All Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 6u23

Date: 10/14/10

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Fixed in Build Synopsis
  6976112 3-Medium Defect b02 jgss sample coding error
  6649594 3-Medium Defect b01 Intermittent IOExceptions during dynamic attach on linux and solaris
  6730276 3-Medium Defect b01 JDI_REGRESSION tests fail with "Error: count must be non-zero" error on x86
  6919934 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 needs to support x86 C1
  6932496 4-Low Defect b01 c1: deoptimization of jsr subroutine fails on sparcv9
  6934966 4-Low RFE b01 JSR 292 add C1 logic for saved SP over MethodHandle calls
  6939930 3-Medium Defect b01 exception unwind changes in 6919934 hurts compilation speed
  6942223 4-Low Defect b01 c1 64bit fixes
  6946892 4-Low Defect b01 c1 shouldn't do sign-extend to upper 32bits on x64
  6953539 4-Low Defect b01 after 6892658 c1 reports that it doesn't inline StringBuffer.append
  6955349 4-Low Defect b01 C1: Make G1 barriers work with x64
  6958292 4-Low RFE b01 C1: Enable parallel compilation
  6962980 4-Low Defect b01 C1: stub area should take into account method handle deopt stub
  6975006 2-High Defect b01 assert(check.is_deoptimized_frame()) failed: missed deopt
  6975027 4-Low Defect b01 use of movptr to set length of array
  6976372 4-Low Defect b01
  6552204 4-Low Defect b01 split_thru_phi leaves behind Phi of AddP which produces inefficient code
  6663854 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(n != __null,"Bad immediate dominator info.") in C2 with -Xcomp
  6677629 5-Very Low RFE b01 PhaseIterGVN::subsume_node() should call hash_delete() and add_users_to_worklist()
  6829193 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 needs to support SPARC
  6836579 3-Medium RFE b01 Use byte[] instead of char[] for Strings where possible (Hotspot)
  6879921 3-Medium Defect b01 CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/share/vm/utilities/globalDefinitions.cpp:268
  6892658 3-Medium RFE b01 C2 should optimize some stringbuilder patterns
  6894807 2-High Defect b01 No ClassCastException for HashAttributeSet constructors if run with -Xcomp
  6910664 3-Medium Defect b01 C2: java/util/Arrays/ fails with DeoptimizeALot flag
  6915557 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(_gvn.type(l)-\>higher_equal(type),"must constrain OSR typestate") with debug build
  6916623 5-Very Low RFE b01 Align object to 16 bytes to use Compressed Oops with java heap up to 64Gb
  6926979 4-Low Defect b01 should simplify catch_inline_exception
  6927049 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(is_Loop(),"invalid node class")
  6928717 2-High Defect b01 HS17 fails to build with SS11 C++
  6928839 4-Low Defect b01 JSR 292 typo in x86 _adapter_check_cast
  6930035 4-Low Defect b01 C2 type system incorrectly handles case j.l.Object-\>meet(constant AryPtr)
  6930043 2-High Defect b01 C2: SIGSEGV in javasoft.sqe.tests.lang.arr017.arr01702.arr01702.loop_forw(II)I
  6930116 4-Low Defect b01 loop predication code does not handle If nodes with only one projection
  6930398 3-Medium Defect b01 fix for return address locals in OSR entries uses wrong test
  6930772 3-Medium RFE b01 JSR 292 needs to support SPARC C1
  6930994 3-Medium Defect b01 Code cache is full warning should be visible in product
  6932091 5-Very Low RFE b01 JSR 292 x86 code cleanup
  6932536 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 modified JDK MethodHandlesTest fails on x86_64
  6934104 3-Medium RFE b01 JSR 292 needs to support SPARC C2
  6934494 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 MethodHandles adapters should be generated into their own CodeBlob
  6935466 4-Low Defect b01 new CodeCache flushing code is not guarded by the flag
  6935535 4-Low Defect b01 String.indexOf() returns incorrect result on x86 with SSE4.2
  6937111 4-Low RFE b01 Restore optimization for Phi of AddP (6552204)
  6938026 2-High Defect b01 C2 compiler fails in Node::rematerialize()const
  6939134 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 adjustments to method handle invocation
  6939196 3-Medium Defect b01 method handle signatures off the boot class path get linkage errors
  6939203 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 needs method handle constants
  6939207 3-Medium Defect b01 refactor constant pool index processing
  6939731 4-Low Defect b01 JSR 292 Zero build fix after 6934494
  6939804 4-Low Defect b01 ciConstant::print() prints incorrect bool value
  6940520 3-Medium Defect b01 CodeCache::scavenge_root_nmethods_do must fix oop relocations
  6940677 4-Low RFE b01 Use 64 bytes chunk copy for arraycopy on Sparc
  6940701 4-Low RFE b01 Don't align loops in stubs for Niagara sparc
  6940726 4-Low RFE b01 Use BIS instruction for allocation prefetch on Sparc
  6940733 4-Low RFE b01 allocate non static oop fields in super and sub classes together
  6941529 3-Medium Defect b01 SharedRuntime::raw_exception_handler_for_return_address must reset thread MethodHandle flag
  6942326 2-High Defect b01 x86 code in string_indexof() could read beyond reserved heap space
  6943485 3-Medium Defect b01 JVMTI always on capabilities change code generation too much
  6944028 4-Low Defect b01 6940701 broke Zero
  6945219 4-Low Defect b01 minor SA fixes
  6946040 4-Low RFE b01 add intrinsic for short and char reverseBytes
  6947341 3-Medium Defect b01 JVM Crash running Oracle ATG CRMDemo
  6948602 2-High Defect b01 Disable use of SSE4.2 in String.indexOf intrinsic until 6942326 is fixed
  6949830 4-Low Defect b01 6939134 broke Zero
  6950075 3-Medium RFE b01 nmethod sweeper should operate concurrently
  6951083 5-Very Low RFE b01 oops and relocations should part of nmethod not CodeBlob
  6951190 2-High Defect b01 assert(!klass_is_exact(),"only non-exact klass") while building JDK
  6951686 4-Low Defect b01 Using large pages on Linux prevents zero based compressed oops
  6952176 3-Medium Defect b01 Remove debug flag from adlc makefile for 6Update trains
  6953267 5-Very Low Defect b01 assert in EA code with -XX:+StressReflectiveCode
  6953576 4-Low Defect b01 bottom_type for matched AddPNodes doesn't always agree with ideal
  6954029 4-Low RFE b01 Improve implicit null check generration with COOP
  6956164 3-Medium Defect b01 nightly regressions from 6939207
  6956958 2-High Defect b01 assert(is_clean() || is_call_to_compiled() || is_call_to_interpreted() || is_optimized() || is_megam
  6957004 3-Medium Defect b01 MethodComparator uses the wrong CP index accessor
  6957080 3-Medium Defect b01 MethodComparator needs stress testing
  6957882 4-Low Defect b01 nsk/sajdi tests failed with NullPointerException
  6958254 4-Low Defect b01 -XX:+VerifyOops is broken on x86
  6958485 3-Medium Defect b01 fix for 6879921 was insufficient
  6958668 4-Low Defect b01 repeated uncommon trapping for new of klass which is being initialized
  6959430 4-Low Defect b01 Make sure raw loads have control edge
  6960550 4-Low Defect b01 Missing semicolon in Zero
  6960865 3-Medium Defect b01 ldc of unloaded class throws an assert in ciTypeFlow
  6962569 4-Low Defect b01 assembler_sparc.cpp:1969: assert(false) failed: error
  6964479 4-Low Defect b01 widen normalization of small int and long values should be symmetric
  6964498 3-Medium Defect b01 JSR 292 invokedynamic sites need local bootstrap methods
  6964774 4-Low RFE b01 Adjust optimization flags setting
  6965144 4-Low RFE b01 Adjust optimization flags setting (closed)
  6965184 4-Low Defect b01 possible races in make_not_entrant_or_zombie
  6965671 3-Medium Defect b01 fatal error: acquiring lock JNIGlobalHandle_lock/16 out of order with lock CodeCache_lock/1
  6966411 4-Low Defect b01 escape.cpp:450 assert(base-\>Opcode() == Op_ConP
  6968336 2-High Defect b01 VM crash guarantee(!nm-\>is_zombie()) failed: cannot lock a zombie method
  6968368 2-High Defect b01 SIGSEGV in the BCEscapeAnalyzer::copy_dependencies(Dependencies*)+0x105
  6968385 4-Low Defect b01 malformed xml in sweeper logging
  6968646 2-High Defect b01 JVM crashes with SIGFPE during startup
  6969569 4-Low Defect b01 assert(is_static() && is_constant()) failed: illegal call to constant_value()
  6969574 3-Medium Defect b01 invokedynamic call sites deoptimize instead of executing
  6970566 3-Medium Defect b01 runThese fails with SIGSEGV
  6973308 4-Low RFE b01 Missing zero length check before repne scas in check_klass_subtype_slow_path()
  6973329 3-Medium Defect b01 C2 with Zero based COOP produces code with broken anti-dependency on x86
  6973963 4-Low Defect b01 SEGV in ciBlock::start_bci() with EA
  6974176 2-High Defect b01 ShouldNotReachHere, instanceKlass.cpp:1426
  6974682 4-Low Defect b01 CTW: assert(target != NULL) failed: must not be null
  6975049 3-Medium Defect b01 nsk/regression/b4287029 crashes with -Xss64 on solaris-i586
  6975078 4-Low Defect b01 assert(allocated_on_res_area() || allocated_on_C_heap() || allocated_on_arena()
  6975855 4-Low RFE b01 don't emit deopt MH handler in C1 if not required
  6976186 5-Very Low RFE b01 integrate Shark HotSpot changes
  6976805 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(pat-\>klass()-\>element_type()-\>basic_type() == T_BYTE) failed: compressed strings
  6978249 3-Medium RFE b01 spill between cpu and fpu registers when those moves are fast
  4396719 3-Medium Defect b01 Mark Sweep stack overflow on deeply nested Object arrays
  6677708 2-High RFE b01 G1: re-enable parallel RSet updating and scanning
  6755988 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: assert(new_obj != 0 || ... "should be forwarded")
  6814437 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: remove the _new_refs array
  6819061 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: eliminate serial Other times that are proportional to the collection set length
  6858496 3-Medium RFE b01 Clear all SoftReferences before reaching the GC overhead limit.
  6871109 4-Low RFE b01 G1: remove the concept of the scan-only prefix
  6897143 3-Medium Defect b01 Stress test crashes during HeapInspection using ParallelGC.
  6909756 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: guarantee(!G1CollectedHeap::heap()-\>mark_in_progress(),"Precondition.")
  6910182 3-Medium Defect b01 CMS: assert(_cursor[j] == _survivor_plab_array[j].end(),"Ctl pt invariant")
  6919638 3-Medium Defect b01 CMS: ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent misinteracts with gc locker
  6921317 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: assert(top() == bottom() || zfs == Allocated,"Region must be empty, or we must be setting it to
  6921710 2-High Defect b01 G1: assert(new_finger \>= _finger && new_finger \< _region_limit,"invariant")
  6923123 3-Medium Defect b01 Hotspot refuses to start when -Xmx4m or -Xms4m is specified
  6928059 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: command line parameter renaming
  6928065 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: use existing command line parameters to set the young generation size
  6928073 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: use existing command line parameters for marking cycle initiation
  6928081 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: rename parameters common with CMS
  6930581 4-Low Defect b01 G1: assert(ParallelGCThreads \> 1 || n_yielded() == _hrrs-\>occupied(),"Should have yielded all the ..
  6935821 2-High Defect b01 G1: threads created during marking do not active their SATB queues
  6935839 3-Medium Defect b01 excessive marking stack growth during full gcs
  6937142 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: improvements to debugging output
  6937160 4-Low RFE b01 G1: should observe GCTimeRatio
  6939027 4-Low Defect b01 G1: assertion failure during the concurrent phase of cleanup
  6940310 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: MT-unsafe calls to CM::region_stack_push() / CM::region_stack_pop()
  6940894 2-High Defect b01 G1: assert(new_obj != 0 || ... "should be forwarded") for compaction tests
  6941378 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: change default value of G1UseFixedWindowMMUTracker to true
  6942253 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: replace G1ParallelGCAllocBufferSize with YoungPLABSize and OldPLABSize
  6943926 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: Integer overflow during heap region verification
  6944166 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: explicit GCs are not always handled correctly
  6946048 4-Low RFE b01 G1: improvements to +PrintGCDetails output
  6946056 3-Medium Defect b01 assert((intptr_t) sp()\<=(intptr_t) result,"result must\>=than stack pointer"), frame_x86.cpp:295
  6948537 2-High Defect b01 CMS: BOT walkers observe out-of-thin-air zeros on sun4v sparc/CMT
  6948538 3-Medium Defect b01 CMS: BOT walkers can fall into object allocation and initialization cracks
  6948539 2-High Defect b01 CMS+UseCompressedOops: placement of cms_free bit interferes with promoted object link
  6949307 4-Low RFE b01 G1: raise a vm error, do not core dump, if target pause time and target interval are inconsistent
  6951188 4-Low RFE b01 CMS: move PromotionInfo into its own file
  6952853 3-Medium Defect b01 SIGSEGV with UseAdaptiveGCBoundary on 64b linux running jvm2008
  6953058 2-High Defect b01 G1: A bigapp crashes with SIGSEGV in compiled code
  6953483 2-High Defect b01 Typo related to ReduceInitialCardMarks leaves concurrent collectors vulnerable to heap corruption
  6953952 4-Low RFE b01 collectedHeap.cpp should use
  6956639 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: assert(cached_ptr != card_ptr) failed: shouldn't be, concurrentG1Refine.cpp:307
  6957084 3-Medium RFE b01 simplify TaskQueue overflow handling
  6959014 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: assert(minimum_desired_capacity \<= maximum_desired_capacity) failed: sanity check
  6962589 4-Low RFE b01 remove breadth first scanning code from parallel gc
  6962947 4-Low RFE b01 shared TaskQueue statistics
  6963209 4-Low RFE b01 G1: remove the concept of abandoned pauses
  6966222 3-Medium RFE b01 G1: simplify TaskQueue overflow handling
  6970376 4-Low RFE b01 ParNew: shared TaskQueue statistics
  6974928 3-Medium Defect b01 G1: sometimes humongous objects are allocated in young regions
  6975964 4-Low RFE b01 G1: print out a more descriptive message for evacuation failure when +PrintGCDetails is set
  6976378 3-Medium Defect b01 ParNew: stats are printed unconditionally in debug builds
  6977924 4-Low Defect b01 Changes for 6975078 produce build error with certain gcc versions
  6977970 2-High Defect b01 CMS: concurrentMarkSweepGeneration.cpp:7947 assert(addr \<= _limit) failed: sweep invariant
  6977974 3-Medium Defect b01 CMS: blockOffsetTable.hpp:187 assert(!reducing || _offset_array[i] \>= offset) failed: Not reducing
  6978533 3-Medium Defect b01 CMS: Elide BOTupdate asserts until 6977974 is fixed correctly
  6378314 4-Low Defect b01 Bad warning message when agent library not found. local directory is not searched.
  6656830 4-Low Defect b01 assert((*p)-\>is_oop(),"expected an oop while scanning weak refs")
  6888526 3-Medium Defect b01 Linux getCurrentThreadCpuTime is drastically slower than Windows
  6949515 3-Medium Defect b01 VM crash when calling GetMethodDeclaringClass
  6956931 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint()) failed: must be executed at a safepoint
  6915365 3-Medium Defect b01 assert(false,"Unsupported VMGlobal Type") at management.cpp:1540
  6693236 3-Medium Defect b01 A class file whose version number is greater than 50.0 must be verified using the typechecker
  6888953 4-Low Defect b01 some calls to function-like macros are missing semicolons
  6888954 4-Low RFE b01 argument formatting for assert() and friends
  6923488 4-Low Defect b01 need minor tweaks to HotSpot build for Cygwin
  6936366 5-Very Low Defect b01 Fork HS17 to HS18 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
  6938185 3-Medium Defect b01 6923488 breaks Windows command shell builds
  6939019 3-Medium Defect b01 Source code adjustments for parfait compilation of hotspot
  6940419 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS18 build number to 02
  6941466 2-High RFE b01 Oracle rebranding changes for Hotspot repositories
  6943304 5-Very Low RFE b01 remove tagged stack interpreter
  6944398 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS18 build number to 03
  6948636 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS18 build number to 04
  6949118 2-High Defect b01 jvm.dll shows the company name as Sun Microsystems
  6949423 5-Very Low RFE b01 remove tagged stack interpreter for Zero
  6950438 3-Medium RFE b01 Add 6u18 and 6u20 release values explicitly to file
  6951319 3-Medium Defect b01 enable solaris builds using Sun Studio 12 update 1
  6952169 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS18 build number to 05
  6952178 5-Very Low Defect b01 Fork HS18 to HS19 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
  6956472 4-Low Defect b01 test/runtime/6888954/ uses ksh-specific syntax
  6956513 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS19 build number to 02
  6958444 3-Medium Defect b01 Missed a few files in rebranding process
  6958458 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS19 build number to 03
  6958465 3-Medium Defect b01 Sparc aten build24.0: openjdk-7.ea-b96 failed Error: Formal argument ... requires an lvalue
  6964882 4-Low Defect b01 32 bit JDK does not build on 64 bit Windows platforms
  6966252 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS19 build number to 04
  6973381 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS19 build number to 05
  6977051 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS19 build number to 06
  6978726 5-Very Low Defect b01 Bump the HS19 build number to 07
  6978889 3-Medium Defect b01 Remove premature change of build number to Hotspot 19 Build 07
  6978915 3-Medium Defect b01 Remove Mercurial tags for Hotspot 19 Build 06
  6939182 4-Low Defect b01 Zero JNI handles fix
  6490487 2-High Defect b01 java support on 64 bit solaris x86 machines is broken.
  6626217 2-High Defect b01 How to Root Hotspot VM - Loader-constraint table allows arrays instead of only the base-classes
  6852873 2-High Defect b01 Increase in delta between application stopped time and ParNew GC time over application lifetime
  6888573 3-Medium Defect b01 class data sharing does not always disable large pages
  6892265 2-High Defect b01 System.arraycopy unable to reference elements beyond Integer.MAX_VALUE bytes
  6911922 2-High Defect b01 JVM must throw VerifyError for jsr or jsr_w opcodes in class file v.51+
  6914050 3-Medium Defect b01 jvm assertion "guard pages must be in use" in -Xcomp mode
  6929067 4-Low Defect b01 Stack guard pages should be removed when thread is detached
  6930553 3-Medium Defect b01 classfile format checker allows invalid method descriptor in CONSTANT_NameAndType_info in some cases
  6932270 4-Low Defect b01 Allow Java's ELF symtab reader to use separate debuginfo files
  6932480 2-High Defect b01 Crash in CompilerThread/Parser. Unloaded array klass?
  6933402 2-High RFE b01 RFE: Improve PrintSafepointStatistics output to track cleanup time
  6934089 4-Low Defect b01 Zero 32-bit/64kb page fix
  6934758 3-Medium RFE b01 Expose the break down of clean up task time during Safepoint
  6935118 4-Low RFE b01 UseCompressedOops modification in methodOopDesc::sort_methods() causes JCK timeout
  6935224 4-Low RFE b01 Adding new DTrace probes to work with Palantir
  6936168 2-High Defect b01 Recent fix for unmapping stack guard pages doesn't close /proc/self/maps
  6938627 4-Low Defect b01 Make temporary directory use property when specified
  6939180 4-Low Defect b01 Zero locking fix
  6939845 4-Low Defect b01 zero needs fallback path in C++ interpreter for platform dependent fast bytecodes
  6941224 4-Low RFE b01 Improved stack overflow handling for Zero
  6944473 4-Low Defect b01 6941224 misses new files
  6944503 5-Very Low RFE b01 Improved Zero crash dump
  6944822 3-Medium Defect b01 Fix for 6938627 exposes problem with hard-coded buffer sizes
  6950178 4-Low RFE b01 Zero stack improvements
  6950617 4-Low RFE b01 Zero/Shark interface updates
  6951582 5-Very Low Defect b01 Build problems on win64
  6951784 4-Low Defect b01 Zero deoptimizer changes
  6951923 4-Low Defect b01 some uses of fatal1 were missed by 6888954
  6953477 4-Low RFE b01 Increase building flexibility and portability of Hotspot
  6953588 3-Medium Defect b01 hotspot\src\share\vm\interpreter\bytecodes.cpp doesn't compile with VS2010 on AMD64
  6964164 2-High Defect b01 +MonitorInUseLists can cause leakage of contended objects
  6964170 3-Medium Defect b01 Verifier crashes
  6967423 4-Low Defect b01 Hotspot support for modules image
  6973570 3-Medium Defect b01 OrderAccess::storestore() scales poorly on multi-socket x64 and sparc: cache-line ping-ponging
  6977640 4-Low Defect b01 Zero and Shark fixes
  6745217 3-Medium Defect b01 jmap throws sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.AssertionFailure: BitMap index out of bounds (1.5.0_15-b04)
  6977952 3-Medium Defect b01 Test: Sync missing tests from hs16.3 to hs17.x
  6936709 3-Medium Defect b01 AsyncGetCallTrace doesn't handle inexact stack walking properly
  6463269 3-Medium Defect b02 GCC 4 compile-time errors "static declaration follows non-static"
  6604458 3-Medium Defect b02 linux_x64-fastdebug-c2 fails on hyperbolic trig tests
  6931180 2-High RFE b01 Migration to recent versions of MS Platform SDK
  6961079 4-Low RFE b01 RFE: Build JDK7 for 64 bit Windows using free Windows 7.1 SDK 64 bit compilers
  6985602 3-Medium RFE b02 Integrate changes into the control workspace to support building of the SE-Embedded product
  6988830 3-Medium RFE b02 Integrate changes into the j2se workspace to support building of the SE-Embedded product
  6217210 3-Medium RFE b02 RFE: Support for Cp833 in 1.4.2
  6233838 3-Medium Defect b02 improving charset implementation maintainability and performance
  6392804 3-Medium Defect b02 Inappropriate output of \ufffd in various decoders
  6951776 3-Medium Defect b02 Modify MFontConfiguration to correctly determine linux releases
  6678385 2-High Defect b02 Random java.lang.StackOverflowError from various JDKs
  6880694 3-Medium Defect b02 GraphicsDevice.setFullScreenWindow(null) throws NPE if there's a fullscreen window displayed
  6927600 2-High Defect b02 JDK 1.6 unable to capture X11 event in a Canvas using
  6944561 2-High Defect b02 Mouse cursor stays in Text mode after leaving JTextArea or JTextField (Motif-based Toolkit only)
  6963811 2-High Defect b02 Deadlock-prone locking changes in Introspector
  6416177 3-Medium RFE b02 SuSE 10 needs CJK support
  6911839 3-Medium RFE b02 Sles/SuSE 11 needs CJK support
  4939819 3-Medium Defect b02 File.canWrite() returns false for the "My Documents" directory (win)
  6728842 3-Medium Defect b02 File.setReadOnly does not make a directory read-only (win)
  6581734 3-Medium Defect b02 CMS Old Gen's collection usage is zero after GC which is incorrect
  6645197 3-Medium Defect b02 (so) Timed read with socket adaptor throws ClosedSelectorException if temporary selector GC'ed.
  6728542 3-Medium Defect b02 (se) epoll based SelectorProvider should be portable to platforms other than x86 and x64
  6787130 4-Low Defect b02 java.policy file contains stale link to
  6950553 3-Medium Defect b02 Applet: IE process crash in OLE32.DLL when playing a sound.
  6458123 3-Medium Defect b01 Bugs in menu item layout
  6464003 4-Low Defect b01 Text truncated in JLabel
  6584657 3-Medium Defect b01 GTK Look and Feel: Bugs in menu item layout
  6736649 4-Low Defect b01 test/closed/javax/swing/JMenuItem/6458123/ fails on Linux
  6797139 2-High Defect b01 JButton title is truncating for some strings irrespective of preferred size.
  6824600 3-Medium Defect b02 OOM occurs when setLookAndFeel() is executed in Windows L&F(XP style)
  6883341 2-High Defect b01 SWAT: jdk7-b72 swat build(2009-09-17) threw exceptions when running Java2D demo by clicking Paint ta
  6939261 3-Medium Defect b02 Since 1.6.0_18 JMenus at JMenuBar are not selectable by their Mnemonic key anymore
  6941137 4-Low Defect b02 DST broken in 6u18 when jre/lib/zi is moved elsewhere and replaced with symlink.
  6955776 3-Medium RFE b02 (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB981793
  4691425 2-High Defect b02 GZIPInputStream fails to read concatenated .gz files
  6929479 3-Medium RFE b02 Add a system property to disable mmap use in ZipFile
  6949710 3-Medium Defect b02 the GC'able nature of Logging objects needs to be made brutally clear
  6578041 2-High Defect b02 Drag & Drop from Motif to Java does not work.
  6887441 2-High RFE b02 SetupCompleteSuccess dialog needs to be reimplemented using non MSI UI
  6894243 3-Medium Defect b02 UE: Offline and Online installer should have consistent ATL Dialogs
  6949592 2-High RFE b02 Download Engine re-factor to enable better error handling and reporting (IFTW)
  6964353 2-High RFE b02 enhance logging and add pings for CheckPendingFileRenameOperations error during JRE install
  6964688 3-Medium RFE b02 Need to display the installer dialogs without doing the installation for UE tests
  6966539 2-High Defect b02 Rebranding: 6u21 Solaris/Linux JDK installer displays Sun name at the end of installation
  6821191 4-Low RFE b02 Timezone display name localization
  6868106 4-Low Defect b02 Ukrainian currency has wrong format
  6896693 3-Medium Defect b02 [fr] keytool: wrong message format in fr locale
  6900768 3-Medium Defect b02 needs to be updated after the fix of Turkish Currency
  6910489 4-Low Defect b02 Slovenia Locale, wrong firstDayOfWeek number
  6966078 3-Medium RFE b02 Need to update pt_BR file for the translation of the install complete dialog
  6966402 3-Medium Defect b02 Request to localise two strings in deployment code
  6979361 3-Medium Defect b02 [fr, it, pt_BR] layout problem on JRE installer
  6968372 2-High Defect b02 about box copyright year on Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) shows as @@COPYRIGHT_YEAR@@
  6978854 3-Medium Defect b02 Misspelled word in Java control panel about 6u21
  6988827 3-Medium RFE b02 Integrate changes into the deploy workspace to support building of the SE-Embedded product
  6898775 3-Medium Defect b02 Plugin introduces visual defect into IE with rapid scrolling
  6957049 2-High Defect b02 Messages for loading Resources
  6895556 3-Medium Defect b02 lack of status information showstatus method of Applet when the "Next Gen" plug-in enabled
  6921935 2-High Defect b02 Java Runtime Error (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) in [mshtml.dll+0x249889]
  6946479 2-High Defect b02 New browser windows do not properly receive focus under certain conditions. (see 6932209/6927268)
  6955280 3-Medium Defect b02 Java Plug-in fails to remember the password for some resource
  6967841 2-High Defect b02 Plugin2's incorrectly parses incoming arguments
  6895556 3-Medium Defect b02 lack of status information showstatus method of Applet when the "Next Gen" plug-in enabled
  6921935 2-High Defect b02 Java Runtime Error (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) in [mshtml.dll+0x249889]
  6955280 3-Medium Defect b02 Java Plug-in fails to remember the password for some resource
  6967841 2-High Defect b02 Plugin2's incorrectly parses incoming arguments
  6280769 3-Medium RFE b02 Full automatic proxy script support in Java Web Start on Unix
  6898437 3-Medium RFE b02 Java Web Start 6 does not return appropriate exit code upon failure
  6953324 2-High RFE b02 Please add more options to the list of secure jnlp properties
  6939245 3-Medium Defect b02 Invalid Proxy Type with Firefox as default browser, use system proxy settings
  6960430 3-Medium Defect b02 java.lang.NullPointerException: null peer with Java Web Start (jdk1.6 update 12)
  6933738 2-High RFE b02 JAXB: xjc -episode option generates invalid code (duplicate @XmlAnyAttribute)
  6937964 2-High Defect b02 XML Duration do not conform to W3C specifications
  6922044 3-Medium Defect b02 XSLTC performance regression in 1.6.0_18
  6955783 3-Medium Defect b02 ServiceUnavailableException caught even the secondary DNS is available
  6979376 2-High Defect b02 to have ldap filters tolerate underscore character in object identifier
  6988513 3-Medium Defect b02 Integrate VisualVM 1.3.1 into 6u23