Class Cycle

  extended by org.jdesktop.animation.timing.Cycle

public class Cycle
extends java.lang.Object

This class defines the duration and resolution of a single timing cycle. It is used, in conjunction with Envelope as an input into the construction of a TimingController object.

Constructor Summary
Cycle(int duration, int resolution)
          Constructs the Cycle object for use in creating a TimingController object.
Method Summary
 int getDuration()
 int getResolution()
 void setDuration(int duration)
 void setResolution(int resolution)
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Constructor Detail


public Cycle(int duration,
             int resolution)
Constructs the Cycle object for use in creating a TimingController object.

duration - number of milliseconds that the cycle should last. This can be any positive integer value or TimingController.INFINITE to represent an unending cycle.
resolution - number of milliseconds between calls to TimingController.timingEvent(). This will help determine the achievable frame rate of the cycle, as the ensuing timingEvent calls will happen at a frequency determined by this resolution value.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if any parameters have invalid values
See Also:
TimingController, TimingController.INFINITE, TimingController.timingEvent(long, long, float)
Method Detail


public int getResolution()


public void setResolution(int resolution)


public int getDuration()


public void setDuration(int duration)