Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u12 build b03

Date: 12/24/08

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6771107 1-Very High Defect IIOP: Exception thrown is changed in 6u12
  6708580 3-Medium Defect Java applications slow when EXA enabled
  6766342 3-Medium Defect Improve performance of Ductus rasterizer
  6772137 3-Medium Defect D3D: Dragging the scroll bar of a JScrollPane containing a JTree causes incorrect red
  6774258 2-High Defect api/java_awt/Component/index.html
  6777221 3-Medium Defect PIT : Security warning gets some times cut off on solaris.
  6777320 2-High Defect PIT : Canvas is not fully painted on the internal frame & internal frame goes behind the canvas
  6779066 3-Medium Defect Untrusted window cannot receive input focus by clicking its taskbar button after deiconification
  6786238 1-Very High Defect api/javax_swing/DefaultDesktopManager/descriptions.html
  6783139 2-High RFE (tz) Windows time zone mapping table needs to be updated for KB955839
  6763365 3-Medium RFE Update mentions of JavaFX in JRE install panels to reflect new JavaFX brand/logo
  6777681 2-High Defect FX update was skipped after Java Update
  6779985 1-Very High Defect JRE install when PendingFileRenameOperations is set, Error 1606 or JavaFX preload is not run
  6782204 3-Medium Defect Grammatical error in Yahoo Toolbar sponsor text "let's you know..." (should be "lets")
  6712190 3-Medium Defect Java Web Start behaves differently on Windows Terminal Server wrt file "deployment.config"
  6775019 3-Medium Defect Java Control Panel Plugin/Webstart JRE dialog issues in 6u12 b02
  6770763 2-High RFE Add Install Stat (pings) for JavaFX installs
  6783512 4-Low RFE Add new ping for kernel download complete
  6770742 3-Medium Defect No default JDK version for IE7 on Win Vista after 6u10
  6674383 2-High Defect Problems running applets in the Hyper Text Appllication (HTA) from windows
  6783125 2-High Defect Plugin2: DND shortcut launch throw exceptions if applet JNLP href has no codebase
  6784894 2-High Defect Regression: applets loaded from local disk can not access co-located resources
  6787261 2-High Defect ClickTag: Firefox3 FIX is still not complete
  6777695 1-Very High Defect TCK jnlp test jnlp_file/appletDesc/index.html
  6781554 3-Medium Defect JNLP Applet is not honoringthe title specified in JNLP file from 6u12
  6750401 1-Very High Defect SSL stress test with GF leads to 32 bit max process size in less than 5 minutes,with PCKS11 provider
  6766775 2-High Defect X509 certificate hostname checking is broken in JDK1.6.0_10