Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b2fff4b7e8cd 6891766 Vulnerabilities in use of reflection in CORBA
046be5aaff1c 6996356 Changes for 6891766 break build
76aeef3afc04 6996740 Yet more breakage caused by 6891766
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
c32059ef4dc0 6971296 G1: simplify G1RemSet class hierarchy
b14ec34b1e07 6989448 G1: refactor and simplify G1ParScanThreadState
dfb38ea7da17 6988363 Rebrand vm vendor property settings (jdk7 only)
1c352af0135d 6763959 java.util.concurrent.locks.LockSupport.parkUntil(0) blocks forever
b6aedd1acdc0 6983240 guarantee((Solaris::min_stack_allowed >= (StackYellowPages+StackRedPages...) wrong
3dc12ef8735e 6989297 Integrate additional portability improvements
c77b5c592eab 6392697 Additional flag needed to supress Hotspot warning messages
07a218de38cb 6992477 fix for 6991512 broke sparc barriers
4e22405d98d6 6989669 Coops: -Xshare:dump causes crash
a4c7fe54bf3f 6991315 RedefineClasses fails with java.lang.VerifyError
fa83ab460c54 6988353 refactor contended sync subsystem
6412b3805cd6 6891959 HotSpot should not throw ClassFormatError if a class has a field with '>' and/or '<' in its name
35e4e086d5f5 6990359 G1: don't push a stolen entry on the taskqueue, deal with it directly
9f4848ebbabd 6992189 G1: inconsistent base used in sparse rem set iterator
a5c514e74487 6988458 G1: assert(mr.end() <= _cm->finger()) failed: otherwise the region shouldn't be on the stack
72a161e62cc4 6991377 G1: race between concurrent refinement and humongous object allocation
cd3ef3fd20dd 6992998 CMSWaitDuration=0 causes hangs with +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
a7214d79fcf1 6896603 CMS/GCH: collection_attempt_is_safe() ergo should use more recent data
c766bae6c14d 6995045 assert(!gch->incremental_collection_failed()) failed: Error, defNewGeneration.cpp:827
9de67bf4244d 6996136 VM crash in src/share/vm/runtime/virtualspace.cpp:424
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
1bebd1f9445b 4225362 localized DateFormatSymbols for fr_FR is wrong
12b65e7ee3e4 6663447 D3D: excessive surface data replacements
065e6c5a8027 6967434 Round joins/caps of scaled up lines have poor quality.
d9890d8a8159 6670881 Phantom lines appear when rendering polygons & ellipses with antialiasing OFF
90e394405356 6659228 GridBagConstraints API typo - 'ComponentOrienation' (missing t)
6210739 Need spec clarification of Scrollbar set/getVisibleAmount()
4a29a9ff158c 6991380 (cal) Calendar.cachedLocaleData should be transitioned from Hashtable to ConcurrentHashMap
6560965 [Fmt-Da] defaultCenturyStart In SimpleDateFormat should be protected
6560980 [Fmt-Da] DateFormatSymbols.cacheLookup doesn't update cache correctly.
1f45c4c1f3a7 6867515 Reduce impact of D3D initializion on startup time
6891435 Improve D3D preloading
6946559 AWTToolKit thread crashes in JNU_GetEnv
6987967 D3D preloading thread should initialize COM
db2bc901c702 6989617 Enable JComponent to control repaintings of its children
64f599571511 4358979 javax.swing.border should have a DashedBorder
3e1415e9a52c 6993140 protected constructor in javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthTabbedPaneUI.SynthTabbedPaneUI is needed
f52ad79e2826 6993339 fails
a2c3278c377c 6816582 WindowsFileChooserUI throws NullPointer when awt.useSystemAAFontSettings=false
e650bbeab2f2 6632810 javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicScrollPaneUI.getBaseline(JComponent, int, int) doesn't throw NPE and IAE
eb466bafbc00 6735286 javax.swing.DefaultTableCellRender.getTableCellRendererComponent() doesn't allow passing null Tables
de89eec422c3 6659894 JDialog instance returns unexpected GraphicsConfiguration
30bc265fa0d0 6996686 (tz) Support tzdata2010o
e86aef08aa1f 6432566 Replace usage of StringBuffer with StringBuilder in Swing
12dc06e49f49 6950553 Applet: IE process crash in OLE32.DLL when playing a sound
e4d839f8dfee 6989111 Incorrect default locale for New Zealand
6990452 Provide system properties for the user specified script
6992312 Currency becomes XXX if do not specify
617ada000804 6992968 test/java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ should not hang
c6320457db65 6992121 StringBuilder.ensureCapacity(int minCap) throws OutOfMemoryError with minCap=Integer.MIN_VALUE
d9057727e2fa 6993267 TEST_BUG: java/nio/file/Path/ fails intermittently (win)
70bf328b7c65 6993490 SocketTimeoutException on HTTP keep-alive connections
19cbbf152335 6992859 InetAddressCachePolicy.setIfNotSet() fails
549257d35662 6947677 InetAddress.isReachable() throws " argument" on Linux if run as root
3740c2da7cc5 6816049 (bf) MappedByteBuffer.force() method does not flush data correctly
0fd9c87a9b7b 6985460 PlatformLogger throws ArrayStoreException when j.u.logging is initialized
0b07344d5526 6994079 PlainSocketImpl should close the socket if it fails
defd25291e27 6989469 (launcher) compiler warnings in jli native code
613f1b310cdb 6541462 outdated specification for CCC 6339875
69646b4db21d 6559775 Race allows defaultReadObject to be invoked instead of readFields during deserialization
2070c497e241 6966692 defaultReadObject can set a field multiple times
82eb9c5fa896 6993206 Removing non-functional tests.
dfce5a0cc460 6950546 "ktab -d name etype" to "ktab -d name [-e etype] [kvno | all | old]"
6984764 kerberos fails if service side keytab is generated using JDK ktab
7fee717f4707 6984037 jmx/management rebranding vendor changes needed
93cd7e89adb8 4873188 Support TLS 1.1
d26730767789 6792180 Enhance to reject weak algorithms or conform to crypto recommendations
2eade65eab5b 6995674 (launcher) make of jli fails on windows if directory exists
e95c7f8979ee 6994413 JDK_GetVersionInfo0 only expects a two digit build number
9d6a9f65d2bf 6916074 Add support for TLS 1.2
6985179 To support Server Name Indication extension for JSSE client
5a6c63deacf3 6993126 (aio) remove AsynchronousDatagramChannel
88462abbf774 6431343 (dc) DatagramChannel may not report its local address correctly after connect or disconnect
e127cb5c2fbd 6945529 Apply fix for CR 6921001 to platform-specific configuration files
ddb39b2582b1 6997928 LocaleCategory test fails with b118 PIT
48f0b94573c8 6964498 JSR 292 invokedynamic sites need local bootstrap methods
d30ca8bcad63 6980096 JSR 292 reflective lookup should throw checked exceptions
93f36769ecef 6953246 JSR 292 should support SAM conversion
4ed243e9e9d9 6982752 dynamic languages need to decorate types with runtime information
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
5286a99de2e6 6551367 javadoc throws ClassCastException when an @link tries to reference constructor.
4851ff2ffc10 6987760 remove 308 support from JDK7
01eabcd240e9 6993301 catch parameters do not have correct kind (i.e. ElementKind.EXCEPTION_PARAMETER)
7755f47542a0 6949587 rename "DisjointType" to "DisjunctType"
601160d857ef 6460352 Reintroduce Scope.dble
2974d3800eb1 6994946 option to specify only syntax errors as unrecoverable
460b2f588d0d 6993304 JavacTrees.getAttrContext not updated to Tree.Kind.{ANNOTATION_TYPE,ENUM,INTERFACE}
895bea45a3e8 6994608 javah no longer accepts parameter files as input
6ce6ee1b831a 6996626 Scope fix issues for ImportScope
20659c8c917d 6996415 Override bridges causes compiler-generated code to end up with synthetic infinite loop
fadc6d3e63f4 6939780 add a warning to detect diamond sites