Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u21 build

Date: 04/01/10

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6930043 2-High Defect C2: SIGSEGV in javasoft.sqe.tests.lang.arr017.arr01702.arr01702.loop_forw(II)I
  6935466 4-Low Defect new CodeCache flushing code is not guarded by the flag
  6935535 4-Low Defect String.indexOf() returns incorrect result on x86 with SSE4.2
  6755988 3-Medium Defect G1: assert(new_obj != 0 || ... "should be forwarded")
  6921710 2-High Defect G1: assert(new_finger \>= _finger && new_finger \< _region_limit,"invariant")
  6935821 2-High Defect G1: threads created during marking do not active their SATB queues
  6915365 3-Medium Defect assert(false,"Unsupported VMGlobal Type") at management.cpp:1540
  6938342 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS17 build number to 12
  6896157 2-High Defect unsynchronized hashmap in com.sun.corba.se.impl.transport.SelectorImpl.createReaderThread
  6908562 2-High RFE JFB Custom Revision Version Build/Makefile changes
  6918065 2-High Defect Crash in Java2D blit loop (IntArgbToIntArgbPreSrcOverMaskBlit) in 64bit mode
  6930980 3-Medium Defect Disable TrueType hinting for fonts known not to hint well
  6851688 3-Medium Defect Hung up in applet application
  6907881 4-Low Defect Different undesired behavior for entering Asian characters in Windows IME starting with Java 6.0
  5102804 3-Medium Defect Memory leak in Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class) for custom BeanInfo: Class param
  6921057 1-Very High Defect REGRESSION: persistence delegate issue on Windows and Linux against 5.u23b03/6u17b11
  6924497 3-Medium Defect HotSpotDiagnosticsMXBean.getDiagnosticOptions throws NPE
  6837847 2-High Defect PKCS
  6493542 2-High Defect JFileChooser throws NPE on Vista with Win LaF in new folder
  6827032 2-High Defect NIMBUS: Drag and drop throws a NPE in SwingSet2 ColorChooser
  6912560 3-Medium Defect Timezone is not set correctly on Win Vista when Security manager is present.
  6929185 3-Medium RFE (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB979306
  6930987 3-Medium RFE (tz) Support tzdata2010c
  6932473 3-Medium Defect (tz) javazic produces incorrect SimpleTimeZone parameters with Sun\<=7
  6933159 3-Medium Defect test/java/util/TimeZone/TimeZoneTest.java: needs to redo revision 1.35 change
  6900405 2-High RFE build scripts changes to allow building 32/64 combo window installer for each build
  6909619 2-High Defect Installing 64bit java configers 64bit javaws even for 32bit browsers when 32bit javaws was confiured
  6929442 2-High Defect need to update j2se docs to represent latest windows-i586 setup env
  6930984 2-High Defect Error occurs after canceling JRE offline installation/declining JDK license agreement
  6936145 2-High Defect need to check au msi/cab into install ws, making build setup easier for everyone
  6925851 3-Medium RFE Localize JRE into pt_BR
  6917780 2-High Defect JavaUpdate changes correct path for jusched.exe to incorrect after disable/enable JUpdate in CPL
  6883952 3-Medium Defect Issue in 6817482 is still reproducible with 6u16-rev-b03 when using old plugin
  6887492 2-High Defect REGRESSION:proxy automatic configuration does not work since 6u14
  6929435 3-Medium Defect Java plugin + Firefox does not pick up auto proxy settings from Java control panel
  6857340 2-High Defect Java Plugin memory leak when Java Applet is called repeatedly from JavaScript
  6866628 3-Medium RFE Add Sun Java Plugin in windows registry for Mozilla Browsers
  6895411 3-Medium Defect Regression: Applets are not honoring the remote policy URL
  6909883 3-Medium Defect 6u18: Rountrip scenarios recursive js calls i.e. java \> js\> java \> js are not working
  6927204 2-High Defect HasAssociation with File and Extension is failing in solaris
  6932498 2-High Defect TCK-jnlp api/javax_jnlp/DownloadService/index.html
  6926204 2-High Defect regression: Jnlp shortcut icon is corrupted
  6936624 3-Medium Defect sharing cached schema causing cvc-complex-type.2.4.b error
  6591117 3-Medium Defect Poor preformance of PKCS
  6843127 2-High Defect krb5 should not try to access unavailable kdc too often
  6862679 2-High Defect ESC: AD Authentication with user with umlauts fails
  6925974 1-Very High Defect sun/security/krb5/IPv6.java failure agaisnt 1.6.0_18_revb08
  6932423 3-Medium Defect In 6u20/b01/pit, some regression test files for 6843127 have not been checked into test workspace.
  6585239 2-High Defect Regression: 2 DNS tests fail with JDK 5.0u13 b01 and pass with 5.0u12fcs
  6921610 3-Medium Defect 1.6 update 17 and 18 throw java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException