Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b96e6b8761bc 6976076 sun/java2d/pipe/MutableColorTest/ failed
93d0daa9aa7a 6853488 REGRESSION : A black background is seen for a transparent animated gif image for splash screen
6cb79067ea7a 6975884 sun/java2d/SunGraphics2D/ failed
4a50631c9910 6725821 Compiler warnings in medialib code
37df0a178978 6773022 java.awt.image.SampleModel.getDataElements() does't throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsEx for Integer.MAX_V
a7cdcd3541d4 6984033 imageio vendor references need to change (jdk7 only)
0a53abebf6e9 6804454 RFE: Provide a way to control the printing dpi resolution from MSIE browser print. See also 6801859
1b658b8bd49d 6829546 Modal dialog causes underlying parent JFrame to be set to "Always on top".
e804b396307b 6828273 javax/swing/system/6799345/ test fails with RuntimeException.
16265781795b 6979541 closed/javax/swing/plaf/basic/AWTEventListenerLeak/ fails
335093475c11 6895647 Frame may jump to an unpredicted location upon entering the non-opaque mode on X11
a8bd5f04f4fb 6990352 SplashScreen.getSplashScreen() does not return null for implicitly closed splash screen
278bd32a15de 6973199 java/awt/Robot/RobotWheelTest/RobotWheelTest.html failed on JDK7 b102 bug passed on b101
c595c2730226 6989721 awt native code compiler warnings
8022709a306d 6991992 Need to forward-port AWT's part of the fix for 6691674
f55be3060347 6979568 Test failure: test\closed\java\awt\Component\VisibleHwInLwContTest\VisibleHwInLwContTest.html
b183180e8bb7 6838089 java.awt.Window.setOpacity() doesn't throw IllegalComponentStateException for two-display conf
e26eef6ac0d6 6979793 closed/javax/swing/JFileChooser/6396844/TwentyThousandTest fails due FileNotFound exc.
93871607047a 6984047 sound sources needs vendor rebranding changes (jdk7 only)
958ddd568d4e 6986335 10 regtest failures (test/javax/sound/midi/Gervil) due AudioFloatConverter.PCM_FLOAT not found
940fed1764b4 6970930,null) throws IAE (should be NPE)
b2cfe62ef802 6989440 tomcat test from dacapo benchmark fails with ConcurrentModificationException
23fd99021d35 6603635 links to tutorials broken in JTable API doc
1d56dff60eb1 6984643 Unable to instantiate JFileChooser with a minimal BasicL&F descendant installed
d3c60dbfce57 6986385 JLayer should implement accessible interface
cdbb6e073c60 6575419 Solaris : XSetICFoucs is not called with Java application at appropriate timing
abc171d85be6 6991013 Serialized form for java.util.Locale contains typos
308130a84ab7 6638110 (tz) TimeZone.getDisplayName(...) spec is inconsistent with implementation for unavailable locales
954b5eb4a256 6992272 I18N: Locale.getDisplayName() and toString() return empty if just script is set
b468b20a98a8 6987116 (so) test/java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ failed on Solaris 11
0f23a139e819 6988310 SyncFactory.setLogger(Logger,Level) requires unspecified security permission
6fd4928b82a2 6988317 RowSetProvider.newFactory() may throw unspecified exception
a6295291fab1 6917323 serializable classes in java.dyn do not specify serialVersionUIDs
a2b1ef1294c5 6989903 (process) test/java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failing with "Bad file number" (sol)
871cffb21423 6989466 Miscellaneous compiler warnings in java/lang, java/util, java/io, sun/misc native code
efa8f714fffb 6975829 Perf. of gzip in existing JDKs is too slower than in 1.3.1
fd20568bebff 6989116 (verifier) compiler warning messages
63162f0e2609 6990639 Fix for #6975829 breaks build
f0888585b6ff 6987154 HTML link to serialization guide is broken
0e3daaccfbdf 6914943 Implement final TLS renegotiation fix
2bad540d9b5b 6957564 Disclosure of DNS server IP address
bdc6a3dc3e57 6958060 Malformed AP-REQ crashes acceptor side
b9d3a1a8b682 6925710 IndexColorModel.finalize can be made to double free
9ed7ae1e911c 6938813 Swing mutable statics
5f50e564faa4 6963023 ZDI-CAN-809: Sun JRE JPEGImageWriter.writeImage Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
de8991ef7b1b 6926623 Thread clone issues
32cac17b629e 6963489 ZDI-CAN-803: Sun JRE ICC Profile Device Information Tag Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
e860d935e6e7 6952603 NetworkInterface reveals local network address to untrusted code
e857e8316bf1 6952017 HttpURLConnection chunked encoding issue (Http request splitting)
9fa1f8b38b6f 6974093 Thread.clone should NOT invoke addUnstarted on started threads
f5ed38dc8d36 6981426 limit use of TRACE method in HttpURLConnection
e0806d924a42 6980004 limit HTTP request cookie headers in HttpURLConnection
6961084 limit setting of some request headers in HttpURLConnection
11a08845b979 6986400 Change Cookie to Cookie2 in 6980004 fix
0f510337dadb 6622002 UIDefault.ProxyLazyValue has unsafe reflection usage
b444f86c4abe 6977738 Deadlock between java.lang.ClassLoader and java.util.Properties
33cf668cc160 6984046 java/jar jar/pack source needs vendor rebranding changes (jdk7 only)
b614af87d00f 6728842 File.setReadOnly does not make a directory read-only (win)
6464744 java/io/File/ ignores sticky bit
1d94b33a8f59 6983520 java/io/pathNames/ fails with jdk7-b108 (win)
4dbd83eb0250 6989690 java/net native code compiler warnings
a4fd754f895d 6991300 MimeTable is unsafe
df896f3e6651 6894719 (launcher)The option -no-jre-restrict-search is expected when -jre-no-restrict-search is documented.
1b430727f00d 6887853 javadoc for java.lang.Classloader should be more clear
5cd4f89b8339 6991164 pack source needs vendor rebranding changes (jdk7 only)
96d78263fdf7 6988081 Use GetPrimitiveArrayCritical instead GetByteArray to Reduce allocation in some sunpkcs jni wrappers
6b4e02e3be8e 6850402 Deadlock on starting from jdk7-b55
4cf17a89ead9 6976036 Dual-pivot quicksort update (10/2010 tune-up)
f24699d8c892 6743526 (bf) -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize= limits memory usage rather than total capacity as intended
0fc51ca3467d 6954275 XML signatures with reference data larger 16KB and cacheRef on fails to validate
7eae3422704f 6982312 (pack200) pack200 fails with the jdk7 class files
56b9bc2a0752 6746111 Improve pack200 error message
b79600ecf0e4 4837564 (bf) Please make DirectByteBuffer performance enhancements
0f5bab573e01 6988599 CertificateRevokedException specifies name of authority but interacts with authority instance
5193b0c2baf0 6992545 FindBugs scan - Malicious code vulnerability Warnings in*
426e5f2dbea3 6974104 TEST: sun/nio/ch/ should be fixed in 1.5.0u25b05 and jdk6 workspace
5c761cdf28e8 6993984 PIT: b116 - Many of the swing test are failing on Solaris
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
971c8132f5b2 6988836 A new JavacElements is created for each round of annotation processing
33603a5fa84d 6893932 javah help screen lists -h and -? but does not accept them
c8b4a1e76089 6990379 two examples fail under CheckExamples on Windows
5b5d965900b8 6990390 javah -help produces help screen with extraneous output
68cf07910d74 6989457 javadoc test file test/tools/javadoc/T4994049/ probably does not
14a707f8ce84 6988407 javac crashes running processor on errant code; it used to print error message
a1d31ab7b525 4942232 missing param class processes without error
ea92d1e275b6 6990133 AnnotationProxyMaker.ValueVisitor$1 contains non-transient non-serializable field
ee366cc698c0 6908476 test/tools/javac/ fails if non-zip files found on platform class path
493ecc8111ba 6991980 polymorphic signature calls don't share the same CP entries