Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u25 build

Date: 01/31/11

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  7010153 4-Low Defect Minor documentation issue with http.nonProxyHosts
  6579789 3-Medium Defect Internal error "c1_LinearScan.cpp:1429 Error: assert(false,"")" in debuggee with fastdebug VM
  6765546 3-Medium Defect Wrong sscanf used to parse CompilerOracle command \>= 32 characters could lead to crash
  6875026 3-Medium Defect CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/share/vm/c1/c1_LinearScan.cpp:5486
  6928562 4-Low Defect Assert(_no_handle_mark_nesting==0,"allocating handle inside NoHandleMark"
  6968367 3-Medium Defect can_post_on_exceptions is still using VM_DeoptimizeFrame in some places
  6972540 3-Medium Defect sun/nio/ch/SocketChannelImpl compilation crashed when executing CompileTheWorld
  6984056 3-Medium Defect C1: incorrect code for integer constant addition on x64
  6985015 4-Low RFE C1 needs to support compressed oops
  6986046 4-Low Defect C1 valuestack cleanup
  6986944 3-Medium Defect JSR 292 assert(caller_nm-\>is_method_handle_return(caller_frame.pc())) failed: must be MH call site
  6987763 2-High Defect assert(kind() == EmptyExceptionState) failed: only EmptyExceptionStates can be modified
  6988018 2-High Defect dtrace/hotspot/MethodInvocation/MethodInvocation002 crashes with client compiler
  6988303 4-Low Defect 6986046 breaks build with recent gcc
  6988346 2-High Defect 6986046 breaks tiered
  6988779 4-Low Defect c1_LIRAssembler_x86.cpp crashes VS2010 compiler
  6991211 4-Low Defect assert failure on sparc: "can not have caller-save register operands at calls"
  6991512 3-Medium Defect G1 barriers fail with 64bit C1
  6991577 4-Low RFE add IfOp optimization to C1
  6992477 2-High Defect fix for 6991512 broke sparc barriers
  7003554 3-Medium Defect (tiered) assert(is_null_object() || handle() != NULL) failed: cannot embed null pointer
  7004530 2-High Defect casx used for 32 bit cas after 7003554
  7005241 2-High Defect C1: SEGV in java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue.xfer() with compressed oops
  7009231 2-High Defect C1: Incorrect CAS code for longs on SPARC 32bit
  7009849 4-Low Defect C1: Incorrect frame size computation
  7010618 3-Medium Defect C1: array length should be treated at int on 64bit during array allocation
  7010665 3-Medium Defect Misplaced membar in C1 implementation of Unsafe.get/putXXX
  7011627 4-Low Defect C1: call_RT must support targets that don't fit in wdisp30
  7013812 2-High Defect C1: deopt blob too far from patching stub
  4809552 4-Low RFE Optimize Arrays.fill(...)
  4930919 4-Low Defect race condition in MDO creation at back branch locations
  6745744 4-Low Defect ConnectException: Connection refused in closed/compiler/6507107/HeapwalkingTest.java
  6829194 3-Medium Defect JSR 292 needs to support compressed oops
  6836579 3-Medium RFE Use byte[] instead of char[] for Strings where possible (Hotspot)
  6839888 3-Medium Defect Array overrun in vm adlc
  6839891 3-Medium Defect Array overrun in vm ci
  6876037 4-Low Defect CTW fails jdk7/hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/type.cpp:2055. assert(bits,"Use TypePtr for NULL")
  6896381 3-Medium Defect CTW fails share/vm/ci/bcEscapeAnalyzer.cpp:99, assert(_stack_height \< _max_stack,"stack overflow")
  6912064 3-Medium Defect type profiles need to be exploited more for dynamic language support
  6919069 3-Medium RFE client compiler needs to capture more profile information for tiered work
  6939224 3-Medium Defect MethodHandle.invokeGeneric needs to perform the correct set of conversions
  6953144 4-Low RFE Tiered compilation
  6961690 3-Medium RFE load oops from constant table on SPARC
  6961697 3-Medium RFE move nmethod constants section before instruction section
  6965144 4-Low RFE Adjust optimization flags setting (closed)
  6965815 3-Medium Defect OptimizeStringConcat: assert(!q-\>is_MergeMem()) failed with specjbb2000
  6968348 3-Medium Defect Byteswapped memory access can point to wrong location after JIT
  6969586 3-Medium Defect OptimizeStringConcat: SIGSEGV in LoadNode::Value()
  6970683 4-Low Defect improvements to hs_err output
  6976400 3-Medium Defect "Meet Not Symmetric" with UseCompressedStrings enabled
  6976805 3-Medium Defect assert(pat-\>klass()-\>element_type()-\>basic_type() == T_BYTE) failed: compressed strings
  6978355 3-Medium RFE renaming for 6961697
  6979268 3-Medium Defect jvm crashes in case unimplemented features are specified
  6979458 4-Low Defect VM crashes when -XX:ObjectAlignmentInBytes is too big
  6980405 3-Medium Defect java/lang/management tests fail with 6u21p-b03
  6980792 2-High Defect Crash "exception happened outside interpreter, nmethods and vtable stubs (1)"
  6980978 4-Low Defect assert(mt == t-\>xmeet(this)) failed: meet not commutative
  6981431 4-Low RFE IdealKit should support I_O projections
  6981773 3-Medium Defect incorrect fill value with OptimizeFill
  6981777 3-Medium Defect implement JSR 292 EG adjustments from summer 2010
  6982370 2-High Defect SIGBUS in jbyte_fill
  6982533 2-High Defect Crash in ~StubRoutines::jbyte_fill with AggressiveOpts enabled
  6982537 2-High Defect Crash in Node*step_through_mergemem
  6982921 4-Low Defect assert(_entry_bci != InvocationEntryBci) failed: wrong kind of nmethod
  6983073 4-Low Defect fix compiler error with GCC 4.4 or newer on SPARC
  6983683 1-Very High Defect vm/jni/GetStringUTFRegion/gsur001/gsur00101m1/gsur00101m1.html fails sparcv9 with compressed Strings
  6984311 3-Medium RFE JSR 292 needs optional bootstrap method parameters
  6984346 4-Low Defect Remove development code in type.hpp
  6984368 4-Low Defect Large default heap size does not allow to use zero based compressed oops.
  6984979 3-Medium Defect OptimizeFill misses some cases with an odd memory graph
  6986028 3-Medium Defect assert(_base == Int) failed: Not an Int in CmpINode::sub
  6986270 3-Medium Defect guarantee(*bcp != Bytecodes::_monitorenter || exec_mode != Deoptimization::Unpack_exception) fails
  6986867 4-Low RFE Advanced tiered compilation policy
  6987115 4-Low Defect Non-tiered compilation policy creates unnecessary C1 threads
  6987555 3-Medium Defect JSR 292 unboxing to a boolean value fails on big-endian SPARC
  6987634 2-High Defect JSR 292 assert(start_bci() \>= 0 && start_bci() \< code_size()) failed: correct osr_bci argument
  6989368 4-Low Defect Regression in scimark2.MonteCarlo in jdk7_b112 on Linux
  6989669 4-Low Defect Coops: -Xshare:dump causes crash
  6989736 4-Low Defect fix mapfile warnings on solaris
  6990192 3-Medium Defect VM crashes in ciTypeFlow::get_block_for()
  6990933 3-Medium Defect assert(sender_cb) failed: sanity in frame::sender_for_interpreter_frame
  6991065 3-Medium Defect missed a review comment in 6829194
  6991188 2-High Defect C2 Crashes while compiling method
  6993125 3-Medium Defect runThese crashes with assert(Thread::current()-\>on_local_stack((address)this)) failed: ...
  6993358 5-Very Low RFE CI: Change tiered policy default to simple policy
  6994093 3-Medium Defect MethodHandle.invokeGeneric needs porting to SPARC
  6994130 4-Low Defect Zero PowerPC fix
  6994630 4-Low Defect java/lang/instrument/IsModifiableClassAgent.java fails with -XX:+EnableInvokeDynamic
  6996240 4-Low Defect The BitSet.length method sometimes returns an index+1 value less than that of the highest bit set.
  6996563 3-Medium Defect java.lang.RuntimeException: field "_operands" not found in type constantPoolOopDesc
  6997311 2-High Defect SIGFPE in new long division asm code
  6997459 3-Medium Defect JSR 292 after 6994093 getting: on return to interpreted call, restored SP is corrupted
  6998737 4-Low Defect JSR 292: Remove the plug guarding the use of compressed oops
  6998985 3-Medium Defect faulty generic arraycopy on windows x86_64: 4th arg overwritten with oop
  7000349 4-Low Defect Tiered reacts incorrectly to C1 compilation failures
  7000491 3-Medium Defect assert(false) failed: should be optimized out in SharedRuntime::g1_wb_pre
  7001363 3-Medium Defect java/dyn/InvokeDynamic should not be a well-known class in the JVM
  7001379 3-Medium Defect bootstrap method data needs to be moved from constant pool to a classfile attribute
  7002129 4-Low Defect Zero and Shark fixes, 3rd
  7002666 2-High Defect eclipse CDT projects crash with compressed oops
  7003130 4-Low Defect assert(iterations\
  7004925 3-Medium Defect CTW: assert(nbits == 32 || -(1 \<\< nbits-1) \<= x && x \< ( 1 \<\< nbits-1)) failed: value out of range
  7004940 3-Medium Defect CTW: assert(!def_outside-\>member(r)) failed: Use of external LRG overlaps the same LRG
  7006505 4-Low RFE Use kstat info to identify SPARC processor
  7007229 2-High Defect Fix warnings with VS2010 in compressedStream.cpp
  7007377 3-Medium Defect JSR 292 MethodHandlesTest.testCastFailure fails on SPARC with -Xcomp +DeoptimizeALot
  7008165 4-Low Defect Garbage in ClassFormatError message
  7008325 3-Medium Defect CodeCache exhausted on sparc starting from hs20b04
  7008466 4-Low RFE Tiered: Enable testing of tiered compilation in JPRT
  7009359 3-Medium Defect HS with -XX:+AggressiveOpts optimize new StringBuffer(null) so it does not throw NPE as expected
  7009756 3-Medium Defect volatile variables could be broken throw reflection API
  7010180 3-Medium Defect JSR 292 InvokeDynamicPrintArgs fails with: assert(_adapter == NULL) failed: init'd to NULL
  7010913 3-Medium Defect JSR 292 ciMethodHandle does not handle MethodHandleCompiler exceptions properly
  7012766 2-High Defect assert(false) failed: DEBUG MESSAGE in MacroAssembler::debug32
  7012965 3-Medium Defect Fix failed on sparc for 7009756: volatile variables could be broken throw reflection API
  7003637 2-High Defect Apply 6970683 to ARM and PPC
  7004039 3-Medium RFE Update jprt properties to support ARM and PPC builds
  7005624 3-Medium Defect Backport 6953144 related changes to PPC sflt
  7006580 2-High Defect Apply 6348631 (HPI removal) to ARM/PPC
  7007872 2-High Defect Backport 6985015 - C1 compressed oops - to ARM/PPC
  7009268 3-Medium Defect PPC: guarantee(middle - slop \> start) failed: need enough space to divide up
  7009270 3-Medium Defect PPC: guarantee(obj == NULL || (HeapWord*)p \< _boundary || (HeapWord*)obj \>= _boundary) failed: point
  7009273 3-Medium Defect PPC: SIGBUS with regression test for 6244515
  7009282 3-Medium Defect PPC: assert(cur-\>type() == T_INT || ...) failed: should not be float interval
  7012464 3-Medium Defect Fix ARM and PPC part of 7010180
  6423256 3-Medium RFE GC stacks should use a better data structure
  6692906 3-Medium Defect CMS: parallel concurrent marking may be prone to hanging or stalling mutators for periods of time
  6794422 3-Medium Defect Perm gen expansion policy for concurrent collectors
  6807801 3-Medium RFE CMS: could save/restore fewer header words during scavenge
  6896603 3-Medium Defect CMS/GCH: incremental_collection_will_fail() should use more current data
  6896624 3-Medium Defect G1: hotspot:::gc and hotspot:::mem-pool-gc probes are not fired
  6910183 4-Low Defect CMS: assert(_index \< capacity(),"_index out of bounds")
  6941122 3-Medium RFE G1: UseLargePages does not work with G1 garbage collector
  6941275 4-Low Defect G1: The MemoryPools are incorrectly supported for G1
  6941395 4-Low RFE G1: use only lock-free versions of region stack push() and pop()
  6942771 2-High Defect SEGV in ParScanThreadState::take_from_overflow_stack
  6971296 4-Low RFE G1: simplify G1RemSet class hierarchy
  6974966 3-Medium Defect G1: unnecessary direct-to-old allocations
  6977804 3-Medium RFE G1: remove the zero-filling thread
  6978187 3-Medium Defect G1: assert(ParallelGCThreads\> 1 || n_yielded() == _hrrs-\>occupied()) strikes again
  6978300 4-Low Defect G1: debug builds crash if ParallelGCThreads==0
  6980206 3-Medium Defect G1: assert(!has_undefined_max_size, "Undefined max size");
  6980838 3-Medium Defect G1: guarantee(false) failed: thread has an unexpected active value in its SATB queue
  6981746 3-Medium Defect G1: SEGV with -XX:+TraceGen0Time
  6983204 3-Medium Defect G1: Nightly test nsk/regression/b4958615 failing with +ExplicitInvokesConcurrent
  6983311 3-Medium Defect G1: LoopTest hangs when run with -XX:+ExplicitInvokesConcurrent
  6983930 4-Low RFE CMS: Various small cleanups ca September 2010
  6984287 4-Low RFE Regularize how GC parallel workers are specified.
  6988458 3-Medium Defect G1: assert(mr.end() \<= _cm-\>finger()) failed: otherwise the region shouldn't be on the stack
  6988678 3-Medium Defect fatal error deadlock handling was unintentionally disabled
  6989448 4-Low RFE G1: refactor and simplify G1ParScanThreadState
  6990359 3-Medium RFE G1: don't push a stolen entry on the taskqueue, deal with it directly
  6991377 3-Medium Defect G1: race between concurrent refinement and humongous object allocation
  6992189 4-Low Defect G1: inconsistent base used in sparse rem set iterator
  6992998 3-Medium Defect CMSWaitDuration=0 causes hangs with +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
  6994056 3-Medium RFE G1: when GC locker is active, extend the Eden instead of allocating into the old gen
  6994297 3-Medium RFE G1: do first-level slow-path allocations with a CAS
  6994628 3-Medium Defect G1: Test gc/gctests/FinalizeTest05 fails (one live object is finalized)
  6995045 3-Medium Defect assert(!gch-\>incremental_collection_failed()) failed: Error, defNewGeneration.cpp:827
  6996613 4-Low Defect CompactibleFreeListSpace::print should call CompactibleFreeListSpace::print_on, not Space::print_on
  6997298 4-Low Defect fatal error: must own lock CMS_markBitMap_lock during heap dump
  6998802 4-Low Defect ScavengeALot: assert(!gch-\>incremental_collection_failed()) failed: Twice in a row
  7000559 4-Low Defect G1: assertion failure !outer || (full_collections_started == _full_collections_completed + 1)
  7000578 3-Medium Defect CMS: assert(SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint()) failed: Else races are possible
  7001033 3-Medium Defect CMS: assert(gch-\>gc_cause() == GCCause::_scavenge_alot || !gch-\>incremental_collection_failed())
  7002546 2-High Defect CMS: regression on SpecJbb2005 on 7b118 comparing to 7b117 on small heaps
  7003860 3-Medium Defect G1: assert(_cur_alloc_region == NULL || !expect_null_cur_alloc_region) fails
  7005259 3-Medium Defect CMS: BubbleUpRef asserts referent(obj)-\>is_oop() failed: Enqueued a bad referent
  7006113 4-Low RFE G1: Initialize ReferenceProcessor::_is_alive_non_header field
  7007068 3-Medium RFE G1: refine the BOT during evac failure handling
  7008136 2-High Defect CMS: assert((HeapWord*)nextChunk \<= _limit) failed: sweep invariant
  7011379 3-Medium Defect G1: overly long concurrent marking cycles
  7011940 2-High Defect iCMS: SIGSEGV in SweepClosure::do_already_free_chunk(FreeChunk*)+0x360
  7012642 4-Low Defect G1: JumbleGC002 test aborts with segmentation violation due to uncaught stack overflow
  6458402 4-Low Defect 3 jvmti tests fail with CMS and +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
  6780143 2-High Defect hs203t003 hits SIGSEGV/EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION with -XX:+UseCompressedOops
  6814943 2-High Defect getcpool001 catches more than one JvmtiThreadState problem
  7003782 3-Medium Defect Update JVMTI version to 1.2 for jdk7
  7004582 3-Medium RFE Add GetLocalInstance() function to JVMTI 1.2
  7012493 2-High Defect 6849574/Test.java fails with Internal Error (src/share/vm/prims/jvmtiTagMap.cpp:3294)
  7012505 2-High Defect BreakpointWithFullGC.sh fails with Internal Error (src/share/vm/oops/methodOop.cpp:220)
  6934483 5-Very Low RFE GCC 4.5 errors "suggest parentheses around something..." when compiling with -Werror and -Wall
  6975480 4-Low Defect VS2010 says _STATIC_CPPLIB is deprecated, may need to change this usage
  6981737 3-Medium Defect The java.vm.specification.version property is 1.0, seems like it should be 2.0
  6981753 2-High Defect Rebrand vm vendor property settings (jdk7 only)
  6983013 5-Very Low Defect Change the HS_MINOR version to 6 for the 6Update train
  6983296 3-Medium RFE build sanity checks for jdk7 should require SS12u1
  6983320 4-Low Defect Fork HS19 to HS20 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
  6985022 2-High RFE update make/jprt.properties for new jdk7 tools
  6987149 5-Very Low Defect Fix incorrect Oracle copyright header in make/templates files
  6988363 2-High Defect Rebrand vm vendor property settings (jdk7 only)
  6990549 5-Very Low Defect Zero and Shark fixes after 6978355 and 6953144
  6991596 4-Low RFE JSR 292 unimplemented adapter_opt_i2i and adapter_opt_l2i on SPARC
  6992267 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS20 build number to 02
  6997456 3-Medium Defect Not possible to build just compiler2
  6997698 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS20 build number to 03
  7006221 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS20 build number to 04
  7008444 3-Medium Defect Remove unnecessary include of stdint.h in java_md.c
  7008759 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS20 build number to 05
  7010068 4-Low Defect Update all 2010 Oracle-changed OpenJDK files to have the proper copyright dates - first pass
  7010072 4-Low Defect Update all 2010 Oracle-changed Closed files to have the proper copyright dates - first pass
  7011125 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS20 build number to 06
  7012348 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS20 build number to 07
  7012383 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS20 build number to 08
  7012384 4-Low Defect Update Hotspot 20 to use jdk6perf as the default JPRT release target
  6392697 3-Medium Defect Additional flag needed to supress Hotspot warning messages
  6989984 3-Medium RFE Use standard include model for Hotspot
  7002807 3-Medium RFE Use standard include model for Hotspot CI
  7003125 4-Low Defect precompiled.hpp is included when precompiled headers are not used
  7003456 4-Low Defect ADLC files not correctly generated on Windows
  7003707 4-Low Defect need to remove (some) system include files from the HotSpot header files
  7003786 5-Very Low Defect sort Obj_Files before compiling
  7005007 3-Medium Defect Refine use of ALT_COMPILER_PATH to avoid conflict with JPRT usage
  7006659 4-Low Defect temporary adlc files are added to the build variables
  6549687 4-Low Defect closed/runtime/6373938/Test6373938.java fails with Exception: Did not get required exceptions
  6865028 4-Low Defect Illegal instructions passing verification prior to 'invokespecial Object.\'
  6891959 3-Medium Defect HotSpot should not throw ClassFormatError if a class has a field with '\>' and/or '\<' in its name
  6302804 3-Medium Defect Hotspot VM dies ungraceful death when C heap is exhausted in various places.
  6583275 4-Low Defect Hotspot crash in vm_perform_shutdown_actions due to uninitialized TLS during out of memory handling
  6961186 3-Medium RFE Better VM handling of unexpected exceptions from application native code
  7003748 2-High RFE Decode C stack frames when symbols are presented (PhoneHome project)
  7004217 4-Low Defect Remove IA64 workaround re-introduced with CR6953477
  6988353 4-Low RFE refactor sync subsystem
  4926272 3-Medium Defect methodOopDesc::method_from_bcp is unsafe
  6348631 4-Low Defect remove the use of the HPI library from Hotspot
  6704010 4-Low Defect Internal Error (src/share/vm/interpreter/interpreterRuntime.cpp:1106)
  6751923 2-High Defect JNDI wake up when clock_settime() is called
  6763959 4-Low Defect java.util.concurrent.locks.LockSupport.parkUntil(0) blocks forever instead of returning immediately
  6811367 3-Medium Defect Fix code in HeapDumper::dump_heap() to avoid buffer overrun
  6870851 2-High Defect Bad frame_chop in StackMapTable crashes JVM (possible DoS attack)
  6885308 3-Medium Defect The incorrect -XX:StackRedPages, -XX:StackShadowPages, -XX:StackYellowPages could cause VM crash
  6966589 3-Medium Defect hs16-b08 causes java.lang.StackOverflowError
  6974617 3-Medium RFE Integrate Java SE Embedded Platforms and Features into Hotspot closed repository
  6974813 3-Medium Defect JVM needs to use demand loading for its DTrace probes
  6975210 2-High Defect java.lang.VerifyError in some of JCK tests
  6978641 3-Medium RFE Fix for 6929067 introduces additional overhead in thread creation/termination paths
  6979444 4-Low RFE add command line option to print command line flags descriptions
  6980262 2-High Defect Memory leak when exception is thrown in static initializer
  6981788 3-Medium Defect GC map generator sometimes picks up the wrong kind of instruction operand
  6982851 3-Medium Defect Add b107 machine classifications to jprt.properties file.
  6983240 3-Medium Defect guarantee((Solaris::min_stack_allowed \>= (StackYellowPages+StackRedPages...) wrong
  6988439 3-Medium Defect Parallel Class Loading test deadlock involving MethodData_lock and Pending List Lock
  6989076 2-High Defect JVM crashes in klassItable::initialize_itable_for_interface
  6989297 4-Low Defect Integrate additional portability improvements
  6989301 3-Medium Defect Integrate final 6u21 Embedded SE changes into mainstream Hotspot closed repo
  6991315 2-High Defect RedefineClasses fails with java.lang.VerifyError
  6996136 2-High Defect VM crash in src/share/vm/runtime/virtualspace.cpp:424
  6999491 3-Medium Defect non-zero COOPs are used when they should not
  7003271 3-Medium RFE Hotspot should track cumulative Java heap bytes allocated on a per-thread basis
  7006471 2-High Defect fix for 6988439 crashes when pending list lock is null
  7007769 3-Medium Defect VM crashes with SIGBUS writing PerfData if tmp space is full
  7009828 3-Medium Defect Fix for 6938627 breaks visualvm monitoring when -Djava.io.tmpdir is defined
  7009975 2-High Defect Large file support broken in hs20-b04
  7011386 3-Medium Defect race in objArrayKlass::array_klass_impl
  7011463 4-Low Defect Sparc MacroAssembler::incr_allocated_bytes() needs a RegisterOrConstant argument
  7013008 2-High Defect assert(method == NULL || check_method(method, bcp)) failed: bcp must point into method
  6561870 3-Medium Defect Long javac compile lines fail due to command line length issues (agent compiles?)
  6985848 3-Medium Defect fix for 6561870 causes sa-jdi.jar to be rebuilt every time
  6987812 2-High Defect SAJDI: "gHotSpotVMTypes was not initialized properly in the remote process"
  7003487 4-Low Defect clhsdbproc stacktrace fails on x64
  7003789 3-Medium Defect PTRACE_GETREGS problems with SA on Linux.
  6942092 3-Medium Defect Loader-constraint test is failing against 1.5.0u24b06-hsx
  6980392 3-Medium Defect TEST_BUG: gc/6581734/Test6581734.java has typo
  6997495 4-Low Defect correction of regression test compiler/6857159/Test6857159
  6765718 4-Low RFE Indicate which thread throwing OOME when generating the heap dump at OOME
  6980681 2-High Defect CORBA deadlock in Java SE beleived to be related to CR 6238477
  6969236 1-Very High Defect Regression: JRE identification fails due to Oracle rebranding in java.exe
  6987107 2-High RFE Add variable to add to but not modify non-fcs version string
  6911753 2-High RFE Add Big5 HKSCS-2008 support
  6749417 3-Medium Defect AWT events are not delivered for sun.awt.motif.MToolkit
  6887981 3-Medium Defect Exception violation in Java2D Disposer
  6960516 3-Medium Defect sun.awt.UngrabEvent has an ID over AWTEvent.RESERVED_ID_MAX
  6967957 2-High Defect MToolkit : resizing a component in componentResized() is not propagated to content
  7003106 3-Medium Defect Typo in linux.fontconfig.SuSE.properties file for linux CJK font support update
  6322678 3-Medium Defect FileInputStream(FileDescriptor) throws IOException when reading a file if FD is invalid
  6989972 4-Low Defect JDK_GetVersionInfo0 fails to zero structure
  7001933 2-High Defect Deadlock in java.lang.classloader.getPackage()
  7013682 2-High Defect two test checking cpuTime filed java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean
  6378870 3-Medium Defect Confusing error "java.net.SocketException: Invalid argument" for socket disconnection
  6931566 2-High Defect NetworkInterface is not working when interface name is more than 15 characters long
  6973030 2-High Defect NTLM proxy authentication fails with https
  6984182 2-High Defect Setting SO_RCVBUF/SO_SNDBUF to larger than tcp_max_buf fails on Solaris 11 if kernel params changed
  6997841 3-Medium Defect TEST_BUG: java/net/PlainSocketImpl/MisleadingSolarisExc.java test failes on non-solaris systems
  7010192 2-High Defect InetAddress.isReachable hits ShouldNotReachHere with hs20-b04 (win)
  6974104 3-Medium Defect TEST: sun/nio/ch/6645197.java should be fixed in 1.5.0u25b05 and jdk6 workspace
  6982572 3-Medium Defect (so) Invalid InetAddress instance is created and causes an exception and abort in jdk5/jdk6.
  6992841 3-Medium Defect File marked for rename left behind in workspace
  6996790 3-Medium Defect TEST_BUG:java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/SelectWhenRefused.java should be adjusted for unix
  6982772 3-Medium Defect javax.xml.crypto.dsig.TransformException occurs in canonicalization for XML signature in jdk6u21
  6998583 2-High Defect NativeSeedGenerator is making 8192 byte read requests from entropy pool on each init.
  6998860 3-Medium Defect Signed jar file verification is currently creating many extra new Sun providers.
  7003784 2-High Defect SecureRandom.nextBytes() throws ExceptionInInitializerError with -Djava.security.egd=file:filename
  4743225 2-High Defect Size of JComboBox list is wrong when list is populated via PopupMenuListener
  6520574 3-Medium Defect JFileChooser - create new folder - not editable
  6542335 3-Medium Defect different behavior on knob of scroll bar between 1.4.2 and 5.0
  6963024 3-Medium Defect Only Applets on Windows: two JOptionPanes in a row makes the 2nd JOptionPane flicker
  6511515 3-Medium Defect poor performance of LogRecord.inferCaller depending on java.lang.Throwable.getStackTraceElement
  6302954 3-Medium Defect Inference fails for type variable return constraint
  6744070 3-Medium Defect linux-arm: Xcomp only: JVMTI Pop Frame functionality doesn't work
  6938369 3-Medium Defect PPC: atomic load/store support for volatile Java long/double
  6979963 3-Medium RFE PPC: implement missing features
  7002592 3-Medium Defect Hprof Profile not supported by Java SE Embedded JRE
  7003250 2-High Defect ARM: audit MP support implementation
  7003762 3-Medium Defect arm: get_os_cpu_info not called if -XX:-UseBiasedLocking specified
  7006731 3-Medium RFE ARM/PPC: Backport CR6607129
  7008881 2-High Defect PPC: Audit MP support implementation
  7009062 2-High Defect PPC: branch out of range in generate_fast_get_int_field0
  7012738 3-Medium Defect java/lang/Math//IeeeRecommendedTests fails on linux-armsflt
  7006515 2-High Defect installation failure on win2k with offline jre installer - unable to locate dll (gdiplus.dll)
  7010953 2-High RFE AU version needs to be updated to 2.0.4
  6173675 3-Medium RFE M&M: approximate memory allocation rate/amount per thread
  7013024 2-High Defect TextFiled in 'Temporary Files Location' dialog in Java CPL is not editable in 6u23 b20 rev
  6963077 2-High RFE 6u20: Cert list is empty, but customer is prompted by a JRE dialog to select a cert
  6932885 2-High Defect Java deployment cache size limit is not regarded
  6891269 3-Medium Defect non-compliance with Section 508 using 1.6.0_18
  6964872 2-High Defect misplaced windows registry key after jdk uninstall
  7012320 2-High Defect JDK 6u22 crashes IE9
  7001375 2-High Defect JAVA 1.6: JAX-WS DOES NOT MAINTAIN session cookies, Session is not maintained when URL in Uppercase
  7008153 2-High Defect Private register ESS weekly index optimizatopn fails EQA-15004
  7000752 3-Medium Defect NLS: RowSetResourceBundle.properties cannot be processed by translation team
  6976536 3-Medium Defect Solaris JREs do not have the krb5.kdc.bad.policy configured by default.
  6984520 3-Medium Defect NPE IN RMIConnector.connect
  7006311 2-High Defect PIT: Cannot Auto update with flexible schedule - spawning multiple javaws/javaw/jaucheck processes
  7009355 2-High Defect Scheduler incorrectly picks critical schedule in some cases