Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 6u12 build

Date: 12/17/08

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6729570 Defect DistributionREADME has obin/tnameserv
  6756768 Defect C1 generates invalid code
  6653214 Defect MemoryPoolMXBean.setUsageThreshold() does not support large heap sizes
  6671882 Defect memory access after free in solaris/vm/os_solaris.cpp
  6614558 Defect jmx interop JDK5 - JDK6 issue when calling getMBeanInfo
  6653384 Defect Variable "initialized" in class CUPSPrinter is static by mistake
  6758179 Defect D3D: AlphaComposite is applied incorrectly for uncached opaque BufferedImage
  6775317 Defect Improve performance of non-AA transformed rectangles and single wide lines in software pipelines
  6552803 Defect the moveToFront causes Heavyweight components to be removed.
  6589530 Defect HW/LW mixing code incorrectly handles insertion of components with the setComponentZOrder() method
  6637655 Defect Mixing of heavyweight/lightweight components does not wrk with GlassPane childre
  6707023 Defect Chinese Characters in JTextPane Cause Pane to Hang
  6765065 Defect Security Warning needs better icons
  6768230 Defect HW/LW mixing code slows down resize performance
  6768332 Defect PIT : Internal frame can be seen below the Canvas
  6769511 Defect PIT : AWT components are invisible for a while after frame is moved & menu items are visible
  6769607 Defect PIT : Modal frame hangs for a while for few seconds in 6u12 b01 pit build
  6776839 Defect AWTUtilities.setWindowOpaque() causes a stack overflow on X11
  6777277 Defect PIT : security warning window is created on the taskbar & closing it will exit jvm
  6777370 Defect PIT : AWT components are not rendered correctly after resizing the JFrame.
  6777693 Defect java/awt/Focus/TemporaryLostComponentDeadlock/TemporaryLostComponentDeadlock.html fails in 6u12 b01
  6774170 Defect LocalRMIServerSocketFactory should protect against ServerSocket.accept().getInetAddress() being null
  6502503 Defect Http URL connection don't work when default encoding is Cp037: HTTP Transfer-Encoding:chunked;
  6720866 Defect Slow performance using HttpURLConnection for upload
  6491619 Defect No mouse events from titlebar in JRootPane of JFrame
  6510999 Defect Selection in a JList with both scrollbars visible jumps on arrowkey-down
  6624717 Defect Corrupted combo box, GTK L&F, Ubuntu 7.10
  6699856 Defect Creating text in a JTextPane using Chinese text causes undesired behavior
  6726866 Defect Repainting artifacts when resizing or dragging JInternalFrames in non-opaque toplevel
  6735259 Defect NPE at WindowsComboBoxUI$XPComboBoxButton.getState(WindowsComboBoxUI.java:408)
  6742850 RFE Antialiasing for GTK L&F should be turned on by default if there is no embedded bitmap.
  6768387 Defect REGRESSION: JTable no longer serializable
  6769873 Defect Regression test java/text/Date/DateFormat/Bug6683975.java started failing after DST ended.
  6772646 Defect Regression test java/text/Date/DateFormat/Bug4823811.java started failing after DST ended.
  6599383 Defect Unable to open zip files more than 2GB in size
  6713428 Defect unneeded entries in the RemoveFile table
  6751131 RFE Java Auto-Update code should be in Visual Studio projects
  6759889 RFE Need to create Auto Update for Java FX v1.5
  6762584 Defect Install: The banner for warning dialog does not display properly
  6764967 Defect Java JRE 1.6u10 installer failed with error 1606 when using "/qb!" switchm
  6767867 Defect Need to combine command line and XML options for non-AU iftw execution
  6767961 Defect jxpiinstall.exe does not use the correct method for ping
  6760561 Defect l10n of 6690159 (kernel message change)
  6768198 Defect l10n of 6699715
  6768199 Defect l10n of 6478142
  6706574 Defect REG: Remove button should be disabled for default JRE in Java Runtime settings dialog
  6763387 Defect Java Control Panel's title bar and tabs are jutted out of the desktop
  6767447 Defect Java Control Panel icon issues on Windows XP 64 bit and Win2003 64bit
  6643769 Defect Applet main windows steals focus on Popup windows which is running Applet.
  6712099 Defect JRE install clears out all existing Java Runtime parameters for older JRE's
  6745455 Defect Firefox extensions using Java don't work with new Java Plug-In
  6764266 Defect Modal dialog from JavaScript called by JSObject causes IE freeze
  6764345 Defect cannot launch dragged applets offline
  6767160 Defect New plugin does not pick up jre installed by DT
  6768120 Defect Initialization of document base not working on Safari on Mac OS X
  6769298 Defect Unable to create shortcut using 6u12-b01
  6769610 Defect When running java plugin 1.6.0_10 with earlier version of JRE first line of console is wrong.
  6769840 RFE Replace orange "Java logo" animation
  6770420 Defect environment variables '_java_options' and 'java_tool_options' are disregarded
  6770422 Defect HTMLTextAreaElement non-functional in plug-in2
  6771026 Defect Plugin2 crashes on applets in XHTML/XML files
  6771315 Defect Error in implementation of Document.createDocumentFragment, createTextNode and createComment
  6773313 Defect Mac OS X port crashes with latest WebKit nightly
  6712519 Defect REG : Timestamp option of javaws throws NullPointerException
  6719510 Defect After launching basic secured applications, javaws -viewer asks for user name/password
  6766037 Defect Signed jar gives SecurityException: host syntax error in crossdomain.xml
  6772645 Defect dragged-out FX applet can't be relaunched even with main=false set in JNLP file
  6775919 Defect javaws -silent is broken for apps with extensions (like javafx)
  6696175 Defect javaws not recognizing properties which contains % character
  6740193 Defect bug in Java Webstart Caching when using large argument list on resource href.
  6772138 Defect Can not change splash image if jnlp href is not set.
  6683213 Defect CounterMonitor's derived Gauge badly initialized
  6728126 Defect Parsing Extensions in Client Hello message is done in a wrong way
  6745052 Defect SSLServerSocket file descriptor leak