Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
024a6755895b 6962318 Update copyright year
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
f90b3e014e83 6962318 Update copyright year
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
0a8e0d4345b3 7010068 Update all 2010 Oracle-changed OpenJDK files to have the proper copyright dates - first pass
9fc3ffb1e0b1 7011125 Bump the HS20 build number to 06
6da3527317ff 7003487 clhsdbproc stacktrace fails on x64
02895c6a2f82 7007769 VM crashes with SIGBUS writing PerfData if tmp space is full
e58d06a8037e 7008444 Remove unnecessary include of stdint.h in java_md.c
1e637defdda6 6961186 Better VM handling of unexpected exceptions from application native code
d6cd0d55d0b5 6987812 2/3 SAJDI: "gHotSpotVMTypes was not initialized properly in the remote process"
e0c969b97f66 6975480 VS2010 says _STATIC_CPPLIB is deprecated, may need to change this usage
7737fa7ec2b5 7006044 materialize cheap non-oop pointers on 64-bit SPARC
781072b12368 6765546 Wrong sscanf used to parse CompilerOracle command >= 32 characters could lead to crash
cccd1b172b85 6839888 Array overrun in vm adlc
c04052fd6ae1 7006505 Use kstat info to identify SPARC processor
7223744c2784 6579789 Internal error "c1_LinearScan.cpp:1429 Error: assert(false,"")" in debuggee with fastdebug VM
7d9caaedafce 6990933 assert(sender_cb) failed: sanity in frame::sender_for_interpreter_frame
ef3c5db0b3ae 7008165 Garbage in ClassFormatError message
a21ff35351ec 7003130 assert(iterations
352765ed11a1 7008466 Tiered: Enable testing of tiered compilation in JPRT
8d0b933dda2d 7007377 JSR 292 MethodHandlesTest.testCastFailure fails on SPARC with -Xcomp +DeoptimizeALot
037c727f35fb 7009231 C1: Incorrect CAS code for longs on SPARC 32bit
2ddb2fab82cb 7009359 HS with -XX:+AggressiveOpts optimize new StringBuffer(null) so it does not throw NPE as expected
51bd2d261853 7008325 CodeCache exhausted on sparc starting from hs20b04
68c5a4e8881d 6928562 Assert(_no_handle_mark_nesting==0,"allocating handle inside NoHandleMark")
7514897db238 7009849 C1: Incorrect frame size computation
36c186bcc085 6302804 Hotspot VM dies ungraceful death when C heap is exhausted in various places.
0eb90baf1b69 6583275 Hotspot crash in vm_perform_shutdown_actions due to uninitialized TLS during out of memory handling
039eb4201e06 7009975 Large file support broken in hs20-b04
2f9d59b0fa5c 7009268 guarantee(middle - slop > start) failed: need enough space to divide up
b1a2afa37ec4 7003271 Hotspot should track cumulative Java heap bytes allocated on a per-thread basis
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
57ed1f3bec72 6962318 Update copyright year
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
86f60e5b3975 6962318 Update copyright year
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
1c72adc9d5f3 6991482 Add global jdk makefile options to silence some VS2010 warnings
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
4868a36f6fd8 6962318 Update copyright year