Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
136b78722a08 6939203 JSR 292 needs method handle constants
d93949c5bdcc 6730276 JDI_REGRESSION tests fail with "Error: count must be non-zero" error on x86
b918d354830a 6960865 ldc of unloaded class throws an assert in ciTypeFlow
d179e225c164 6960550 Missing semicolon in Zero
0b4ee1df1b44 6952176 Remove debug flag from adlc makefile for 6Update trains
4311f23817fd 6959430 Make sure raw loads have control edge
79107c3a6bd5 6949307 G1: raise a vm error, do not core dump, if target pause time and target interval are inconsistent
215576b54709 6946048 G1: improvements to +PrintGCDetails output
fdde661c8e06 6952853 SIGSEGV with UseAdaptiveGCBoundary on 64b linux running jvm2008
ff38d05ea86f 6956958 assert(is_clean() || is_call_to_compiled() || is_call_to_interpreted() || is_optimized() || is_megam
38e8278318ca 6656830 assert((*p)->is_oop(),"expected an oop while scanning weak refs")
9887b5e57f9e 6962980 C1: stub area should take into account method handle deopt stub
5f249b390094 6947341 JVM Crash running Oracle ATG CRMDemo
d678e3277048 6964479 widen normalization of small int and long values should be symmetric
6027dddc26c6 6677629 PhaseIterGVN::subsume_node() should call hash_delete() and add_users_to_worklist()
76efbe666d6c 6964774 Adjust optimization flags setting
726b40449bd2 6939019 Source code adjustments for parfait compilation of hotspot
1a11430e0326 6888573 class data sharing does not always disable large pages
7cc68a696c62 6966252 Bump the HS19 build number to 04
65b0c03b165d 6965671 fatal error: acquiring lock JNIGlobalHandle_lock/16 out of order with lock CodeCache_lock/1
60a14ad85270 6966411 escape.cpp:450 assert(base->Opcode() == Op_ConP
b2a00dd3117c 6957084 simplify TaskQueue overflow handling
bfc89697cccb 6964164 MonitorInUseLists leak of contended objects
0e7d2a08b605 6967423 Hotspot support for modules image
2a47bd84841f 6965184 possible races in make_not_entrant_or_zombie
3941674cc7fa 6958668 repeated uncommon trapping for new of klass which is being initialized
8d5934a77f10 6968385 malformed xml in sweeper logging
079980c86f33 6968646 JVM crashes with SIGFPE during startup
8099e71601df 6968368 SIGSEGV in the BCEscapeAnalyzer::copy_dependencies
a528509c992b 6968336 VM crash guarantee(!nm->is_zombie()) failed: cannot lock a zombie method
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
34ed99f84832 6963941 Correct download link for source drop bundle
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
d58354a69011 6955341 Oracle rebranding changes for man pages
c801686d91f4 6943487 NPE in makeMultiCharsetString while printing on linux
ab55cb957830 6967050 JDK build issues with cygwin/vc2010
e03065fc64e7 6959998 Return of SurfaceData_InitOps point not checked in all cases (parfait found these)
2ad69cb576b4 6968373 FontUtilities static initializer throws AccessControlException
f5145c7119c2 6957166 With XAWT, set arguments properly creating a MouseWheelEvent.
bccf2a4ee318 6424157 java.awt.EventQueue push/pop might cause threading issues
21b17c64df74 6966643 GTK FileDialog hangs when user manually closes it
9950dc616615 6959174 Need to introduce sun.awt.disableGtkFileDialogs system property
69ddf06e616a 6707234 Method returned by Introspector.internalFindMethod not necessarily most specific
5af3b0430bbe 6959260 javax/swing/JLabel/6501991/ failed on build 1.7.0-ea-b96
dea63f6dda7a 6777378 NullPointerException in XPDefaultRenderer.paint()
a05e047c5b98 6684401 JTree isExpanded should not call itself recursively
f1bafc4f249d 6963870 NPE in CompoundBorder.getInsets()
d062afbe2107 4129681 Cannot get a title border to display its label as disabled
46306a419ba3 6959266 test javax/swing/JInternalFrame/6725409/ should be modified
e94a94d176f9 6711682 JCheckBox in JTable: checkbox doesn't alaways respond to the first mouse click
46d5aef470a3 6937415 Some components return undocumented default values under Nimbus LaF
e12c92d2dc11 6520101 FileChooser will cause OutOfMemory when application will run long time
d0bcc9aa5a7a 6894597 test/closed/javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6495920/ fails
3dc686ecb4cd 6963811 Deadlock-prone locking changes in Introspector
dd98b0b747ec 6931871 Rebranding of javadoc generation in makefiles
6951293 control docs target does not work on windows
d7fdaee81c14 6963156 TEST_BUG: Several tests under sun/nio/cs failed
4e76be6e9fe1 6942989 2/2 Memory leak of java.lang.ref.WeakReference objects
25fe5c3bf7b7 6939022 Source code adjustments for parfait compilation
848e69fcf2f3 6933622 Duplicate class files in rt.jar and charsets.jar
6895003 JarReorder is not excluding a requested file.
887e525597f8 6931566 NetworkInterface is not working when interface name is more than 15 characters long
eb84b89ef3ff 6963027 TEST_BUG: channels and buffer tests need to run in samevm mode
c4d60bcce958 6911258 Project Coin: Add essential API support for Automatic Resource Management (ARM) blocks
6911261 Project Coin: Retrofit Automatic Resource Management (ARM) support onto platform APIs
6962571 Infinite loop in printing out Throwable stack traces with circular references
706e2d1fc378 6958026 Problem with PKCS12 keystore
1da7dfca3e20 6844907 krb5 etype order should be from strong to weak
9c0f542c8b37 6946669 SSL/Krb5 should not call EncryptedData.reset(data, false)
2e9ef9a80d82 6964311 Build regression due to rt.jar contents change
6bf403a14da4 6963828 TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/ takes too long (win)
6d274503d1b7 6954525 Testcase failure java/net/Authenticator/
7c3da1f0e17c 6961029 java/net/BindException/ should not use wildcard address
a9e0a6fb6057 6856415 Enabling java security manager will make programe thrown wrong exception ( main method not found )
5c5fe62d990d 6213702 (so) non-blocking sockets with TCP urgent disabled get still selected for read ops (win)
4436a3e97a9b 6934268 Better implementation of Character.isValidCodePoint
1776791f4fb9 6934265 Add public method Character.isBmpCodePoint
5503dbb2e6cc 6937112 String.lastIndexOf confused by unpaired trailing surrogate
5e9daa8fd04a 6940381 Wording improvements for String.indexOf, String.lastIndexOf
0d2bff3b2ca6 6963749 Minor improvements to Character.UnicodeBlock
4f1b4e3c6d1b 6934270 Remove javac warnings from
98186c162c1e 6933322 Add methods highSurrogate(), lowSurrogate() to class Character
838a21b99591 6934271 Better handling of longer utf-8 sequences
9c80da212eaf 6935172 Optimize bit-twiddling in
ce0ba8da0bd1 6940258 (bf) Use intrinsified reverseBytes operation; elide no-op constructs
a5a34c696d62 6947216 Even more Dual-pivot quicksort improvements
9bffc32b645d 6782979 Add JNLPAppletLauncher (6618105) to blacklist
425960cef714 6963723 Project Coin: Retrofit more JDK classes for ARM
d6f8ffc3c54a 6954517 Testcase failure tools/launcher/
f13e94562d84 6930056 (launcher) Need to remove or build as part of test these files
da8526047e5f 6967533 Epoch bug: ExceptionInInitializerError on systems with uninitialized clock
a7f8f269f741 6967937 Scope id no longer being set after 6931566
1371a2d5f3a8 6967684 httpserver using a non thread-safe SimpleDateFormat
bb0b32ffefe9 6966846 Incorrect assertion in
d3fa95d0710c 6921472 RFE: java launcher code needs clean up
ddf825161d2d 6968401 3/3 disable tests added by 6942989 until 6964018 is fixed
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
be5cafeb318d 6911258 Project Coin: Add essential API support for Automatic Resource Management (ARM) blocks
d8a15fda7e3a 6917288 Unnamed nested class is not generated
d2b7ecf33b35 6964768 need test program to validate javac resource bundles
064468702a8d 6968497 localized text appears in raw diagnostic