Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a81afd9c293c 6649594 Intermittent IOExceptions during dynamic attach on linux and solaris
a5c9d63a187d 6964170 Verifier crashes
3d90023429ec 6888526 Linux getCurrentThreadCpuTime is drastically slower than Windows
a64438a2b7e8 6958465 Sparc aten build24.0: openjdk-7.ea-b96 failed Error: Formal argument ... requires an lvalue
126ea7725993 6953477 Increase portability and flexibility of building Hotspot
e5dfb3ccb88b 6969569 assert(is_static() && is_constant()) failed: illegal call to constant_value()
66c5dadb4d61 6973308 Missing zero length check before repne scas in check_klass_subtype_slow_path()
0e35fa8ebccd 6973963 SEGV in ciBlock::start_bci() with EA
0e09207fc81b 6974682 CTW: assert(target != NULL) failed: must not be null
fb8abd207dbe 6975049 nsk/regression/b4287029 crashes with -Xss64 on solaris-i586
2dfd013a7465 6975078 assert(allocated_on_res_area() || allocated_on_C_heap() || allocated_on_arena()
36519c19beeb 6975027 use of movptr to set length of array
4a665be40fd3 6975855 don't emit deopt MH handler in C1 if not required
d2ede61b7a12 6976186 integrate Shark HotSpot changes
6c9cc03d8726 6973329 C2 with Zero based COOP produces code with broken anti-dependency on x86
ab3fd720516c 6378314 Bad warning message when agent library not found. local directory is not searched.
5f3c8db59d83 6977051 Bump the HS19 build number to 06
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
f8bbf376595c 6959252 convert the anonymous arrays to named arrays in Java List Resource files