JDK Community Starter Bug List

This is a list of bugs that Java SE engineers have identified as great candidates for developers who are looking to get started at fixing bugs in the JDK.
Please check the instruction note on how to claim a starter bug.

Note: There is no guarantee that any bug fix will be put into JDK 6 or 7, even if it is perfect. All fixes received will be evaluated on their impact to the codebase at the time they are received. For this reason, it will be become increasingly difficult to add bug fixes and new enhancements (especially API changes) as we get closer to JDK's ship date. Fixes that are not included in JDK 6 are still valuable and will be considered for inclusion in JDK 6 update releases and in JDK 7.

Date: 06/27/07

Category ID Forum Link Synopsis
  6352397 Started starter bug process test
  4459541 Started "javap -l" shows line numbers as signed short; they should be unsigned.
  4989947 Open PNGImageWriter incorrectly applies/not applies filter to pixels
  6261920 Open This is a duplicate of a test
  6345095 Open regression test EmptyClipRenderingTest fails on windows
  4136042 Open In Graphics class drawArc() and fill3DRect() are not quite right
  4197755 Open Arc2D.getBounds() returns an unnecessarily large bounding box
  6450943 Open should document GridBagLayout behavior
  6363104 Started Grammar for param of AWTKeyStroke.getAWTKeyStroke(String) should be improved
  6299160 Open JTable: not all renderers/editors are updated on LF change
  5052785 Open Lack of clarity in description of the method setLineWrap(boolean wrap)
  6229853 Started BasicTextAreaUI:create method are contrary to the documentation
  6232394 Open JEditorPane.setContentType spec is not correct
  6251901 Started BasicTextUI: installDefaults method are contrary to the documentation
  5014885 Open Doc: DocumentFilter.insertString method documentation to be changed
  4532967 Open class summary , you use the words cell update and changed
  6287923 Open PIT: Swing components are not properly rendered in GTK LookAndFeel.
  4134399 Open StyledDocument has no top-level specification
  6239484 Open TCK JTextComponent methods throw NullPointerException
  4949405 Open WinXP L&F:The height of progress bar is bigger than Windows' standard one
  6278700 Started JSlider created with BoundedRangeModel fires twice when changed
  6239536 Open JTextComponent.getInputMethodRequests() method clarification
  6265309 Started Imprecise javadoc of javax.swing.text.Element.getElement(int index)
  4989411 Open Extend DnD support on JColorChooser
  4779988 Open windows look&feel: standard button size is wrong
  4779930 Open windows look&feel: scrollbar arrows are off by one pixel
  4185305 Started JProgressBar Metal PLAF overwrites empty borders
  4286743 Open Allow JScrollPane to setEnable(false)
  4930166 Open JInternalFrame does not redraw borders when its resizable property is changed
  4622866 Started DOC: javax.swing.text.Document.remove(int, int) has a misleading picture
  4752530 Open Last Sentence of TextAction Description is Unclear
  5013405 Open JInternalFrame control menu "move" option is always disabled
  6173849 Open Provide basic command line tool for detecting overuse of synchronization
  6225674 Open Create JNI tracing agent with JVM TI (include outstanding exception state?)
  6228666 Open Create a jvmti demo that tracks thrown exceptions and where they were thrown from
  4967755 Open ModelMBeanAttributeInfo constructor modifies its Descriptor argument
  4718350 Open RFE: Wildcard support in notification filter
  6252592 Started Provide for the user mandatory fields missing in Descriptor given to Model*Info constructors
  4447326 Open TTY: Command length limited to 256 characters
  5085102 Open TTY: Compilation of some files causes javac warnings
  4766855 Open TTY: incorrect expression evaluation
  4789022 Open TTY: redefine class clears breakpoints but clear still lists breakpoints
  4702575 Open TTY: Warn user before accepting a breakpoint if class is on exclude list
  4700613 Open TTY: command line interpreter needs to handle backslash escapes
  4660158 Open TTY: NumberFormatException while trying to set values by 'set' command
  4518755 Open TTY: Unexpected handling of comma separator in expressions
  4846797 Open TTY: print doesn't work right
  5068640 Open PKIXValidator throws RuntimeException when empty KeyStore is used
  6324292 Open keytool -help is unhelpful