Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
d6ea39e0d3eb 6982946 Change make/ to defer to JPRT itself for jdk platform list
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
3821536d79ab 6982946 Change make/ to defer to JPRT itself for jdk platform list
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
f6f3eef8a521 6581734 CMS Old Gen's collection usage is zero after GC which is incorrect
2d160770d2e5 6814437 G1: remove the _new_refs array
9d7a8ab3736b 6962589 remove breadth first scanning code from parallel gc
0ce1569c90e5 6963209 G1: remove the concept of abandoned pauses
a03ae377b2e8 6930581 G1: assert(ParallelGCThreads > 1 || n_yielded() == _hrrs->occupied(),"Should have yielded all the ..
5f429ee79634 6966222 G1: simplify TaskQueue overflow handling
94251661de76 6970376 ParNew: shared TaskQueue statistics
a6bff45449bc 6973570 OrderAccess::storestore() scales poorly on multi-socket x64 and sparc: cache-line ping-ponging
2d6b74c9a797 6976378 ParNew: stats are printed unconditionally in debug builds
495caa35b1b5 6977952 Test: Sync missing tests from hs16.3 to hs17.x
be3f9c242c9d 6948538 CMS: BOT walkers can fall into object allocation and initialization cracks
688c3755d7af 6959014 G1: assert(minimum_desired_capacity <= maximum_desired_capacity) failed: sanity check
bb847e31b836 6974928 G1: sometimes humongous objects are allocated in young regions
b63010841f78 6975964 G1: print out a more descriptive message for evacuation failure when +PrintGCDetails is set
5ed703250bff 6977970 CMS: concurrentMarkSweepGeneration.cpp:7947 assert(addr <= _limit) failed: sweep invariant
413ad0331a0c 6977924 Changes for 6975078 produce build error with certain gcc versions
0e509ddd9962 6978726 Bump the HS19 build number to 07
71faaa8e3ccc 6974176 ShouldNotReachHere, instanceKlass.cpp:1426
da877bdc9000 6975006 assert(check.is_deoptimized_frame()) failed: missed deopt
a62d332029cf 6976372 # assert(_owner == Thread::current()) failed: invariant
13b87063b4d8 6977640 Zero and Shark fixes
f55c4f82ab9d 6978249 spill between cpu and fpu registers when those moves are fast
52f2bc645da5 6978533 CMS: Elide BOT update asserts until 6977974 is fixed correctly
571f6b35140b 6978889 Remove premature change of build number to Hotspot 19 Build 07
b0b9d64ed9bc 6978915 Remove Mercurial tags for Hotspot 19 Build 06
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
cc845b339690 6982946 Change make/ to defer to JPRT itself for jdk platform list
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
06c51671c84b 6982946 Change make/ to defer to JPRT itself for jdk platform list
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
d47bd9d94ba4 6967436 lines longer than 2^15 can fill window.
6967433 dashed lines broken when using scaling transforms.
4285edea9ddb 6976265 No STROKE_CONTROL
d0e314d59f84 6960267 JTable.getRowHeight() returns value different from the specified default (16.0) with GTK L&F
23f72ec0d8e8 6977550 (tz) Support tzdata2010l
367b90ed38b1 6973030 NTLM proxy authentication fails with https
a21c46dac6cf 6653372 Error in example code
3b63e506b57e 6955504 (str) String[Builder/Buffer].append(char[],int,int) throws OutOfMemoryError in b94
188f156148ea 6945961 SIGSEGV in memcpy() during class loading on linux-i586
d47f5dcda481 6962604 3/3 Testcase sun/jvmstat/monitor/MonitoredVm/ failure
3e239fe92832 6898593 java.sql.Date.valueOf no exception if date given is not in the JDBC date escape syntax
1f996198877b 6882910 Unexplained lack of IP4 network ability when transparent IP6 to IP4 is disabled.
da5b67ac7755 6923794 About 40 JCK test case fail with AssertionError if -esa option is specified
11ee8b471f9c 6971825 (so) improve scatter/gather implementation
389bc53d0945 6973831 NPE when printing stack trace of OOME
0cdd73548292 6976186 Integrate Shark
8329ebeabc10 6921234 TEST_BUG: java/lang/ClassLoader/deadlock/ needs to be modified for Cygwin
42eaa082a4e6 6339649 URI.create should include a detail message when throwing IllegalArgumentException
bfc3855a9341 6969651 TEST_BUG: tools/jar/ failed on JDK7 when run on NFS
01dec49e95c4 6974005 Use of cygpath in Makefile logic needs to silence error messages
42bfa43f2ae1 6932743 Makefiles not parsing version strings with - from uname -r
4abd65f04638 6976536 Solaris JREs do not have the krb5.kdc.bad.policy configured by default.
95bb147c7c33 6921610 1.6 update 17 and 18 throw java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
1ce9c1690080 6888127 java.util.jar.Pack200.Packer Memory Leak
16e43f336262 6966737 (pack200) the pack200 regression tests need to be more robust.
fd28003bc1d6 6968584 Thread should not be Cloneable
03218163f4d5 6965924 using static SimpleDateFormat which is not thread safe
47ab0dcec3e8 6978511 (file) Path.toRealPath should fail if not resolving links and file does not exist
f4a2b4e7a831 6431344 (fc) FileChannel.transferTo() doesn't work if address space runs out
6317f7e2c4fd 6531345 Memory leak in unpack200
cb67f0263bd4 6977851 NPE from FileURLConnection.connect
2585368bfc7c 6969063 (pack200) The default value of Pack200.Packer.SEGMENT_LIMIT property is empty string instead of -1
732f59013e78 6966740 (pack200) need to add the timezone regression test
df049d0b973f 6982946 Change make/ to defer to JPRT itself for jdk platform list
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
0fe472f4a332 6881115 javac permits nested anno w/o mandatory attrs => IncompleteAnnotationException
237f3bd52242 6857948 Calling a constructor with a doubly bogus argument causes an internal error
a2d8c7071f24 6975275 diamond implementation needs some cleanup
ea1930f4b789 6975231 Regression test for 6881115 is failing with compiler output not matching expected output
27bae58329d5 6976649 javac does not enforce required annotation elements in arrays
dc550520ed6f 6369605 Unconstrained type variables fails to include bounds
a31c511db424 6976833 options included twice in Example SimpleCompiler
c655e0280bdc 6886247 regression: javac crashes with an assertion error in
d6fe0ea070aa 6885255 Improve usability of raw warnings
a75770c0d7f6 6977800 Regression: invalid resolution of supertype for local class
995bcdb9a41d 6932571 Compiling Generics causing Inconvertible types
594b3c2ef585 6978574 return statement in try block with multi-catch causes ClassFormatError
6b95dd682538 6975005 improve JavacProcessingEnvironment.Round abstraction
a626d8c1de6e 6976747 JCDiagnostic: replace "boolean mandatory" with new "Set"
47e7ff871196 6982946 Change make/ to defer to JPRT itself for jdk platform list