Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u21 build

Date: 08/14/10

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6969236 1-Very High Defect Regression: JRE identification fails due to Oracle rebranding in java.exe
  6968341 2-High Defect JDK 6u21 install fails with Error Applying Transforms error in Brazillian Portuguese
  6970722 3-Medium Defect 6u21 is not staged at http://webeng-dev.sfbay.sun.com/plugin-test/ to verify plugin test
  6975472 2-High Defect incorect JDK/JavaFX co-bundle is staged
  6976068 3-Medium Defect Co-bundle (JDK6u21-JavaFX1.3.1) links should not appear in the javase downloads page
  6976353 3-Medium Defect JavaFX SDK License Agreement has incorrect version on the staging page
  6972483 1-Very High Defect Stage 6u21 b07 JFB windows bundle on CDS links
  6972738 2-High Defect Netbeans+JDK download page contains garbled text for Unix platforms & incorrect version of NB