Class Envelope

  extended by org.jdesktop.animation.timing.Envelope

public class Envelope
extends java.lang.Object

This object holds values that describe the overall TimingController sequence. The Cycle class holds the values that determine what individual timing cycles are like; this class determines how those cycles are put together with other values for the entire sequence.

Nested Class Summary
static class Envelope.EndBehavior
          EndBehavior determines what happens at the end of the Envelope.
static class Envelope.RepeatBehavior
          RepeatBehavior determines how each successive cycle will flow.
Constructor Summary
Envelope(double repeatCount, int begin, Envelope.RepeatBehavior repeatBehavior, Envelope.EndBehavior endBehavior)
          Constructs the Envelope object for use in creating a TimingController object.
Method Summary
 int getBegin()
 Envelope.EndBehavior getEndBehavior()
 Envelope.RepeatBehavior getRepeatBehavior()
 double getRepeatCount()
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Constructor Detail


public Envelope(double repeatCount,
                int begin,
                Envelope.RepeatBehavior repeatBehavior,
                Envelope.EndBehavior endBehavior)
Constructs the Envelope object for use in creating a TimingController object.

repeatCount - fractional value representing the number of cycles that should be run before this Envelope ends. Value can be any positive double value or TimingController.INIFINITE to representing an unending Envelope.
begin - number of milliseconds to delay before starting the first cycle.
repeatBehavior - RepeatBehavior of each successive cycle.
endBehavior - EndBehavior at the conclusion of this Envelope.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if any parameters have invalid values
See Also:
TimingController, TimingController.INFINITE, Envelope.RepeatBehavior, Envelope.EndBehavior
Method Detail


public double getRepeatCount()


public int getBegin()


public Envelope.RepeatBehavior getRepeatBehavior()


public Envelope.EndBehavior getEndBehavior()