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Current status of entries in the Mustang Regression Challenge.

Contest home page: https://mustang.dev.java.net/regchal/
Contest FAQ: https://mustang.dev.java.net/regchal/regchalfaq.html

Date: 08/11/06

Total regressions received: 72

desktop_java_integration:browser (1)   hotspot:compiler1 (1)   hotspot:compiler2 (1)   hotspot:garbage_collector (2)   java:build (1)   java:classes_2d (9)   java:classes_awt (14)   java:classes_awt_im (1)   java:classes_beans (1)   java:classes_io (1)   java:classes_lang (1)   java:classes_net (2)   java:classes_swing (25)   java:classes_util_concurrent (1)   java:classes_util_i18n (3)   java:compiler (1)   java:dragndrop (1)   java:jdbc (1)   java_plugin:other (2)   java_plugin:plugin (1)   javawebstart:download_engine (1)   rave:other (1)  

Category ID Status Synopsis
desktop_java_integration:browser (1)  
  6401210 8-Fix Available
REGRESSION: JDIC browser embedding does not work in Java Web Start in JRE 1.6.0
hotspot:compiler1 (1)  
  6389127 10-Fix Delivered
assert(counter_changed,"failed dependencies, but counter didn't change")
hotspot:compiler2 (1)  
  6401715 10-Fix Delivered
double & int ops performance regression
hotspot:garbage_collector (2)  
  6391130 11-Closed
Not Reproducible
REGRESSION: The jdk/hotspot interpreter crashes with a segfault.
  6405799 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6423256
JVM Exits with OutOfMemoryError for vm\utilities\growableArray.cpp
java:build (1)  
  6385672 3-Accepted
JRE installer fails to set executable attribute on Linux
java:classes_2d (9)  
  6380357 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Unchecked exception may cause Font.createFont to leak files, even after JVM exit
  6384396 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: 12 pt Dialog Bold chinese text becomes "obscure" (less contrast due to being antialised)
  6386963 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Graphics.drawRoundRect() drawing outside the Rectangle
  6389729 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: GraphicsEnvironment.getAvailableFontFamilyNames misses fonts with localised names on XP
  6389875 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Mustang Crashes with image double buffering, drawRect
  6404848 11-Closed
Not Reproducible
REGRESSION: Applet's rendering is not consistent with standalone application
  6406177 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Graphics2D drawText often does not draw String completely
  6407137 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: -Xcheck:jni gives warnings with painting with Java2D in mustang-b77
  6407296 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: Inconsistent (custom) menubar performance between JDK releases
java:classes_awt (14)  
  6383903 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: componentMoved is now getting called for some hidden components
  6384219 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: When a breakpoint is hit from EventDispatchThread, GNOME hangs.
  6384461 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: The title bar and task bar icons differ for SWT applications
  6384552 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: unknown window is created when the height of menu list is longer tha
  6386986 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: unable to change back to default background color on a textfield.
  6390326 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Broken mouse behaviour of menus partially outside the main window.
  6391547 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: The JTextField's cursor is changed when there is a modal dialog
  6396526 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Input Method Window has 2 frames when invoked in JInternalframe.
  6399935 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: Dialog no longer throws IllegalArgumentException
  6403372 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6386592
REGRESSION: Focus problems after cancelling JFileChooser with null parent
  6403983 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6391688
REGRESSION: MenuItem Mnemonic KeyEvent passed to JDialog Textfield
  6404008 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Mouse dragged events obey drag sensitivity
  6404410 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: GridBagLayout throws AIOOBException if columnWidths.length \> number
  6408392 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages generated by laptop touch pad not processed
  6408396 11-Closed
Not Reproducible
REGRESSION: ThinkPad Scroll Button
java:classes_awt_im (1)  
  6396526 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Input Method Window has 2 frames when invoked in JInternalframe.
java:classes_beans (1)  
  6406290 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6402062
REGRESSION: XML Persistance Delegate for Insets broken in Mustang B77
java:classes_io (1)  
  6394966 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6394131
File.toURI() does inconsistent character escaping between 1.4/1.5 and 1.6
java:classes_lang (1)  
  6387919 10-Fix Delivered
(thread) ThreadLocal.set() is now called to install initialValue()
java:classes_net (2)  
  6390779 10-Fix Delivered
Help set not loading from jar:An exclamation mark in zip entry related regre
  6400055 11-Closed
Not Reproducible
REGRESSION: REGRESSION: URLConnection.getContentType always returns null
java:classes_swing (25)  
  6380380 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6342546
REGRESSION: Disabled JButtons on Windows XP have a 1px black border
  6382650 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Cursor shape inconsistent when resizing internal frames
  6383212 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6316673
REGRESSION: JToggleButton displays a different focus behavior in Java SE 6
  6384314 11-Closed
Will Not Fix
REGRESSION: JComboBox that is both Editable and NonFocusable will not allow user
  6384420 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: setBackground(Color.BLACK), not work in swing components
  6385581 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6384552
REGRESSION: JWindow now shows up in Windows Task Bar
  6386636 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6349010
REGRESSION: JToggleButton in JToolbar with windows XP look and feel truncated
  6388576 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6354845
REGRESSION: in a JTable, first column header is white, should be grey
  6388598 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6349010
Win XP JButtons on a JToolBar have extra empty space
  6389065 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: JTableHeader's default alignment changed.
  6390265 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6342546
Swing Disabled JButton(s)
  6391186 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Error encountered when trying to log in KGS Go Server using its CGob
  6396423 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6393307
REGRESSION: JPasswordField NPEs if PL&F does not define
  6397972 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6379098
REGRESSION: Disabled JMenuitem with an empty imageicon will crash.
  6401996 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: painting of backgrounds spill outside drop down list bounds
  6403371 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: JTable header renderer only paints as component orientation as left
  6403861 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: JDialog.setDefaultCloseOperation regression
  6404519 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Mustang JButtons don't track changes to Win XP theme and color schem
  6406012 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: GTK tooltip background color wrong
  6406018 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6405351
REGRESSION: Assertion failure in javax.swing.TransferHandler$TransferSupport.set
  6406264 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Custom combo box calendar popup no longer functional
  6406483 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: SwingWorker javadoc error due to implementation change
  6407089 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 5096681
REGRESSION: The movement of a right key to JTree is different.
  6408422 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: JCheckBoxMenuItem and JRadioButtonMenuItem with GTK L&F
  6409815 11-Closed
Will Not Fix
REGRESSION: JSplitPane.setDividerLocation is no longer respected
java:classes_util_concurrent (1)  
  6384064 10-Fix Delivered
SynchronousQueue put/take interrupt handling differs from timed poll
java:classes_util_i18n (3)  
  6382884 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6356571
REGRESSION: Resource bundle with same name as class file cause looping exception
  6385299 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Problems with Hebrew (he) Resource Bundles
  6388120 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6356571
REGRESSION:MissingResourceException when ResourceBundle.getString() called in constructor
java:compiler (1)  
  6400872 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Java Compiler cannot find jar files referenced by other
java:dragndrop (1)  
  6403381 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: MouseDragged and DragGestureRecognized events' order is swapped.
java:jdbc (1)  
  6392390 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: Creation of JDBC Connection Pool fails when configured with JDK1.6.0
java_plugin:other (2)  
  6392771 10-Fix Delivered
REGRESSION: Java 6 beta Plug-In does not allow security grant
  6413133 11-Closed
Not Reproducible
REGRESSION: Some Applets are no longer getting Cached
java_plugin:plugin (1)  
  6403915 11-Closed
Duplicate of: 6411322
REGRESSION: iexplorer & firefrox crash when redirecting while applet is still ru
javawebstart:download_engine (1)  
  6389251 11-Closed
Not a Defect
REGRESSION: Webstart fails to load Carousel Components Demo Application
rave:other (1)  
  6387854 1-Dispatched
REGRESSION: java studio creator does not warn me to save before deploying