All Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 6u27

Date: 05/19/11

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Fixed in Build Synopsis
  7013538 3-Medium Defect b02 Java memory leak with escape analysis
  7019571 2-High Defect b02 compiler/7009231/Test7009231 fails on ARMv7
  7037167 4-Low Defect b02 Fork HS20.1 to HS20.2 - renumber Minor and build numbers of JVM
  7044455 4-Low RFE b01 Update hsx release/build value for 6u27-b01
  7045858 5-Very Low RFE b02 Bump the HS20.2 build to b02
  7003493 2-High Defect b01 sun/nio/cs/ext/MS950_HKSCS_XP$Encoder.class are duplicated between rt.jar, charsets.jar, and localed
  6724890 2-High Defect b01 Deadlock between AWT-EventQueue-1 and AWT-XAWT threads during IDE start
  6890861 2-High Defect b01 Crash in awt.dll after is called
  6956646 3-Medium Defect b01 Test: MouseWheelEvent/InfiniteRecursion test receives more MouseWheelEvents than expected
  6788196 3-Medium Defect b01 (porting) Bounds checks in io_util.c rely on undefined behaviour
  6672144 3-Medium Defect b01 HttpURLConnection.getInputStream sends POST request after failed chunked send
  6946825 2-High Defect b01; Memory Leak on Non HTTP conform open socket
  6947677 2-High Defect b02 InetAddress.isReachable() throws " argument" on Linux if run as root
  7012768 2-High Defect b01 InetAddress lookupTable leaks/deadlocks when using unsupported name service spi
  6935563 2-High Defect b01 (dc) Improve connection reset/port unreachable handling [win]
  7034155 3-Medium Defect b02 (ch) NullPointerException in when OOM is thrown
  7041378 2-High Defect b01 (se) SEGV when running with ulimit -n unlimited (sol)
  6963006 3-Medium Defect b01 smartcardio is not mt safe - javax.smartcardio.CardException: wait mismatch
  7001094 3-Medium Defect b01 Can't initialize SunPKCS11 more times than PKCS11 driver maxSessionCount
  7017486 2-High Defect b01 Need synchronized access when flushing the LDAP request queue
  6438246 4-Low RFE b02 File name field is mislabeled when JFileChooser is used in DIRECTORIES_ONLY mode
  6894541 3-Medium Defect b01 TEST : javax/swing/JTable/6788484/ fails w/ compilation errors.
  6980124 3-Medium Defect b01 closed/javax/swing/plaf/synth/SynthPainter/unitTest/ fails
  7012783 2-High Defect b01 JFileChooser fails to resolve DFS links on Windows Vista SP2
  6560980 4-Low Defect b02 [Fmt-Da] DateFormatSymbols.cacheLookup doesn't update cache correctly.
  6979545 4-Low Defect b01 TEST_BUG: java/util/concurrent/ThreadPoolExecutor/ has a race condition
  6991380 3-Medium RFE b02 (cal) Calendar.cachedLocaleData should be transitioned from Hashtable to ConcurrentHashMap
  7021756 3-Medium Defect b02 Changes for 6929479 in 6u24 aren't identical to original changes, breaks Maxine VM
  6558476 2-High Defect b01 com/sun/tools/javac/Main.compile don't release file handles on return
  6718364 3-Medium Defect b01 inference fails when a generic method is invoked with raw arguments
  6517427 2-High Defect b01 GIF Reader throws IIOException when reading a Indexed GIF image with an embedded color profile
  6986709 3-Medium Defect b01 Request to localise to new value
  7021445 4-Low Defect b02 Localization needed on resource string for FileChooser Look and Feel code
  7034220 3-Medium Defect b01 Two dots at the end of "Copyright(c) 2011 Oracle and/or it's affiliates.."
  6912166 3-Medium Defect b01 SSV dialog problems when there are multiple applets on a page
  6943350 3-Medium Defect b01 Intermittent "No registered plugin for applet ID x" errors in applet
  6991343 2-High Defect b01 Vista/IE7 further showDocument focus issue with named targeted windows
  6912166 3-Medium Defect b01 SSV dialog problems when there are multiple applets on a page
  6943350 3-Medium Defect b01 Intermittent "No registered plugin for applet ID x" errors in applet
  6996266 2-High Defect b01 Performance issue on BasicService.showDocument
  6976938 2-High Defect b01 StackOverflowError by$
  6941869 2-High Defect b01 XSL : Xalan transformer fails to process semicolumn symbol in a count() function correctly
  7024697 2-High Defect b01 SessionRef.dispose() should determine if the token referred to by the token object is still valid pr
  6578658 2-High Defect b02 Request for raw RSA (NONEwithRSA) Signature support in SunMSCAPI
  7046238 3-Medium Defect b02 new InitialContext(); hangs
  6844193 2-High RFE b02 support max_retries in krb5.conf
  6858589 2-High Defect b02 more changes to Config on system properties
  6979329 3-Medium Defect b02 CCacheInputStream fails to read ticket cache files from Kerberos 1.8.1
  6750362 3-Medium Defect b01 Very large LDAP requests throw a OOM on LDAP servers which aren't aware of Paged Results Controls
  6997561 2-High Defect b01 A request for better error handling in JNDI
  6932403 3-Medium Defect b01 SSLSocketImpl state issue
  6943219 3-Medium Defect b01 test/sun/security/ssl/sun/net/www/protocol/https/HttpsURLConnection/ fail in linux
  7025227 2-High Defect b01 SSLSocketImpl does not close the TCP layer socket if a close notify cannot be sent to the peer
  7044141 3-Medium Defect b01 Reusing unmarshallers which on previous use threw UnmarshalException always throw ClassCastException