Class KeySplines

  extended by org.jdesktop.animation.timing.interpolation.KeySplines

public class KeySplines
extends java.lang.Object

KeySplines is used to hold the information about the splines used in a KeyFrames object. KeySplines is only used when KeyFrames has a NONLINEAR InterpolationType. There should be one spline (e.g., one set of Spline) defined for each time segment defined in KeyTimes, or one less than the number of times defined in that object. For more information on how splines are used, refer to the SMIL specification at

Constructor Summary
KeySplines(Spline... splines)
          This constructor takes a series of Spline to define a set splines.
Method Summary
 int getSize()
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Constructor Detail


public KeySplines(Spline... splines)
This constructor takes a series of Spline to define a set splines. These splines will control the behavior for each time interval in between the times defined in the KeyTimes object and will determine how to interpolate between each of the values in the KeyValues object.

splines - A series of Spline objects that define each spline. The number of Spline objects passed in to this constructor should equal the number of splines you wish to define.
Method Detail


public int getSize()