Bugs fixed current JDK7 build b14

CategoryID Synopsis
  6507107Heapwalking causes crash on solaris-sparcv9
  6561028closed/compiler/6551887/Test.java crashes
  6486391bad immediate dominator info after nips.blocker
  6496524Setting breakpoint in jdb crashes Hotspot JVM
  6515916server crash/hang with -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes
  6561457merge-o in fix to 6516101 bogusly sets the null_seen bit.
  6563987api/org_ietf/jgss/GSSContext/index.html#SetGetTests: VM Crash JDK 6u2 since b03 with -server -Xcomp
  6565178unhandled explicit exception in compiled code
  6275407Assertion failure "wrong array object size"
  6483690CMS: assert(cur_val '<' top,"All recorded addresses should be less")
  6559052[OpenJDK] CardTableRS::do_MemRegion() could attempt out-of-bounds translation in addr_for()
  6566474PS: In the UseParallelGC collector the minimum gen0 size can exceed the maximum gen0 size.
  6540288IterateThroughHeap crash when primitive field callback enabled
  6539723Class Data Sharing cease to work on Windows on Daylight Saving time change
  6478045REGRESSION: Fix for 6402537 truncates absolute wait times to a whole number of seconds
  6496392attach_current_thread can leak JavaThread object (and associated data structures) if an error occurs
  6518269call_jio_print ignores its "len" argument
  6531596Wrong exception from Method.invoke() call
  6546086VM crash when parsing a classfile with garbage in it.
  6549267BigApp failure - timing bug in parallel bootstrap classloader
  6549326spurious assert fires in synchornizer.cpp : isMuxLocked(&ListLock)
  6557208Fix for 6402022 does not work on all platforms
  6561063TEST_BUG: closed/runtime/6244515/Truncate.java does not work on Windows
  6328930Cleanup Resources.gmk and use of CompileProperties
  6535687Build order for sun.* directories on Windows different from other platforms
  6543689General makefile cleanup (unused rules etc.)
  6551385OpenJDK README Ubuntu version is incorrect
  6561872openjdk README-builds.html file contains some https links
  6563121Build failures when ALT_OUTPUTDIR set to full path
  6563166Regression: Low memory machine build failures
  4851363Save Dialog popped from Win32 Native PrintDialog does not have title
  6229507ImageableWidth wrong after switch to LANDSCAPE in native pageDialog
  6360339FP rounding error in pageDialog's conversion of MediaSize to Paper
  6366634printer has wrong status of "not accepting jobs" if printer name has '@'
  6447755UnixPrintServiceLookup leaves file descriptors open
  6482589TEST_BUG: java/awt/PrintJob/Text/StringWidth.java fails
  6508532Attrib array returned by getSupportedAttributeValues() contains null for MediaPrintableArea on CUPS
  6511593REG: Doing color conversions on multiple threads throws exceptions, crashes the VM intermittently
  6525150Printer has "paper out" status and won't print due to a PrinterException
  6529101OGL: antialiasing performance needs to be improved
  6529141Hebrew character size changed
  6529933REG: Deadlock when running a fullscreen test on SuSE 10 with Nvidia
  6530354api/java_awt/Color/ICC_[ProfileGray|RGB]/serial/index.html#Input[serial2002] fail JDK7 b08
  6531728Printing quality bug with A3 paper size
  6533186java/awt/font/TextLayout/TestMeasureCounterDirectionalWS. failed with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
  6533413REGRESSION:JEudlid bean crashes with font sizes 180 and greater
  6536952OGL: ConvolveOp with 5x5 kernel extremely slow on ATI Radeon 9800
  6539061Cross platform print dialog slow first time because of call to GraphicsDevice.getConfigurations()
  6542749DejaVu Sans in Latin Extended-A and Extended-B ranges rendered incorrectly
  6543815Imageable area of PageFormat is ignored if values of imageable X/Y are negative.
  6545343One german character in GTK l&f in SwingSet2 demo is not properly displayed
  6548757Crash in fontmanager.dll on windows-amd64
  6559743OGL: more cleanup needed in preparation for new D3D pipeline
  6560738SU2.drawChars() calls Font.getStringBounds() with offset instead of limit in printing path
  6566623test bug : java/awt/font/TextLayout/TextLayoutBounds.java
  6566807Need pluggable interface to facilitate OpenJDK replacement of encumbered Ductus components
  6569046PIT: Java2Demo throws NullPointerException continuously when clicking on the clipping tab
  4915712ZOrder feature test fails at RedHat 8.0
  6248040List.deselect() de-selects the currently selected item regardless of the index, win32
  6248072Changing the selection mode of the list introduces an empty item at the end, on win32
  6268046PIT: Animation freezes when right clicking on a tray icon, Win32
  6355183packager.exe crashes when called from within ANT
  6365898Frame.setExtendedState(Frame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH) doesn't work well on Linux
  6454631Focus deadlock caused by call to toolkit thread from getNativeFocusState()
  6460212Drag to an empty Scrollpane results in NPE
  6469096requestFocusXXX on unfocused window causes incorrect results under X
  6494032REG:Dialogs minimized to taskbar (through 'Show Desktop') are not restored when ALT+TABing, Win32
  6497109Dragging mouse out of box for text of TextArea changes mouse cursor (from "beam" to "default")
  6502358REG: Iconifying and restoring the frame programmatically takes the focus off the initial component
  6516675Difference in behavior of mouse wheel event dispatching in applets between Java 5 and 6
  6525850Creating peer makes an invisible AND iconified frame visible on the taskbar
  6530349jdk7 b08 system tray shows tooltip as window in task panel
  6530420remove unnecessary fields in Color class
  6532736A blocked Window appears above a modal dialog
  6533175Pressing F10 when a modal dialog is visible hangs the Xserver, XToolkit
  6533330regresssion: ancestorResized event is not triggering, when resizing the frame.
  6533438REG: Window's components do not gain focus even when clicked, XToolkit
  6534883keyReleased keychars are inconsistent in JDK6 on both Linux and Solaris and different from JDK5
  6535307REG: Parent-less windows (java.awt.Window) appear on the taskbar, SolSparc10
  6538154requesting focus on applet doesn't bring the browser to front
  6538510Blocking dialog goes behind the blocked frame when using 'show desktop', win32
  6539200Frame/LayoutOnMaximizeTest/LayoutOnMaximizeTest.java should check the Toolkit a bit later
  6541448java/awt/Scrollbar/ScrollbarMouseWheelTest/ScrollbarMouseWheelTest.html fails on Windows
  6541903sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync() method should throw an exception when invoked on EDT
  6541969win32: AwtComponent::GetComponent(HWND) native method may be optimized
  6547881NPE when closing modal dialog
  6547951On MAWT TextArea, cursor keeps blinking after focus moved to a native window.
  6557356Date range in the copyright notices must be changed in files updated between b10 and b12 of jdk7.
  6546060New fontconfig.properties is requied for RHEL5
  6528083MM Rmi*BootstrapTest.sh tests fails due to GetVolumeInformation failures.
  6543375OperatingSystemMXBean/TestTotalSwap.sh has hard coded path to 'awk' cmd
  6529759URL constructor of specific form does not provide exception chaining
  6541659sun/net/www/protocol/jar/jarbug/src/test/JarTest.java needs better cleanup on Windows
  6563259incorrect handling when including uppercase letter in hostname
  6530336(tz) DST bug in latest jdk releases when using EST MST and HST abbreviations
  6558708Rewrite package.html as package-info.java
  6530694Menu-internationalization differs from Java 5.0
  6533916(tz) regression test java/util/TimeZone/LinuxTZVM.sh on RH EL 4
  6538601Periodical timezone display name revision
  6541345Reformat TimeZone display names resources files
  6542756Typo in a test program (java/util/TimeZone/CheckDisplayNames.java)
  6544471LocaleISOData.java is incomplete and not up-to-date
  6560126(rb) OutOfMemoryError at ResourceBundle.java:1642 causes program to hang indefinitely
  6487638Calling LogManager.addLogger() and Logger.getLogger() cause deadlock
  6547131java.lang.ClassFormatError when using old collection API
  6563047compiler build.xml should only jar the javac classes
  6563049compiler build.xml file does not init properties correctly
  6564305Fix 6547131 regression test
  6560808TEST com/sun/jdi/connect/spi/DebugUsingCustomConnector.java causes an error message
  6562090TTY: com/sun/jdi/CatchPatternTest.sh failed in a nightly test run
  6276653PIT: Quality of GIF image is low for translucent image types
  6287936Writing an empty ARGB BufferedImage using GIF Writer throws NullPointerException
  6538883api/javax_imageio/plugins/jpeg/JPEGQTable/index.html#toString[toString001] fails JDK 7 b10
  6547241JPEGImageReader.readImage crash
  6557086Attempt to dispose jpeg reader form another thread may cause crash
  6557713Java unable to convert from gif to png format
  6531255Need to update timezone display names for en_CA locale
  6563791Delete an unnecessary file.
  6565543Unsafe.java changes corresponding to 6525802
  6503470sun/tools/hprof/Tracker.java should be deleted
  6437145Fix libjvm.so dependency on linux in libinstrument.so
  6546205jstack under AMD64 does not report correctly the stack of each thread
  6559427Attach mechanism leaks tool-side handle per command
  6561145JMX sources produce warnings with -Xlint:unchecked
New features integrated in current JDK7 build

New features integrated current JDK7 build b14

CategoryID Synopsis
  6566777Prevent partial XMM registers stall on new x86 cpus
  6517301There should be a -XX:+PrintGCDateStamps
  6334562Windows build speed could be improved with batch compiles
  6525296J2DBench needs benchmarks for pixel access
  6557652Need to make color conversion and ICC profile tests public
  6187066Want to open a Frame without activating it
  6515778test/java/awt/TEMPLATE/AutomaticMainTest uses unnecessary code
  6518077Modal dialogs open slowly with JRE 1.6.0 sun.awt.X11.XToolkit
  6536365(tz) Support tzdata2007d
  6541843(tz) Support tzdata2007e
  6554586(tz) Support tzdata2007f
  6561507change version-template.java to version-template.properties
  5032587please remove oldjavah
  5032585please remove oldjavap