Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
55566844106b 7001720 copyright templates not rebranded
f4c95f4b7590 6909026 Change GNU make version requirement to 3.81
6d8ed82e5070 6909331 Add to the jdk repository (handy cygwin way to get vcvars32.bat run)
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
88ac4daf5d0e 6925851 Localize JRE into pt_BR
39e071e5adaf 6909026 Change GNU make version requirement to 3.81
e0f7ed041196 6714797 InitialContext.close does not close NIO socket connections
459c07278c3c 6893109 memory leak in readObject() and writeObject() using idlj from jdk 1.6.0_14
2d3622317730 6896157 unsynchronized hashmap in
5f026ab0098c 6929137 java-corba: Locking too broad in
34af2070439b 6948223 Corba issue, fail to reload object
ff0f02a67881 6382377 incorrect Exception is given to interceptor
6828768 RMI-IIOP EJB clients do not fail over due to defect in JDK 1.6.0_12
6fe70c295e96 6980681 CORBA deadlock in Java SE beleived to be related to CR 6238477
5d9708346d50 6877056 SVUID calculated for java.lang.Enum is not 0L
33ca1bceec2d 7004713 regression: cannot find symbol: variable delegate failed compile _Stub
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
899bbbdcb6ea 6997298 fatal error: must own lock CMS_markBitMap_lock during heap dump
4df7f8cba524 6996613 CompactibleFreeListSpace::print should call CompactibleFreeListSpace::print_on, not Space::print_on
8d81b4a1d3e1 6998802 ScavengeALot: assert(!gch->incremental_collection_failed()) failed: Twice in a row
1070423b51f3 6865028 Illegal instructions passing verification prior to 'invokespecial Object.'
35f885165c69 6981737 The java.vm.specification.version property is 1.0, seems like it should be 2.0
9eecf81a02fb 7000578 CMS: assert(SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint()) failed: Else races are possible
878b57474103 6978187 G1: assert(ParallelGCThreads> 1 || n_yielded() == _hrrs->occupied()) strikes again
0ac62b4d6507 6999491 non-zero COOPs are used when they should not
22ef3370343b 7000349 Tiered reacts incorrectly to C1 compilation failures
f264f4c42799 7000491 assert(false) failed: should be optimized out in SharedRuntime::g1_wb_pre
22260322f0be 6751923 JNDI wake up when clock_settime() is called
0b33f0736406 6837842 JNI_CreateJavaVM crashes under impersonation
b675ff1ca7a3 7002129 Zero and Shark fixes, 3rd
f95d63e2154a 6989984 Use standard include model for Hospot
631f79e71e90 6974966 G1: unnecessary direct-to-old allocations
fd1d227ef1b9 6983204 G1: Nightly test nsk/regression/b4958615 failing with +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
d9310331a29c 7003860 G1: assert(_cur_alloc_region == NULL || !expect_null_cur_alloc_region) fails
0fc262af204f 6780143 hs203t003 hits SIGSEGV/EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION with -XX:+UseCompressedOops
c7db7adb83b4 6987107 Add variable to add to but not modify non-fcs version string
01c0559441c8 7003456 ADLC files not correctly generated on Windows
828eafbd85cc 6348631 remove the use of the HPI library from Hotspot
6a2d73358ff7 7004217 Remove IA64 workaround re-introduced with CR6953477
c760f78e0a53 7003125 precompiled.hpp is included when precompiled headers are not used
2968675b413e 7003786 sort Obj_Files before compiling
cb2d0a362639 6981484 Update development launcher
9bc798875b2a 6704010 Internal Error (src/share/vm/interpreter/interpreterRuntime.cpp:1106)
684faacebf20 7003782 Update JVMTI version to 1.2 for jdk7
017cd8bce8a8 6539281 -Xcheck:jni should validate char* argument to ReleaseStringUTFChars
401fbd7ff77c 7003789 PTRACE_GETREGS problems with SA on Linux.
016a3628c885 6994056 G1: when GC locker is active, extend the Eden instead of allocating into the old gen
3cd116fd11be 6994628 G1: Test gc/gctests/FinalizeTest05 fails (one live object is finalized)
6cd6d394f280 7001033 assert(gch->gc_cause() == GCCause::_scavenge_alot || !gch->incremental_collection_failed())
7002546 regression on SpecJbb2005 on 7b118 comparing to 7b117 on small heaps
8df09fb45352 7005259 CMS: BubbleUpRef asserts referent(obj)->is_oop() failed: Enqueued a bad referent
0d4395745860 7006221 Bump the HS20 build number to 04
5fa559508216 7007229 Fix warnings with VS2010 in compressedStream.cpp
f2da85a9b08e 7001363 java/dyn/InvokeDynamic should not be a well-known class in the JVM
ac637b7220d1 6985015 C1 needs to support compressed oops
4da76e32c0be 7002666 eclipse CDT projects crash with compressed oops
0cb042fd2d4b 6875026 CTW failure jdk6_18/hotspot/src/share/vm/c1/c1_LinearScan.cpp:5486
bbefa3ca1543 6998985 faulty generic arraycopy on windows x86_64: 4th arg overwritten with oop
5ddfcf4b079e 7003554 (tiered) assert(is_null_object() || handle() != NULL) failed: cannot embed null pointer
2f644f85485d 6961690 load oops from constant table on SPARC
b856cd7f4e60 7003798 test/compiler/6991596 fails with true != false
7601ab0e1e33 7004530 casx used for 32 bit cas after 7003554
dad31fc330cd 7001379 bootstrap method data needs to be moved from constant pool to a classfile attribute
5fe0781a8560 7004925 CTW: assert(nbits == 32 || -(1 << nbits-1) <= x && x < ( 1 << nbits-1)) failed: value out of range
ec8c74742417 7005241 C1: SEGV in java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue.xfer() with compressed oops
79d8657be916 6993125 runThese crashes with assert(Thread::current()->on_local_stack((address)this))
361783318e7e 7004940 CTW: assert(!def_outside->member(r)) failed: Use of external LRG overlaps the same LRG
642e54d1850a 6989076 JVM crashes in klassItable::initialize_itable_for_interface
09b4dd4f152b 7004582 Add GetThisObject() function to JVMTI 1.2
a5610f0862fe 7005007 Refine use of ALT_COMPILER_PATH to avoid conflict with JPRT usage
7cf1a74771e8 6988439 Parallel Class Loading test deadlock involving MethodData_lock and Pending List Lock
2d4762ec74af 7003748 Decode C stack frames when symbols are presented (PhoneHome project)
b03e6b4c7c75 7006471 fix for 6988439 crashes when pending list lock is null
e7ad5f6f4d29 7006659 temporary adlc files are added to the build variables
aa6e219afbf1 7006354 Updates to Visual Studio project creation and development launcher
fb712ff22571 7000559 G1: assertion failure !outer || (full_collections_started == _full_collections_completed + 1)
03e1b9fce89d 7003707 need to remove (some) system include files from the HotSpot header files
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
beb9f3298ad3 7000225 Sanity check on sane-alsa-headers is broken
fd6873594ae2 6987107 Add variable to add to but not modify non-fcs version string
5e54a0a879e8 6675400 "Details" in English has to be "Details" in German
dd9dbdf2c508 6851050 unnecessary full stop character in ja jdi messages
e3ecd9555ff0 6925851 Localize JRE into pt_BR
750150b298fc 6566218 l10n of 6476932
4f5e4145da23 6579775 l10n update after 6212566
9eaf28c91567 6708417 On Chinese OS Applet string is appearing in English
2f7a3aae0331 6745048 Unnecessary surfix "(O)" in JFileChooser open button text
e31ac89c72ce 6785462 Missing "(O)" in JFileChooser Open button in Windows LAF
5b1b2c521874 6896693 [fr] keytool: wrong message format in fr locale
35b2227806bc 7000729 NLS: cannot be processed by translation team
66117705c085 7004706 l10n of 7000752 Duplicate entry in
bc577ec0d3d1 7001720 copyright templates not rebranded
435b477c4f14 6909026 Change GNU make version requirement to 3.81
15e3f6f4a433 6980281 SWAT: SwingSet2 got core dumped in Solaris-AMD64 using b107 swat build
1d4340015b85 6886358 layout code update
47cd69eff641 6775317 Improve performance of non-AA transformed rectangles and single wide lines in software pipelines
ad7feec4413e 6813208 pageDialog throws NPE from applet
90dcea60577e 6859086 Dialog created by JOptionPane.showMessageDialog does not repaint sometimes
0eeac8ca33e3 7005896 Java2D D3D pipeline doesn't recognise latest Windows OSes
23a3e724ee9d 6709453 (dav)Screen flickers when a JFrame switches to fullscreen mode
386b49abc195 6945178 SecurityException upon drag-and-drop
df99592ad34f 7002173 java.awt package docs build warnings
786f42385034 6578041 Drag & Drop from Motif to Java does not work.
2383ded24c27 6984049 applet browser vendor rebranding changes (jdk7 only)
6bb0d3464928 6639507 Title of javax.swing.JDialog is null while spec says it's empty
95159bdba902 6988205 Test failed due to compilation failed, JTextComponent doesn't create drop locations with null bias.
3122d9afafd5 4396385 [Fmt-Da] SimpleDateFormat too lenient when parsing 1-based hours
35c13e43bbf3 6203034 [AC] AttributedCharacterIterator methods works wrong (run with respect differs from spec)
eff36d0a0615 6653944 (cal) BuddhistCalendar yearOffset erased when deserialized
230822c90868 6457726 Character.isWhitespace JavaDoc has nonexistent char literals
07f5669f1231 6647615 Sample code in ListResourceBundle is not correct and causes a compile error.
4c10246b3f62 6911839 Sles/SuSE 11 needs CJK support
ea504a083acd 7000507 javadoc warnings in java.util.Locale
7004335 Javadoc for Locale.toLangaugeTag() is unclear
7005320 (lc) doc: missing " in Locale.forLanguageTag code samples
eb78026c92a9 6486695 [Col] Doc: CollationElementIterator example assumes Collator.getInstance return type
7e8acb2a9259 6515695 [Col] java.text.RuleBasedCollator - JavaDoc "Examples" - Two bugs in sample code
97e54a18d599 7002320 Locale.forLanguageTag()/toLanguageTag() not working properly with ja_JP_JP locale
374cc848d797 6709457 (fc) lock/tryLock() throws IOException "Access is denied" when file opened for append [win]
8aabca72877c 7002594 Math.max and Math.min should use floatToRawIntBits() to check for -0.0
9e494de19690 7003745 Code style cleanups (sync from Dougs CVS)
8b2025d6f257 6402006 FileInputStream.available() returns negative values when reading a large file
0e0bdcd9c101 6979376 to have ldap filters tolerate underscore character in object identifier
e3dbb8cd8820 7004721 fails when there's no default realm
b8713c88c060 7004035 signed jar with only META-INF/* inside is not verifiable
6fc2e1efcb9a 7004168 jarsigner -verify checks for KeyUsage codesigning ext on all certs instead of just signing cert
44d950400047 6896700 Validation of signatures succeed when it should fail
c338757f2bc0 6943352 SSL regression: RSAClientKeyExchange fails to pass securerandom arg to KeyGen
403785dc4493 6992964 FindBugs warnings in
fe9ead37938c 7004021 docs should not assume -source 1.5
e7ab4e27f1e1 6557615 Method toString() of throws IndexOutOfBoundsException if CertPath has empty
9758119b818c 6989148 (fs) zip provider should be available "out of the box"
34f8b6669273 6986825 policytool can not save file.
964eae6d1cab 7004205 fixes handling of sane-gcc-compiler on 32-bit linux and solaris. Previously committed as 6998016 and 6998012
733ef59db5a9 6990094 ObjectInputStream cloneArray doesn't handle short[]
beeea65e79f4 6990370 FindBugs scan - Malicious code vulnerability Warnings in com.sun.jndi.ldap.*
aeaadac45240 7005016 sqe test jhttp/HttpServer150013/
291128e77395 6998860 Signed jar file verification is currently creating many extra new Sun providers.
acce526a49a7 6977034 Thread.getState() very slow
01b6d147db50 6527572 (cs) Charset.forName can throw NullPointerException when testing bug level
956de70712e0 6415373 (cs) UnicodeEncoder emits BOM when there are no bytes to encode
03513756704c 5076980 (fmt) FormattableFlags specifies unsupported '^' format flag
1bf378034d39 6659234 Incorrect check in SerialBlob.getBytes
79947a4ad7a1 7004439 SCTP_SET_PEER_PRIMARY_ADDR throws SocketException on Linux
43ae1a1cc7a4 6998583 NativeSeedGenerator is making 8192 byte read requests from entropy pool on each init.
8f0957d16c20 6799854 CodeSigner.hashCode() does not work with serialization
1740ad242f56 7003462 cannot read InputStream returned by java.util.ZipFile.getInputStream(ZipEntry)
78885e69c42c 7006129 Project Coin: Annotation type to reduce varargs warnings
19c125efeda3 6939224 MethodHandle.invokeGeneric needs to perform the correct set of conversions
45f5055dd53f 6981777 implement JSR 292 EG adjustments from summer 2010
f50d2c66f585 6979327 method handle invocation should use casts instead of type parameters to specify return type
32d6d7a39220 7001379 bootstrap method data needs to be moved from constant pool to a classfile attribute
a451f7948ec5 7001423 JSR 292 bytecode enhancements need unit tests
75040738aec9 7001424 implement JSR 292 EG adjustments, November 2010
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
4f086529d05c 6522789 [zh_CN] translation of "enclosing class" in doclet is incorrect
90af8d87741f 6851834 Javadoc doclet needs a structured approach to generate the output HTML.
7e3e9f6d013f 7004029 intermittent failures compiling pack200
9359f4222545 6956758 NPE in - isSubClass
aa6605d883dc 7002837 Diamond: javac generates diamond inference errors when in 'finder' mode
91b4f44c9742 6990209 JCK7-compiler lang/ICLS/icls006/icls00603/icls00603a.html#icls00603src test fails.
5fb14e67c371 7003744 Compiler error concerning final variables
56f59723fddf 7002070 If catch clause has an incompatible type, error pointer points to first exception type in list
536ee9f126b1 5088429 varargs overloading problem
3c32c90031fd 6999210 javac should be able to warn of anomalous conditions in classfiles
acb02e1d5119 7004698 javap does not output CharacterRangeTable attributes correctly
23fc45d3a572 7003550 Loosen modeling requirements for annotation processing erroneous code
5ef88773462b 7005095 Cast: compile reject sensible cast from final class to interface
1d625fbe6c22 6476118 compiler bug causes runtime ClassCastException for generics overloading
e3df8d7a9752 7005371 Multicatch: assertion error while generating LocalVariableTypeTable attribute
bcf44475aeee 4917091 javac rejects array over 128 in length
90914ac50868 6985202 no access to doc comments from Tree API
4dd1c0176d81 7005856 avoid name clash for langtools when building on MacOS
65820d0d4a97 6986242 cut-n-paste error in javadoc for Trees.instance(ProcessingEnvironment)
2ca5866a8dfb 7005671 Regression: compiler accepts invalid cast from X[] to primitive array
b1c98bfd4709 6199075 Unambiguous varargs method calls flagged as ambiguous
8ec3a824f925 6504896 TreeMaker.Literal(Object) does not support Booleans
878c8f760ded 6990134 minor (but red) findbugs warnings
2199365892b1 7006109 Add test library to simplify the task of writing automated type-system tests
ffbf2b2a8611 7006270 Several javadoc regression tests are failing on windows
7b99f98b3035 6993978 Project Coin: Compiler support of annotation to reduce varargs warnings