Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u23 build

Date: 10/22/10

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6976112 3-Medium Defect jgss sample coding error
  6988018 2-High Defect dtrace/hotspot/MethodInvocation/MethodInvocation002 crashes with client compiler
  4809552 4-Low RFE Optimize Arrays.fill(...)
  6896381 3-Medium Defect CTW fails share/vm/ci/bcEscapeAnalyzer.cpp:99, assert(_stack_height \< _max_stack,"stack overflow")
  6916062 2-High Defect assert(_inserts \<= _insert_limit,"hash table overflow") in NodeHash::hash_insert with debug build
  6965815 3-Medium Defect OptimizeStringConcat: assert(!q-\>is_MergeMem()) failed with specjbb2000
  6969586 3-Medium Defect OptimizeStringConcat: SIGSEGV in LoadNode::Value()
  6976400 3-Medium Defect "Meet Not Symmetric" with UseCompressedStrings enabled
  6979268 3-Medium Defect jvm crashes in case unimplemented features are specified
  6980405 3-Medium Defect java/lang/management tests fail with 6u21p-b03
  6980792 2-High Defect Crash "exception happened outside interpreter, nmethods and vtable stubs (1)"
  6980978 4-Low Defect assert(mt == t-\>xmeet(this)) failed: meet not commutative
  6981431 4-Low RFE IdealKit should support I_O projections
  6981773 3-Medium Defect incorrect fill value with OptimizeFill
  6982370 2-High Defect SIGBUS in jbyte_fill
  6982533 2-High Defect Crash in ~StubRoutines::jbyte_fill with AggressiveOpts enabled
  6982537 2-High Defect Crash in Node*step_through_mergemem
  6983683 1-Very High Defect vm/jni/GetStringUTFRegion/gsur001/gsur00101m1/gsur00101m1.html fails sparcv9 with compressed Strings
  6984346 4-Low Defect Remove development code in type.hpp
  6984368 4-Low Defect Large default heap size does not allow to use zero based compressed oops.
  6984979 3-Medium Defect OptimizeFill misses some cases with an odd memory graph
  6986028 3-Medium Defect assert(_base == Int) failed: Not an Int in CmpINode::sub
  6423256 3-Medium RFE GC stacks should use a better data structure
  6942771 2-High Defect SEGV in ParScanThreadState::take_from_overflow_stack
  6988678 3-Medium Defect fatal error deadlock handling was unintentionally disabled
  6982488 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS19 build number to 07 for 6Updates
  6982489 5-Very Low Defect Update Hotspot 19 to use jdk6u21p as the default JPRT release target
  6983013 5-Very Low Defect Change the HS_MINOR version to 6 for the 6Update train
  6985396 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS19 build number to 08
  6987149 5-Very Low Defect Fix incorrect Oracle copyright header in make/templates files
  6990756 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS19 build number to 09
  6966589 3-Medium Defect hs16-b08 causes java.lang.StackOverflowError
  6975210 2-High Defect java.lang.VerifyError in some of JCK tests
  6978641 3-Medium RFE Fix for 6929067 introduces additional overhead in thread creation/termination paths
  6980262 2-High Defect Memory leak when exception is thrown in static initializer
  6990124 3-Medium Defect supplemental fix for 6361589
  6942092 3-Medium Defect Loader-constraint test is failing against 1.5.0u24b06-hsx
  6463269 3-Medium Defect GCC 4 compile-time errors "static declaration follows non-static"
  6604458 3-Medium Defect linux_x64-fastdebug-c2 fails on hyperbolic trig tests
  6985602 3-Medium RFE Integrate changes into the control workspace to support building of the SE-Embedded product
  6988501 3-Medium RFE Merge of SE-Embedded changes to main SE workspaces
  6988830 3-Medium RFE Integrate changes into the j2se workspace to support building of the SE-Embedded product
  6217210 3-Medium RFE RFE: Support for Cp833 in 1.4.2
  6233838 3-Medium Defect improving charset implementation maintainability and performance
  6392804 3-Medium Defect Inappropriate output of \ufffd in various decoders
  6951776 3-Medium Defect Modify MFontConfiguration to correctly determine linux releases
  6678385 2-High Defect Random java.lang.StackOverflowError from various JDKs
  6880694 3-Medium Defect GraphicsDevice.setFullScreenWindow(null) throws NPE if there's a fullscreen window displayed
  6927600 2-High Defect JDK 1.6 unable to capture X11 event in a Canvas using
  6944561 2-High Defect Mouse cursor stays in Text mode after leaving JTextArea or JTextField (Motif-based Toolkit only)
  6963811 2-High Defect Deadlock-prone locking changes in Introspector
  6416177 3-Medium RFE SuSE 10 needs CJK support
  6911839 3-Medium RFE Sles/SuSE 11 needs CJK support
  4939819 3-Medium Defect File.canWrite() returns false for the "My Documents" directory (win)
  6728842 3-Medium Defect File.setReadOnly does not make a directory read-only (win)
  6581734 3-Medium Defect CMS Old Gen's collection usage is zero after GC which is incorrect
  6645197 3-Medium Defect (so) Timed read with socket adaptor throws ClosedSelectorException if temporary selector GC'ed.
  6728542 3-Medium Defect (se) epoll based SelectorProvider should be portable to platforms other than x86 and x64
  6787130 4-Low Defect java.policy file contains stale link to http://java.sun.com/notes
  6950553 3-Medium Defect Applet: IE process crash in OLE32.DLL when playing a sound.
  6824600 3-Medium Defect OOM occurs when setLookAndFeel() is executed in Windows L&F(XP style)
  6939261 3-Medium Defect Since 1.6.0_18 JMenus at JMenuBar are not selectable by their Mnemonic key anymore
  6941137 4-Low Defect DST broken in 6u18 when jre/lib/zi is moved elsewhere and replaced with symlink.
  6955776 3-Medium RFE (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB981793
  4691425 2-High Defect GZIPInputStream fails to read concatenated .gz files
  6929479 3-Medium RFE Add a system property sun.zip.disableMemoryMapping to disable mmap use in ZipFile
  6949710 3-Medium Defect the GC'able nature of Logging objects needs to be made brutally clear
  6578041 2-High Defect Drag & Drop from Motif to Java does not work.
  6887441 2-High RFE SetupCompleteSuccess dialog needs to be reimplemented using non MSI UI
  6894243 3-Medium Defect UE: Offline and Online installer should have consistent ATL Dialogs
  6949592 2-High RFE Download Engine re-factor to enable better error handling and reporting (IFTW)
  6964353 2-High RFE enhance logging and add pings for CheckPendingFileRenameOperations error during JRE install
  6964688 3-Medium RFE Need to display the installer dialogs without doing the installation for UE tests
  6966539 2-High Defect Rebranding: 6u21 Solaris/Linux JDK installer displays Sun name at the end of installation
  6992286 1-Very High Defect JFB build fails on compression of iftw-sprev wrapper
  6821191 4-Low RFE Timezone display name localization
  6868106 4-Low Defect Ukrainian currency has wrong format
  6896693 3-Medium Defect [fr] keytool: wrong message format in fr locale
  6900768 3-Medium Defect CurrencyFormat.java needs to be updated after the fix of Turkish Currency
  6910489 4-Low Defect Slovenia Locale, wrong firstDayOfWeek number
  6966078 3-Medium RFE Need to update pt_BR file for the translation of the install complete dialog
  6966402 3-Medium Defect Request to localise two strings in deployment code
  6979361 3-Medium Defect [fr, it, pt_BR] layout problem on JRE installer
  6968372 2-High Defect about box copyright year on Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.) shows as @@COPYRIGHT_YEAR@@
  6978854 3-Medium Defect Misspelled word in Java control panel about 6u21
  6988827 3-Medium RFE Integrate changes into the deploy workspace to support building of the SE-Embedded product
  6898775 3-Medium Defect Plugin introduces visual defect into IE with rapid scrolling
  6957049 2-High Defect Messages for loading Resources
  6946479 2-High Defect New browser windows do not properly receive focus under certain conditions. (see 6932209/6927268)
  6895556 3-Medium Defect lack of status information showstatus method of Applet when the "Next Gen" plug-in enabled
  6921935 2-High Defect Java Runtime Error (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) in [mshtml.dll+0x249889]
  6955280 3-Medium Defect Java Plug-in fails to remember the password for some resource
  6967841 2-High Defect Plugin2's IPCFactory.java incorrectly parses incoming arguments
  6280769 3-Medium RFE Full automatic proxy script support in Java Web Start on Unix
  6898437 3-Medium RFE Java Web Start 6 does not return appropriate exit code upon failure
  6953324 2-High RFE Please add more options to the list of secure jnlp properties
  6939245 3-Medium Defect Invalid Proxy Type with Firefox as default browser, use system proxy settings
  6960430 3-Medium Defect java.lang.NullPointerException: null peer with Java Web Start (jdk1.6 update 12)
  6933738 2-High RFE JAXB: xjc -episode option generates invalid code (duplicate @XmlAnyAttribute)
  6937964 2-High Defect XML Duration do not conform to W3C specifications
  6922044 3-Medium Defect XSLTC performance regression in 1.6.0_18
  6955783 3-Medium Defect ServiceUnavailableException caught even the secondary DNS is available
  6979376 2-High Defect to have ldap filters tolerate underscore character in object identifier
  6988513 3-Medium Defect Integrate VisualVM 1.3.1 into 6u23