/plain text editing
JXErrorDialog Common Error Dialog, suitable for representing information about errors and exceptions happened in application.
JXFindBar A simple low-intrusion default widget for incremental search.
JXFindPanel Find panel to incorporate search capability into the users application.
JXFrame A smarter JFrame specifically used for top level frames for Applications.
JXGlassBox Component used to display transluscent user-interface content.
JXHyperlink A hyperlink component that derives from JButton to provide compatibility mostly for binding actions enabled/disabled behavior accesility i18n etc...
JXImagePanel A panel that draws an image.
JXList JXList Enabled Rollover/LinkModel handling.
JXList.LinkController listens to rollover properties.
JXLoginDialog A standard login dialog that provides a reasonable amount of flexibility while also providing ease of use and a professional look.
JXLoginPanel JXLoginPanel is a JPanel that implements a Login dialog with support for saving passwords supplied for future use in a secure manner.
JXLoginPanel.ComboNamePanel If a UserNameStore is used, then this combo box is presented allowing the user to select a previous login name, or type in a new login name
JXLoginPanel.SimpleNamePanel If a UserNameStore is not used, then this text field is presented allowing the user to simply enter their user name
JXPanel A simple JPanel extension that adds translucency support.
JXRootPane Extends the JRootPane by supporting specific placements for a toolbar and a status bar.
JXSearchPanel Rudimentary search panel.
JXStatusBar A component which is a container for displaying messages.
JXTable A JXTable is a JTable with built-in support for row sorting, filtering, and highlighting, column visibility and a special popup control on the column header for quick access to table configuration.
JXTable.LinkController listens to rollover properties.
JXTableHeader TableHeader with extended functionality if associated Table is of type JXTable.
JXTaskPane JXTaskPane is a container for tasks and other arbitrary components.
JXTaskPaneBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXTaskPane.
JXTaskPaneContainer JXTaskPaneContainer provides an elegant view to display a list of tasks ordered by groups (JXTaskPane.
JXTaskPaneContainerBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXTaskPaneContainer.
JXTipOfTheDay Provides the "Tip of The Day" pane and dialog.
JXTitledPanel A special type of Panel that has a Title section and a Content section.
The following 3 properties can be set with the UIManager to change the look and feel of the JXTitledPanel: JXTitledPanel.title.foreground JXTitledPanel.title.background JXTitledPanel.title.font
JXTree JXTree.
JXTreeTable JXTreeTable is a specialized table consisting of a single column in which to display hierarchical data, and any number of other columns in which to display regular data.
LabelProperties Class used to store label properties in a single object so that they may be applied as a set on renderers.
LinkModel An bean which represents an URL link.
LinkRenderer A Renderer/Editor for Links.
MailErrorReporter This reporter initializes and uses default mail user agent to send information to predefined mail address.
MouseMessagingHandler Mouse handler which listens to mouse entered events on action based components and send the value of the LONG_DESCRIPTION as a transient message to the MessageListener and the listeners registered to the MessageSource.
PatternModel Presentation Model for Find/Filter Widgets.
PatternModel.AnchoredSearchMode Support for anchored input.
PatternModel.RegexCreator Responsible for converting a "raw text" into a valid regular expression in the context of a set of rules.
RepaintManagerX This repaint manager is used by Swingx for translucency.
RolloverProducer Mouse/Motion/Listener which stores mouse location as client property in the target JComponent.
SearchFactory Factory to create, configure and show application consistent search and find widgets.
UIAction UIAction is the basis of all of basic's action classes that are used in an ActionMap.
VerticalLayout Organizes components in a vertical layout.

Enum Summary
JXLoginPanel.SaveMode The JXLoginPanel can attempt to save certain user information such as the username, password, or both to their respective stores.
JXLoginPanel.Status Returns the status of the login process

Package org.jdesktop.swingx Description

Contains extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including new and enhanced components that provide functionality commonly required by rich, data-centric client applications. Highlights include:

Many of these features will eventually be incorporated into the Swing toolkit, although API compatibility will not be guaranteed.

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