All Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 6u21

Date: 07/02/10

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Fixed in Build Synopsis
  6963225 2-High Defect b02 Documentation for customized loading progress indicator feature
  6769124 4-Low Defect b01 various 64-bit fixes for c1
  6795465 3-Medium Defect b01 Crash in assembler_sparc.cpp with client compiler on solaris-sparc
  6855215 3-Medium Defect b01 Calculation error (NaN) after about 1500 calculations
  6875329 3-Medium Defect b01 fix for 6795465 broke exception handler cloning
  6879943 4-Low Defect b01 CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/share/vm/c1/c1_LIR.hpp:2029
  4360113 4-Low Defect b01 Evict nmethods when code cache gets full
  5057818 4-Low Defect b01 codecache full and compiler disabled in bigapps fastdebug run
  6614597 4-Low Defect b01 Performance variability in jvm2007 xml.validation
  6663854 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(n != __null,"Bad immediate dominator info.") in C2 with -Xcomp
  6722084 4-Low Defect b01 JPRT make file doesn't create required symbolic link to
  6792161 4-Low Defect b01 assert("No dead instructions after post-alloc")
  6815692 3-Medium Defect b01 method handle code needs some cleanup (post-6655638)
  6820514 3-Medium Defect b01 meet not symmetric failure in ctw
  6827605 4-Low RFE b01 new String intrinsics may prevent EA scalar replacement
  6829127 4-Low Defect b01 Deoptimization Failure on Specjvm98 _227_mtrt with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot since Hs11 b01
  6829187 3-Medium Defect b01 compiler optimizations required for JSR 292
  6829192 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 needs to support 64-bit x86
  6849984 4-Low Defect b01 Value methods for platform dependent math functions constant fold incorrectly
  6852078 4-Low Defect b01 HSX 14/16 in jdk 5.0: api/javax_management api/org_omg jck tests crashes or make tnameserv crash
  6854812 3-Medium Defect b01 6.0_14-b08 crashes with a SIGSEGV
  6858164 3-Medium Defect b01 invokedynamic code needs some cleanup (post-6655638)
  6862863 2-High Defect b01 C2 compiler fails in elide_copy()
  6862956 4-Low RFE b01 PhaseIdealLoop should have a CFG verification mode
  6863023 3-Medium Defect b01 need non-perm oops in code cache for JSR 292
  6865583 5-Very Low Defect b01 Verbose CIPrintMethodCodes asserts when ldc an empty String
  6866651 4-Low Defect b01 Regression: simple int sum crashes jvm (build 1.6.0_14-b08 and 1.7.0-ea-b59)
  6869822 4-Low Defect b01 assert(Universe::narrow_oop_shift() == 0,"use unscaled narrow oop")
  6873116 4-Low Defect b01 Modify reexecute implementation to use pcDesc to record the reexecute bit
  6873777 4-Low Defect b01 FPU control word optimization still performed with SSE
  6873799 4-Low RFE b01 enable escape analysis by default
  6873800 4-Low RFE b01 enable compressed oops by default
  6875577 4-Low Defect b01 CTW fails with /hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/memnode.cpp:1794
  6875619 4-Low Defect b01 CTW fails with /hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/type.hpp:1133
  6875866 4-Low Defect b01 Intrinsic for String.indexOf() is broken on x86 with SSE4.2
  6875959 4-Low Defect b01 CTW fails hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/reg_split.cpp:1087
  6875967 4-Low Defect b01 CTW fails with./generated/adfiles/ad_sparc.cpp:6711
  6876276 4-Low Defect b01 assert(!is_visited,"visit only once")
  6877221 3-Medium Defect b01 Endless deoptimizations in OSR nmethod
  6877254 4-Low Defect b01 Server vm crashes with "no branches off of store slice" when run with CMS and UseSuperWord (default)
  6879362 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(!klass_is_exact(),"only non-exact klass")
  6879902 4-Low Defect b01 CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/cpu/sparc/vm/assembler_sparc.hpp:845
  6879921 4-Low Defect b01 CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/share/vm/utilities/globalDefinitions.cpp:268
  6880034 4-Low Defect b01 SIGBUS during deoptimisation at a safepoint on 64bit-SPARC
  6880052 3-Medium Defect b01 SIGSEGV in GraphKit::null_check_common()
  6880053 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(alloc_obj-\>as_CheckCastPP()-\>type() != TypeInstPtr::NOTNULL)
  6880533 5-Very Low Defect b01 test/compiler/6865031/ miss -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions
  6880574 4-Low Defect b01 C2 assert in escape.cpp:445 on linux-amd64
  6883468 4-Low Defect b01 C2 compiler enters infinite loop running out of native heap. assertion in PhaseIterGVN::transform
  6885169 3-Medium Defect b01 merge of 4957990 and 6863023 causes conflict on do_nmethods
  6885584 3-Medium Defect b01 A particular class structure causes large allocation spike for jit
  6886353 4-Low Defect b01 For DeoptimizeALot, JTreg tests should "IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions on a product build
  6889300 4-Low Defect b01 assert(i != k || is_new || i-\>outcnt()\> 0, "don't return dead nodes")
  6889656 2-High Defect b01 assert(lo_lrg-\>lo_degree() || !lo_no_simplify,"Live range was lo-degree before coalesce; should simp
  6889869 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(!Interpreter::bytecode_should_reexecute(code),"should not reexecute")
  6890984 2-High Defect b01 Comparison of 2 arrays could cause VM crash.
  6891750 3-Medium Defect b01 deopt blob kills values in O5
  6892079 3-Medium Defect b01 live value must not be garbage failure after fix for 6854812
  6892186 4-Low Defect b01 SA does not dump debug info for scalar replaced objects.
  6892658 3-Medium RFE b01 C2 should optimize some stringbuilder patterns
  6893081 3-Medium Defect b01 method handle & invokedynamic code needs additional cleanup (post 6815692, 6858164)
  6893268 3-Medium RFE b01 additional dynamic language related optimizations in C2
  6893554 2-High Defect b01 SPECjvm2008 mpegaudio fails with SecurityException
  6893701 4-Low Defect b01 compiler/6877254/ fails because it combines -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC with other GC
  6894206 3-Medium RFE b01 JVM needs a way to traverse method handle structures
  6894778 3-Medium RFE b01 Loop Predication for Loop Optimizer in C2
  6894807 2-High Defect b03 No ClassCastException for HashAttributeSet constructors if run with -Xcomp
  6895383 3-Medium Defect b01 JCK test throws NPE for method compiled with Escape Analysis
  6896084 2-High Defect b01 VM does not reserve protected page below heap for compressed oops implicit null checks
  6896352 3-Medium Defect b01 CTW fails hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/escape.cpp:1155
  6896370 3-Medium Defect b01 CTW fails share/vm/opto/matcher.cpp:1475 "duplicating node that's already been matched"
  6896727 3-Medium Defect b01 nsk/logging/LoggingPermission/LoggingPermission/logperm002 fails with G1, EscapeAnalisys w/o COOPs
  6901572 3-Medium Defect b01 JVM 1.6.16 crash on loops: assert(has_node(i),"")
  6902000 5-Very Low RFE b01 use ShouldNotReachHere() for btos/ctos/stos in TemplateInterpreterGenerator::set_short_entry_points
  6902036 4-Low Defect b01 WorldWind asserts on escape.cpp:1153: assert(addr-\>is_AddP(),"AddP required")
  6902182 4-Low RFE b01 Starting with jdwp agent should not incur performance penalty
  6904191 3-Medium Defect b01 OptimizeStringConcat should be product instead of experimental
  6908167 4-Low Defect b01 jbb2005, OptimizeStringConcat causes assert in EA
  6909839 3-Medium Defect b01 missing unsigned compare cases for some cmoves in
  6910484 3-Medium Defect b01 incorrect integer optimization (loosing and op-r in a given example)
  6910605 2-High Defect b01 C2: NullPointerException/ClassCaseException is thrown when C2 with DeoptimizeALot is used
  6910618 4-Low Defect b01 C2: Error: assert(d-\>is_oop(),"JVM_ArrayCopy: dst not an oop")
  6910664 3-Medium Defect b01 C2: java/util/Arrays/ fails with DeoptimizeALot flag
  6911204 3-Medium Defect b01 generated adapters with large signatures can fill up the code cache
  6912062 3-Medium Defect b01 disassembler plugin needs to produce symbolic information in product mode
  6912063 3-Medium Defect b01 inlining parameters need to be adjusted for some uses of the JVM
  6912065 2-High Defect b01 final fields in objects need to support inlining optimizations for JSR 292
  6912517 4-Low Defect b01 JIT bug compiles out (and stops running) code that needs to be run. Causes NPE.
  6913075 4-Low Defect b01 EA identifies escape state incorrectly after 6895383 fix
  6914002 4-Low Defect b01 unsigned compare problem after 5057818
  6914206 4-Low RFE b01 change way of permission checking for generated MethodHandle adapters
  6914300 4-Low RFE b01 ciEnv should export all well known classes
  6914622 4-Low RFE b01 Print values of all flags for product VM
  6915110 3-Medium Defect b01 IfNode::up_one_dom moves beyond RootNode bug in src/share/vm/opto/ifnode.cpp
  6915557 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(_gvn.type(l)-\>higher_equal(type),"must constrain OSR typestate") with debug build
  6916644 3-Medium Defect b01 C2 compiler crash on x86
  6917931 3-Medium Defect b01 compiler/6895383/ don't compile due missed imports
  6919886 4-Low RFE b01 Sweep CodeCache more aggressively to reduce its usage for CompileTheWorld
  6920293 3-Medium Defect b01 OptimizeStringConcat causing core dumps
  6920346 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: "must avoid base_memory and AliasIdxTop"
  6921339 1-Very High Defect b01 backout 6917766
  6921352 4-Low Defect b01 JSR 292 needs its own deopt handler (new CR for 6917766)
  6921799 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 call sites should not be fixed-up
  6921969 3-Medium RFE b01 optimize 64 long multiply for case with high bits zero
  6921992 3-Medium Defect b01 failure in verify scheduling after 6792161
  6923002 4-Low Defect b01 assert(false,"this call site should not be polymorphic")
  6923043 4-Low Defect b01 failed nightly tests which use -XX:+PrintCompilation -Xcomp -XX:CompileOnly
  6924097 4-Low Defect b01 assert((_type == Type::MEMORY) == (_adr_type != 0),"adr_type for memory phis only")
  6925249 4-Low Defect b01 assert(last_sp \< (intptr_t*) interpreter_frame_monitor_begin(),"bad tos")
  6926697 4-Low Defect b01 "optimized" VM build failed: The type "AdapterHandlerTableIterator" is incomplete.
  6926782 3-Medium Defect b01 CodeBuffer size too small after 6921352
  6927049 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(is_Loop(),"invalid node class")
  6928717 2-High Defect b01 HS17 fails to build with SS11 C++
  6928839 4-Low Defect b01 JSR 292 typo in x86 _adapter_check_cast
  6930035 4-Low Defect b01 C2 type system incorrectly handles case j.l.Object-\>meet(constant AryPtr)
  6930043 2-High Defect b02 C2: SIGSEGV in javasoft.sqe.tests.lang.arr017.arr01702.arr01702.loop_forw(II)I
  6930116 4-Low Defect b01 loop predication code does not handle If nodes with only one projection
  6930398 3-Medium Defect b01 fix for return address locals in OSR entries uses wrong test
  6931465 4-Low Defect b01 Switch off by default optimization flags in HS17
  6935466 4-Low Defect b02 new CodeCache flushing code is not guarded by the flag
  6935535 4-Low Defect b02 String.indexOf() returns incorrect result on x86 with SSE4.2
  6948602 2-High Defect b04 Disable use of SSE4.2 in String.indexOf intrinsic until 6942326 is fixed
  4957990 2-High Defect b01 PermHeap bloat in and only in server VM
  6423256 3-Medium RFE b03 GC stacks should use a better data structure
  6631166 2-High RFE b01 CMS: better heuristics when combatting fragmentation
  6637203 2-High Defect b01 Classunloading messages go to stdout rather than Xloggc file, causing hangs when stdout is closed
  6677708 2-High RFE b03 G1: re-enable parallel RSet updating and scanning
  6755988 3-Medium Defect b02 G1: assert(new_obj != 0 || ... "should be forwarded")
  6782663 3-Medium Defect b01 Data produced by PrintGCApplicationConcurrentTime and PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime is not accurate
  6798898 2-High Defect b01 CMS: bugs related to class unloading
  6802453 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: hr()-\>is_in_reserved(from),"Precondition."
  6815790 4-Low Defect b01 G1: Missing MemoryPoolMXBeans with -XX:+UseG1GC
  6819085 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: use larger and/or user settable region size
  6841313 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: dirty cards of survivor regions in parallel
  6845368 3-Medium Defect b01 large objects cause a crash or unexpected exception
  6847956 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: crash in oopDesc*G1ParCopyHelper::copy_to_survivor_space(oopDesc*)
  6858886 4-Low Defect b01 G1: guarantee(_next_marked_bytes \<= used(),"invariant") at heapRegion.hpp:359
  6861557 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: assert(top() == bottom() || zfs == Allocated,"Region must be empty, or ...")
  6862387 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: tune concurrent refinement further
  6866190 4-Low Defect b01 Remove SIMPLE_STACK code from TaskQueue
  6870843 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: G1 GC memory leak
  6871111 4-Low RFE b01 G1: remove the concurrent overhead tracker
  6872136 4-Low Defect b01 CMS: confusing message may be printed when a collector is switched off implicitly
  6880903 2-High Defect b01 G1: G1 reports incorrect Runtime.maxMemory()
  6882730 4-Low Defect b01 G1: parallel heap verification messes up region dump
  6884552 4-Low Defect b01 remove some unnecessary
  6885041 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: inconsistent thread dump
  6885297 3-Medium Defect b01 java -XX:RefDiscoveryPolicy=2 or -XX:TLABWasteTargetPercent=0 cause VM crash
  6886024 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: assert(recent_avg_pause_time_ratio() \< 1.00,"All GC?")
  6887186 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: Incorrect code generated for G1 pre-barrier by C1 on SPARC
  6887571 3-Medium RFE b01 Increase default heap config sizes
  6887948 3-Medium Defect b01 test/gc/6845368/ fails due to timeout
  6888316 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: has_aborted() || _cm-\>region_stack_empty() fails
  6888619 4-Low RFE b01 G1: too many guarantees in concurrent marking
  6888847 4-Low Defect b01 TaskQueue needs release_store() for correctness on RMO machines
  6888898 2-High Defect b01 CMS: ReduceInitialCardMarks unsafe in the presence of cms precleaning
  6889740 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: OpenDS fails with "unhandled exception in compiled code"
  6889757 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: enable card mark elision for initializing writes by compiler (ReduceInitialCardMarks)
  6890137 4-Low RFE b01 G1: revamp reachable object dump
  6892749 2-High Defect b01 assert(UseParNewGC || UseSerialGC || UseConcMarkSweepGC, "...") fails
  6895236 4-Low Defect b01 CMS: cmsOopClosures.inline.hpp:43 assert(..., "Should remember klasses in this context")
  6895788 4-Low Defect b01 G1: SATB and Update buffer allocation code allocates too much space
  6896647 2-High Defect b01 card marks can be deferred too long
  6898857 3-Medium Defect b01 [Regression] -XX:NewRatio with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC causes fatal error
  6898948 4-Low RFE b01 G1: forensic instrumentation for out-of-bounds recent_avg_pause_time_ratio()
  6899058 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: Internal error in ptrQueue.cpp:201 in nightly tests
  6902115 3-Medium Defect b01 G1:assert(ignore_max_completed||thread-\>is_Java_thread()||SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint())
  6902303 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: ScavengeALot should cause an incremental, rather than a full, collection
  6902701 4-Low Defect b01 G1: protect debugging code related to 6898948 with a debug flag
  6904516 2-High Defect b01 More object array barrier fixes, following up on 6906727
  6904967 4-Low Defect b01 G1: some CollectionUsageThreshold tests fail
  6906565 4-Low Defect b01 G1: deal with compilation warning in g1MemoryPool.hpp
  6906727 2-High Defect b01 UseCompressedOops: some card-marking fixes related to object arrays
  6908208 2-High Defect b01 UseCompressedOops: array_size() returns incorrect size for MAX_INT object array following 6906727
  6908215 4-Low Defect b01 G1: SEGV with G1PolicyVerbose=2 debug flag
  6909756 3-Medium Defect b03 G1: guarantee(!G1CollectedHeap::heap()-\>mark_in_progress(),"Precondition.")
  6912018 3-Medium Defect b01 CMS: guarantee(head() != 0,"The head of the list cannot be NULL")
  6914402 4-Low Defect b01 G1: assert(!is_young_card(cached_ptr),"shouldn't get a card in young region")
  6915005 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: Hang in PtrQueueSet::completed_buffers_list_length with gcl001
  6918006 2-High Defect b01 G1: spill space must be reserved on the stack for barrier calls on Windows x64
  6919980 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: remove +UseG1GC from under experimental options (second attempt)
  6920090 2-High Defect b01 G1: Disable ReduceInitialCardMarks at least until 6920109 is fixed
  6921710 2-High Defect b02 G1: assert(new_finger \>= _finger && new_finger \< _region_limit,"invariant")
  6923123 3-Medium Defect b01 Hotspot refuses to start when -Xmx4m or -Xms4m is specified
  6923991 2-High Defect b01 G1: improve scalability of RSet scanning
  6928059 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: command line parameter renaming
  6928065 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: use existing command line parameters to set the young generation size
  6928073 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: use existing command line parameters for marking cycle initiation
  6928081 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: rename parameters common with CMS
  6935821 2-High Defect b02 G1: threads created during marking do not active their SATB queues
  6937160 4-Low RFE b03 G1: should observe GCTimeRatio
  6940310 3-Medium Defect b03 G1: MT-unsafe calls to CM::region_stack_push() / CM::region_stack_pop()
  6940894 2-High Defect b03 G1: assert(new_obj != 0 || ... "should be forwarded") for compaction tests
  6942253 3-Medium RFE b03 G1: replace G1ParallelGCAllocBufferSize with YoungPLABSize and OldPLABSize
  6942771 2-High Defect b03 SEGV in ParScanThreadState::take_from_overflow_stack
  6953058 2-High Defect b06 G1: A bigapp crashes with SIGSEGV in compiled code
  6953483 2-High Defect b05 Typo related to ReduceInitialCardMarks leaves concurrent collectors vulnerable to heap corruption
  6875393 2-High Defect b01 JNI itable index cache is broken
  6419370 4-Low Defect b01 new jmethodID code has tiny holes in synchronization
  6580131 3-Medium Defect b01 CompiledMethodLoad events don't produce the expected extra notifications to describe inlining
  6648438 4-Low Defect b01 src/share/vm/prims/jvmtiEnv.cpp:457 assert(phase == JVMTI_PHASE_LIVE,"sanity check")
  6849968 3-Medium Defect b01 JVMTI tests fails on jdk5.0 with hs14
  6862945 4-Low Defect b01 conversion of jmethodID to methodOop in JVMTI is too expensive
  6876794 4-Low Defect b01 sp07t002 hangs very intermittently
  6949515 2-High Defect b05 VM crash when calling GetMethodDeclaringClass
  6818264 3-Medium Defect b01 Heap dumper unexpectedly adds .hprof suffix
  6915365 3-Medium Defect b02 assert(false,"Unsupported VMGlobal Type") at management.cpp:1540
  6873236 5-Very Low Defect b01 Fork HS16 to HS17 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
  6879076 4-Low RFE b01 jprt - do not sync source after builds and tests are done
  6885900 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 02
  6890293 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 03
  6893996 5-Very Low Defect b01 change default JPRT release target to be 6u18
  6894844 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 04
  6898707 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 05
  6912782 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 06
  6917463 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 07
  6919437 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 08
  6921473 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 09
  6927886 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 10
  6931882 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS17 build number to 11
  6938342 5-Very Low Defect b02 Bump the HS17 build number to 12
  6941466 2-High RFE b03 Oracle rebranding changes for Hotspot repositories
  6942317 5-Very Low Defect b03 Bump the HS17 build number to 13
  6944787 5-Very Low Defect b04 Bump the HS17 build number to 14
  6945726 5-Very Low Defect b03 Change where hs17-b13 Mercurial tag is placed
  6949118 2-High Defect b05 jvm.dll shows the company name as Sun Microsystems
  6954507 5-Very Low Defect b05 Bump the HS17 build number to 15
  6954519 5-Very Low Defect b05 change default JPRT release target to be 6u20
  6960390 5-Very Low Defect b06 Bump the HS17 build number to 16
  6960393 5-Very Low Defect b06 Fix misplaced b15 hg tag for hs17
  6961510 3-Medium Defect b06 Request to Integrate HotSpot hs17.0-b16 into JDK 6u21-b06
  6361589 3-Medium RFE b01 Print out stack trace for target thread of GC crash
  6587322 4-Low Defect b01 dtrace probe object__alloc doesn't fire in some situations on amd64
  6626217 3-Medium Defect b03 How to Root Hotspot VM - Loader-constraint table allows arrays instead of only the base-classes
  6801625 2-High Defect b01 CDS: HeapDump tests crash with internal error in compactingPermGenGen.cpp
  6821003 2-High Defect b01 Update hotspot windows os_win32 for windows 7
  6822370 2-High Defect b01 ReentrantReadWriteLock: threads hung when there are no threads holding onto the lock (Netra x4450)
  6830542 3-Medium RFE b01 Performance: new JVM_DefineClass with conditional verify
  6843629 4-Low RFE b01 Make current hotspot build part of a jdk5 control build
  6852873 2-High Defect b03 Increase in delta between application stopped time and ParNew GC time over application lifetime
  6858208 3-Medium Defect b01 jvm crash when specifying TypeProfileWidth=0 on jdk 6.0
  6861660 3-Medium Defect b01 OopMapBlock count/size confusion
  6880029 4-Low Defect b01 JDK 1.6.0_u14p Application crashed very early
  6888880 3-Medium RFE b01 JKernel VM to inject the sun.jkernel.DownloadManager as a boot classloader hook
  6889302 4-Low RFE b01 TraceExceptions output should include detail message
  6890308 3-Medium RFE b01 integrate zero assembler hotspot changes
  6892265 2-High Defect b03 System.arraycopy unable to reference elements beyond Integer.MAX_VALUE bytes
  6893483 4-Low Defect b01 DTrace probe return values for a couple JNI methods are wrong
  6893504 4-Low Defect b01 LinkageError not thrown for duplicate class definition for bootstrap class loader
  6895168 2-High Defect b01 JCK api/signaturetest/sigtest.basic.html
  6896043 4-Low Defect b01 first round of zero fixes
  6898160 2-High Defect b01 Need serviceability support for new vm argument type 'uint64_t'
  6899467 2-High Defect b01 System property java.class.version out-of-sync with VM for jdk 5.0 with HS 16 in nightly build
  6900899 2-High Defect b01 vm fails to start when -Xmx value is less than OldSize + NewSize
  6908267 4-Low Defect b01 Zero fails to unlock synchronized native methods on exception
  6909153 4-Low Defect b01 Fix broken options on Zero
  6913869 5-Very Low Defect b01 Zero assert fix
  6917698 4-Low Defect b01 os::is_allocatable Zero fix for 32-bit platforms
  6918421 1-Very High Defect b01 in-process JVM now ignores preset Windows unhandled exception filter
  6920970 4-Low Defect b01 Zero build fixes after 6849984 and 6911204
  6920977 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: guarantee(k == probe-\>klass(),"klass should be in dictionary") fails
  6921922 3-Medium Defect b01 fix for 6911204 breaks tagged stack interpreter
  6926048 4-Low Defect b01 Improve Zero performance
  6927165 4-Low Defect b01 Zero S/390 fixes
  6932480 2-High Defect b03 Crash in CompilerThread/Parser. Unloaded array klass?
  6933402 2-High RFE b03 RFE: Improve PrintSafepointStatistics output to track cleanup time
  6934758 3-Medium RFE b03 Expose the break down of clean up task time during Safepoint
  6879572 2-High Defect b01 SA fails with "RuntimeException: field "_is_marked_dependent" not found in type instanceKlass"
  6896157 2-High Defect b02 unsynchronized hashmap in
  6929137 3-Medium Defect b04 java-corba: Locking too broad in
  6873059 3-Medium Defect b01 Explicitly use -source 6 -target 6 when compiling with the boot jdk javac
  6884624 4-Low Defect b01 Update copyright year for files changed from July through September
  6896472 2-High Defect b01 Missing causes jdk build failure
  6908562 2-High RFE b02 JFB Custom Revision Version Build/Makefile changes
  6931871 2-High RFE b01 Rebranding of javadoc generation in makefiles
  6940881 3-Medium RFE b03 Change jdk6 update workspaces to just use JPRT jdk6 release
  6942596 3-Medium Defect b04 Update EA license without specific release/build
  6950958 3-Medium Defect b05 Remove unnecessary jprt.config files
  4116222 3-Medium Defect b03 Errors in Arabic code-conversion tables, part II
  6899078 3-Medium Defect b01 potential deadlock and performance issue in freeing strike resources with D3D pipeline
  6904962 3-Medium Defect b01 GlyphVector.getVisualBounds should not be affected by leading or trailing white space.
  6918065 2-High Defect b02 Crash in Java2D blit loop (IntArgbToIntArgbPreSrcOverMaskBlit) in 64bit mode
  6921593 2-High Defect b01 Chinese Font PMingLiu not rendered correctly
  6925760 3-Medium Defect b01 Scaled graphics can cause overlapped LCD mode strings on Windows for pixel size \> 48
  6927458 3-Medium Defect b01 font system should cache transient strikes with weak references.
  6930980 3-Medium Defect b02 Disable TrueType hinting for fonts known not to hint well
  6936389 2-High Defect b03 FontManager.fileCloser may cause memory leak in applets
  6940890 2-High RFE b04 Java doesn't pick up the correct fontconfig files in latest Solaris Next builds.
  6557810 3-Medium Defect b01 poor performance when using -splash option
  6575419 3-Medium Defect b01 Solaris : XSetICFoucs is not called with Java application at appropriate timing
  6711676 3-Medium Defect b01 Numpad keys trigger more than one KeyEvent.
  6773985 2-High Defect b03 OutOfMemory (PermGen space) under Linux / Firefox when switching bw. applets
  6851688 3-Medium Defect b02 Hung up in applet application
  6907881 4-Low Defect b03 Different undesired behavior for entering Asian characters in Windows IME starting with Java 6.0
  6920842 2-High Defect b04 Wheel events do not bubbling to the browser if they was not treated in applet.
  6946559 2-High Defect b05 AWTToolKit thread crashes in JNU_GetEnv
  6575419 3-Medium Defect b01 Solaris : XSetICFoucs is not called with Java application at appropriate timing
  6907881 4-Low Defect b03 Different undesired behavior for entering Asian characters in Windows IME starting with Java 6.0
  5102804 3-Medium Defect b02 Memory leak in Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class) for custom BeanInfo: Class param
  6921057 1-Very High Defect b02 REGRESSION: persistence delegate issue on Windows and Linux against 5.u23b03/6u17b11
  6526376 3-Medium Defect b01 DeleteOnExitHook.add() produces NullPointerException
  6815768 4-Low Defect b01 File.getxxxSpace() methods fail for very large file systems under 32bit Java
  6908131 3-Medium RFE b01 Pure Java implementations of java.lang.StrictMath.floor(double) & java.lang.StrictMath.ceil(double)
  6921374 3-Medium RFE b01 java.lang.String::hashCode() should check for count == 0 to avoid repeated stores hash = 0
  6924497 3-Medium Defect b02 HotSpotDiagnosticsMXBean.getDiagnosticOptions throws NPE
  6365587 2-High Defect b03 Proxy-Connection header sent through tunnel
  6589477 3-Medium Defect b01 2nd call to HTTP/SPNEGO fails when http.auth.preference=Negotiate is set
  6448457 3-Medium Defect b03 (ch) Channels.newOutputStream().write() does not write all data
  6465310 4-Low Defect b01 (fc) scatter/gather operations on non-direct buffers doesn't use buffer cache
  6837847 2-High Defect b02 PKCS
  6862064 2-High Defect b01 incorrect implementation of PKIXParameters.clone()
  6939248 4-Low Defect b03 Jarsigner can't extract Extended Key Usage from Timestamp Reply currectly
  6948803 2-High Defect b05 CertPath validation regression caused by SHA1 replacement root and MD2 disable feature
  6958869 2-High Defect b06 regression: PKIXValidator fails when multiple trust anchors have same dn
  6493542 2-High Defect b02 JFileChooser throws NPE on Vista with Win LaF in new folder
  6631956 2-High Defect b04 Nimbus: ClassCastException when running with MultiLookAndFeel
  6827032 2-High Defect b02 NIMBUS: Drag and drop throws a NPE in SwingSet2 ColorChooser
  6836089 3-Medium Defect b03 Swing HTML parser can't properly decode codepoints outside the Unicode Plane 0 into a surrogate pair
  6880336 2-High Defect b05 SwingWorker deadlocks due one thread in the swingworker-pool
  6898691 2-High Defect b04 Java apps do not see keyboard switching on Sun Ray
  6917744 3-Medium Defect b03 JScrollPane Page Up/Down keys do not handle correctly html tables with different cells contents
  6923305 2-High Defect b04 SynthSliderUI paints the slider track when the slider's "paintTrack" property is set to false
  6933784 2-High Defect b03 NIMBUS: ImageView getNoImageIcon and getLoadingImageIcon returns nulls instead of an icon
  6937798 2-High Defect b04 Nimbus: Issues with JTable grid
  6938481 2-High Defect b04 4906607 is not fixed for NIMBUS L&F
  6940843 3-Medium Defect b05 FileSystemView.isFileSystemRoot causing various exceptions under 6u19
  6945316 3-Medium Defect b05 The Win32ShellFolderManager2.isFileSystemRoot can throw NPE
  5047314 4-Low Defect b01 [Col] runs indefinitely for a certain set of Thai strings
  6801020 2-High Defect b03 Concurrent Semaphore release may cause some require thread not signaled
  6912560 3-Medium Defect b02 Timezone is not set correctly on Win Vista when Security manager is present.
  6912866 4-Low Defect b01 (date) java.util.Date.before / after may be expensive
  6929185 3-Medium RFE b02 (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB979306
  6930987 3-Medium RFE b02 (tz) Support tzdata2010c
  6932473 3-Medium Defect b02 (tz) javazic produces incorrect SimpleTimeZone parameters with Sun\<=7
  6933032 3-Medium RFE b03 (tz) Support tzdata2010e
  6933159 3-Medium Defect b02 test/java/util/TimeZone/ needs to redo revision 1.35 change
  6939021 3-Medium RFE b03 (tz) Support tzdata2010g
  6945238 3-Medium RFE b04 (tz) Support tzdata2010i
  6948909 3-Medium Defect b05 Jarsigner removes MANIFEST.MF info for badly packages jar's
  6507024 3-Medium Defect b05 unchecked conversion between arrays fails after capture conversion
  6725036 3-Medium Defect b05 javac returns incorrect value for lastModifiedTime() when source is a zip file archive
  6920317 2-High Defect b03 file has to be specified on the javac cmdline, else it will not be avail.
  6945178 2-High Defect b05 SecurityException upon drag-and-drop
  6900405 2-High RFE b02 build scripts changes to allow building 32/64 combo window installer for each build
  6909619 2-High Defect b02 Installing 64bit java configers 64bit javaws even for 32bit browsers when 32bit javaws was confiured
  6925623 2-High Defect b01 Building of Auto Update code should be turned off in the deploy workspace
  6929442 2-High Defect b02 need to update j2se docs to represent latest windows-i586 setup env
  6930984 2-High Defect b02 Error occurs after canceling JRE offline installation/declining JDK license agreement
  6936145 2-High Defect b02 need to check au msi/cab into install ws, making build setup easier for everyone
  6937373 2-High RFE b05 need to support PIP from multiple fcs builds of the same version of the JRE
  6939839 2-High RFE b03 Update Auto Update version in JRE workspace to
  6947811 3-Medium Defect b05 jdk setup complete success dialog missing line after rebranding
  6948139 1-Very High RFE b05 FIU should offer "Later" option instead of Cancel
  6952654 2-High RFE b05 Auto Update version should be updated to
  6953173 1-Very High Defect b06 enhanced plus builds like 6u18-b79 don't set ImageCkSum registry entry, can't be patched-in-place
  6959888 2-High Defect b06 Old version ping value set to incorrect version when autoupdating build-to-build
  6959950 2-High Defect b06 JDK installation complete window: "Finish" button is not painted properly
  6925851 3-Medium RFE b02 Localize JRE into pt_BR
  6916802 3-Medium Defect b05 Broken links in API documentation to be fixed in Java source
  6888876 2-High Defect b01 improve error handling of webstart/plugin XML parser
  6890531 4-Low RFE b01 Netbeans project for deploy WS
  6913086 3-Medium Defect b01 Multiple "Authentication required" pop-ups while running restricted basic auth JNLP application
  6929021 3-Medium Defect b01 Performance problem with DeployCacheHandler
  6931507 3-Medium RFE b01 Create Solaris package SUNWdefault-java, defining default_java to be 1.6, for S10U9
  6945105 2-High RFE b05 Custom progress: need API to use Javascript from custom progress code
  6945109 2-High Defect b05 Custom progress: signed progress cause extra security dialog
  6945112 2-High Defect b05 Custom progress: 100% completion event might be not delivered
  6945628 2-High Defect b05 Custom Progress: custom progress jars are loaded more than once
  6945630 2-High Defect b05 Custom progress: improve smoothness of progress reporting
  6945639 2-High RFE b05 Custom progress: ability to tune progress appearance from the web page
  6954416 2-High Defect b05 Custom progress: javascript to java error under some scenario
  6918877 3-Medium RFE b01 Component Unit Test for various jnl Discriptor Classes
  6920942 3-Medium RFE b01 Need Component Whitebox tests for InformationDesc and it's sub Derscriptos.
  6921475 3-Medium Defect b01 Add Component Whitebox tests for VersionID, StringQuoteUtil, JVMParameters
  6917780 2-High Defect b02 JavaUpdate changes correct path for jusched.exe to incorrect after disable/enable JUpdate in CPL
  6883952 3-Medium Defect b02 Issue in 6817482 is still reproducible with 6u16-rev-b03 when using old plugin
  6887492 2-High Defect b02 REGRESSION:proxy automatic configuration does not work since 6u14
  6929435 3-Medium Defect b02 Java plugin + Firefox does not pick up auto proxy settings from Java control panel
  6844544 3-Medium Defect b01 VM terminates and shorctut fails to creates under some scenarios
  6857340 2-High Defect b02 Java Plugin memory leak when Java Applet is called repeatedly from JavaScript
  6866628 3-Medium RFE b02 Add Sun Java Plugin in windows registry for Mozilla Browsers
  6886430 3-Medium Defect b01 User homedir is not a valid directory
  6895411 3-Medium Defect b02 Regression: Applets are not honoring the remote policy URL
  6900358 3-Medium Defect b01 plugin applets fail when spec version "6.0.10" given
  6909883 3-Medium Defect b02 6u18: Rountrip scenarios recursive js calls i.e. java \> js\> java \> js are not working
  6924600 3-Medium Defect b01 An applet with many jars is not able to launch when refreshed after cleaning javaws cache.
  6949712 2-High Defect b05 regression: deadlock in JNLP2ClassLoader
  6911785 3-Medium Defect b01 javaws -offline launches appln without any error when the appln is not in cache
  6940844 2-High Defect b03 No automatic download for 6u19
  6927204 2-High Defect b02 HasAssociation with File and Extension is failing in solaris
  6925413 2-High Defect b01 Java web start unable to run JDK1.3 applications for releases after 6.0.14
  6926204 2-High Defect b02 regression: Jnlp shortcut icon is corrupted
  6931553 3-Medium Defect b05 Offline-allowed doesn't work in 1.6.0_18 when update policy=always is set
  6940157 3-Medium Defect b05 extention jnlp files also now need security-\>all-permissions to avoid mixed code dialog
  6940842 3-Medium Defect b04 NPE in mapSignersToCodeSource when not caching files locally
  6943522 2-High Defect b04 Failed to launch any signed application on 6u19 when cache is disabled
  6947327 2-High Defect b05 REGRESSION: NoSuchMethodError exception throws with jre 1.4 apps
  6803688 2-High Defect b01 Integrate latest JAX-WS (2.1.6) in to JDK 6u14
  6938276 3-Medium RFE b03 lock contention reduction in jaxp XSComplexTypeDecl.getContentModel(CMBuilder cmBuilder)
  6949607 2-High Defect b05 JAXP issue 63 : attribute is accessible with invalid namespace
  6936624 3-Medium Defect b02 sharing cached schema causing cvc-complex-type.2.4.b error
  6689809 3-Medium Defect b03 XSLT transformer ignores XPath predicates in xsl:key elements
  6928198 3-Medium Defect b01 reset() method in the Transformer does not reset to its original state, causes the memory to grow.
  6940416 2-High Defect b04 Regression in 6u18 wrt XSL/T processing
  6591117 3-Medium Defect b02 Poor preformance of PKCS
  6941896 4-Low Defect b03 Ensure the copyright years are correct, etc.
  6706974 3-Medium RFE b01 Add krb5 test infrastructure
  6843127 2-High Defect b01 krb5 should not try to access unavailable kdc too often
  6862679 2-High Defect b02 ESC: AD Authentication with user with umlauts fails
  6893158 3-Medium Defect b01 AP_REQ check should use key version number (updated by 6907425)
  6919610 3-Medium Defect b01 KeyTabInputStream uses static field for per-instance value
  6925974 1-Very High Defect b02 sun/security/krb5/ failure agaisnt 1.6.0_18_revb08
  6932423 3-Medium Defect b02 In 6u20/b01/pit, some regression test files for 6843127 have not been checked into test workspace.
  6585239 2-High Defect b02 Regression: 2 DNS tests fail with JDK 5.0u13 b01 and pass with 5.0u12fcs
  6916202 3-Medium Defect b01 More cases of invalid ldap filters accepted and processed
  6921610 3-Medium Defect b02 1.6 update 17 and 18 throw java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
  6938013 3-Medium Defect b03 auto update should detect pt_BR rather than pt section in server side XML file
  6939420 3-Medium Defect b03 ud ua pings should only be sent when specific tag exists in map file
  6939832 2-High RFE b03 Oracle rebranding changes in proteus
  6952653 2-High RFE b05 Need to change installer version verification to allow update of different build, same version
  6929254 3-Medium RFE b03 Integrate VisualVM into 6u21