Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
47f6b7db1882 6960853 Cleanup makefiles, remove unused vars etc.
6959596 Windows fastdebug build broken
6960335 Add top level 'make test' rule that uses test/Makefile, runs all test batches
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
032585ad970d 6960831 fix CORBA build warnings
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
e13a5c0ed5e2 6964882 32 bit JDK does not build on 64 bit Windows platforms
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
214f47923c24 6955301 Update names and references to rebranded drop bundles (jaxp, jaxws, jaf)
961ad5ff3b19 6955292 Workaround ant 1.7.1 issue in ant scripts
6960333 Add make level ALLOW_DOWNLOADS=true option
6940241 Change jaxp/jaxws so that the http downloads are not done by default
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
38fd32b8e990 6869741 Integrate JAX-WS 2.2 and JAXB 2.2 in JDK 7
48872561d4b1 6955292 Workaround ant 1.7.1 issue in ant scripts
6940241 Change jaxp/jaxws so that the http downloads are not done by default
6960333 Add make level ALLOW_DOWNLOADS=true option
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
4d55419ce99e 6959123 Remove use of obsolete png_check_sig function in splashscreen_png.c
2574d999704a 6952043 Incorrect JNI calls in fontpath.c
8b55669c7b7a 6961732 FontMetrics.getLeading() may be negative in freetype-based OpenJDK builds.
83c7768292d7 6961633 gui applications cause a jvm crash on windows
c02096d7b70e 6959787 java/awt/FileDialog/FilenameFilterTest/FilenameFilterTest.html failed on 7b94
fa06ad055c43 6860491 WRAP_TIME_MILLIS incorrectly set
8722b75c9ccd 6959165 JVM crash during execution FileDialogBufferOverflowTest.html
05eb107d6891 6961754 JCK tests CvsEventTest0001 and CvsEventTest0002 fail under FF 3.5 on OEL 5
ad5f65797249 6857057 api/javax_swing/text/GlyphView/index.html#Methods test fails
dc14ee238fe3 6636983 Japanese text does not display correctly in a JEditorPane
7a3d8fc0d2cd 5066685 BorderFactory lacks SoftBevelBorder support
cf13f6389bdd 6788484 NPE in DefaultTableCellHeaderRenderer.getColumnSortOrder() with null table
5e4969391538 6735259 NPE at WindowsComboBoxUI$XPComboBoxButton.getState(
cd565c554dc6 6771547 SynthParser throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException parsing custom ColorTypes
4d93c409ce87 6739756 JToolBar leaves space for non-visible items under Nimbus L&F
17870c6c1d4e 6950927 Testcase failure sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/
1db252f307b6 6955840 ThreadLocalRandom bug - overriden setSeed(long) method is not invoked for java.util.Random(long)
ea8c57ec8409 6951366 kerberos login failure on win2008 with AD set to win2000 compat mode
489c1720757b 6957375 java/net/ResponseCache getResponseCode and ResponseCacheTest fail after rebranding
a21e3a29ca9d 6935997 Please add a nested throwable constructor to AssertionError
af68ad345389 6935563 (dc) Improve connection reset/port unreachable handling [win]
1474dfa499e3 6959965 jstat: Add new -classload option to print class loading statistics
f7a69b261b1d 6960394 Stop linking with -lnsl on Linux
aa8effe6bb54 6959259 Minor improvements to static Random field caching
b1ec20722051 6958869 regression: PKIXValidator fails when multiple trust anchors have same dn
06699a990ac7 6934585 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/
7079585d6e0e 6938230 (so) SocketAdaptor.close() does not translate IOException resulting in Error
c849dc20dc85 6959197 When building with JAVAC_MAX_WARNINGS=true, the build fails in sun/nio/cs due to the use of -Werror
422531c98ba5 6944584 Improvements to subprocess handling on Unix
5a61a4f65c9c 6960898 Regression due to src/share/classes/java/lang/ changes
76a9c90e9019 6961062 (dc) Several DatagramChannel tests timeout or fail with "address already in use"
fb2d88134382 6960789 com.sun.servicetag API needs to be added in ct.sym
c1f7ff3447ba 6952161 Rebranding: Registration html for servicetag
8d7438dede10 6959641 testcase failing java/util/Locale/
72022d7d4578 6932744 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/Selector/ failing
91124d60b2ed 6961358 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ can't run in samevm mode
1b7879ca3e74 6961518 TEST_BUG: add @run main/othervm in tests that call setSecurityManager
55e512967525 6961506 TEST_BUG: ResourceBundle/ and fails in samevm mode
8a4557c5dfa1 6961630 TEST_BUG: Several SocketChannel and Selector tests can fail with "address already in use"
8a286789de96 6575373 Error verifying signatures of pack200 files in some cases
705777f990cf 6961502 TEST_BUG: test/java/lang/ClassLoader/defineClass/ fails
3df25d0680f3 6959292 regression: cannot login if session key and preauth does not use the same etype
c995607e7719 6961408 test/java/util/logging/ fails in samevm mode
1281181df71b 6395224 (so) SocketChannel writer blocked on large buffer is not preempted by close method (vista)
5e4547833379 6962067 TEST_BUG: Tests in java/util/zip/ZipFile leave file open
006e852b692e 6869741 Integrate JAX-WS 2.2 and JAXB 2.2 in JDK 7
6c188df7bfef 4981129 (dc) DatagramSocket created by DatagramChannel does not provide sender info
7526d0b9aab0 6961894 TEST_BUG: jdk_lang tests fail in samevm mode
ac93014a4d78 6962045 TEST_BUG: Tests in test/java/io/Serializable leave files open
5919f0c72c0b 6962419 TEST_BUG: java_io tests fails in samevm mode
43dfa39686a1 6712743 pack200: should default to 150.7 pack format for classfiles without any classes.
a086a3d98711 6960853 Cleanup makefiles, remove unused vars etc.
840265545bc3 6962617 Testcase changes, cleanup of problem list for jdk_tools targets
2366c2a5624c 6962478 Privacy page referenced in register_ja.html is incorrect
fe7271b4aeea 6962815 support enable and disable of the servicetag's system registry for testing purpose
861213cb02c3 6964882 32 bit JDK does not build on 64 bit Windows platforms
820b4e843d51 6967036 Need to fix links with // in Javadoc comments
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
9a7c998bf2fc 6933147 Provided new utility visitors supporting SourceVersion.RELEASE_7
559c9a37d9f6 6955264 add option to suppress Abort in Check.completionError
852d8bb356bc 6519115 MirroredTypeException thrown but should be MirroredTypesException
b7fc560217d3 6958391 add vizant support to langtools build
d33b91f360fc 6958802 cleanup and doc langtools build.xml file
46cf751559ae 6945418 Project Coin: Simplified Varargs Method Invocation
f2fdd52e4e87 6944312 Potential rebranding issues in openjdk/langtools repository sources
366a7b9b5627 6960407 Potential rebranding issues in openjdk/langtools repository sources
224533455888 6877961 langtools build should allow more options when running jtreg
d1ea43cb71c1 6958836 javadoc should support -Xmaxerrs and -Xmaxwarns
0840dd65b9e2 6956638 JavacTask.generate does not generate all required files
0ba1f80b73a5 6962540 langtools Makefile sets DEV_NULL incorrectly
4177f5bdd189 6961178 Allow doclet.xml to contain XML attributes