Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ed13debe9a5e 6987114 Fix top level "test" Makefile logic, add jdk/make/Makefile test target
27d945094f81 6987117 Add jprt test sets
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ad17cf689258 6735275 java.awt.image.SampleModel.getSamples() methods not allways throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
160f7ffc3d14 6988213 lcms build failure on windows-amd64
d32203d5a47c 6505819 Provide traverseIn method for sun.awt.EmbeddedFrame
d21c9804c512 6886678 Clicking on parent JFrame's client area does not switch focus from JWindow to JFrame on Windows
40fa33254fc6 6987896 Modal dialogs resumes the calling thread before it's hidden
6994facc6a8b 6987945 XDecoratedPeer shouldn't allow to resize a frame to zero size
3caf15616f46 6694729 obsolete link in ActionEvent javadoc
8afd49c55619 6860270 JVM crash is occuring when verifying whether Browse action is supported on WinVista 64 bit
b0d1ef182650 6829267 Regression test java/awt/Toolkit/ToolkitPropertyTest/ fails in RHEL5
70a73fc061d9 6847155 test/java/awt/Mouse/MouseModifiersUnitTest/ fails
a014255d826c 6987233 FileDialog.getDirectory() should add a trainling slash when GTK FileDialog is used
d147113a36fd 6982279 java/awt/FullScreen/TranslucentWindow/ failed due to NPE
e2050786c3ce 6982661 Complete JLayer component
a463040967f2 6606019 NPE and IAE are interchanged in specification for GroupLayout.Group class
cdd64925de04 6632953 MetalComboBoxUI.getBaseline(JComponent, int, int) throws IAE for valid width/height
a8ec7a461254 6576054 NullPointerException when closing tooltip by pressing esc
e753db9c4416 4330950 Lost newly entered data in the cell when resizing column width
76b39a4964fa 6542335 different behavior on knob of scroll bar between 1.4.2 and 5.0
002495e6aecb 6960126 With GTK L&F JDesktopPane substitutes set desktop manager
c650dd9e6be2 6978052 No appropriate CCC request for listed JDK 7 changes in javax.swing.plaf.synth package (b84)
39351e11b8f9 6986612 pit jdk7 b112: java.util.Locale getDisplayVariant() sqe test fails
278c8daa3075 6976577 JCK7 api/java_beans/EventSetDescriptor/descriptions.html#Ctor1 fails since jdk7 b102
bbadb9484f53 6986968 Crash on XIM server restart
0ca4ae74cf44 6986450 javax/swing/JTable/ test is failing against jdk7 just on windows
75a0f7b47024 6915621 (rb) ResourceBundle.getBundle() deadlock when called inside a synchronized thread
990bbd005f28 6982753 javax/swing/JTextArea/6940863/ should be modified
76edcef04379 6955776 (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB981793
6929185 (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB979306
7794d718ffe2 6983452 SyncProvider issue for JoinRowSet implementation
1cb444a3d5cd 6984864 Exception when running acceptChanges with custom SyncProvider
095a5e5a025a 6985400 DatabaseMetaData.generatedKeyAlwaysReturned, "indexe(s)" should be "index(es)"
291a5c52f9d0 6985725 RowSetProvider has typo for the property javax.sql.rowset.RowSetFactory in the javadoc
605b327f4830 6888546 restore System.initializeSystemClasses
48d7f8c4cd60 6981138 (process) Process.waitFor() may hang if subprocess has live descendants (lnx)
b5d37597c815 6981157 Improve UnknownHostException with EAI error details and other cleanups
0d78b3eedecc 6984044 RowSet source needs to rebrand vendor references
902486a8e414 6981113 Add ConcurrentLinkedDeque
cd4aad589b3f 6672144 HttpURLConnection.getInputStream sends POST request after failed chunked
f5d25402ed53 6986050 Small clarifications and fixes for ForkJoin
4927d1319b2f 6949710 3/3 the GC'able nature of Logging objects needs to be made brutally clear
4db5c4867a78 6946527 rebranding system properties per Oracle Requirements (vendor)
ca630e91d473 6982971 TEST failure: com/sun/security/sasl/ntlm/
60cff062f66d 6984036 servicetag vendor rebranding issues
9a837f410672 6987117 Add jprt test sets
8503c7f3a354 6987114 Fix top level "test" Makefile logic, add jdk/make/Makefile test target
6987113 Remove SCCS logic from makefiles
9eb9485ec45b 6986868 TEST failure: sun/security/tools/jarsigner/
7b2b0131fa61 6987638 javadoc update to RowSetProvider and Statement
b3a4add96d45 6550798 Using InputStream.skip with ResponseCache will cause partial data to be cached
a43232b264cb 6987927 can't use -Dfile.encoding=Cp037 in net test
26c6ee936f63 6988163 dup and a keytool doc typo
570f825ad872 6987461 Handle leak when enabling
04d9b09dbef9 6988037 fileClose prints debug message is close fails
9a8022905f6a 6988993 Address Findbugs warnings for the use of String Constructor
f439d8b1e84a 6979526 (file) java/nio/file/FileStore/ fails if the same file system is mounted more than once
81b0c1e3d5a7 6907737 (file) FileVisitor and Files.walkFileTree issues
b8af3bab5dbf 6989190 SO_SNDBUF/SO_RCVBUF limits should only be checked when setsockopt fails (sol)
ffaf6a35b895 6989139 Address JDBC Findbugs where Number type Constructor are used
4a513df0df12 6990846 Demo: NIO.2 filesystem provider for zip/jar archives
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
50f9ac2f4730 6980862 too aggressive compiler optimization causes stale results of Types.implementation()
77cc34d5e548 5088624 cannot find symbol message should be more intelligent
0c1ef2af7a8e 6863465 javac doesn't detect circular subclass dependencies via qualified names
da7ca56d092c 6587674 NoClassdefFound when anonymously extending a class.
3eea38ce151c 6986772 langtools netbeans build should use ${ant.core.lib} instead of ${ant.home}/lib/ant.jar
f6fe12839a8a 6890226 javah -version is broken
3c9b64e55c5d 6877202 Elements.getDocComment() is not getting JavaDocComments
6861094 javac -Xprint does not print comments
6985205 access to tree positions and doc comments may be lost across annotation processing rounds
d4df3b6ee729 6986246 Trees object is round-specific
28b021bb889f 6967842 Element not returned from tree API for ARM resource variables.
f94af0667151 6502392 Invalid relative names for Filer.createResource and Filer.getResource
d2aaaec153e8 6983738 Use a JavacTestingAbstractProcessor
7b413ac1a720 6988436 Cleanup javac option handling
232919708730 6907737 (file) FileVisitor and Files.walkFileTree issues