Bugs fixed current JDK7 build b15

CategoryID Synopsis
  6570219REG: VM crash when printing an image in different orientations, SolSparc
  6569768CMS: System.gc() may hang with -XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent upon concurrent mode failure
  6551457JVMTI: reference_info in HeapReferenceCallback is not NULL for "otherwise" reference_kind
  6487931JVM reports EXCEPTION_FLT_STACK_CHECK when calling a Java method through JNI
  6546278Synchronization problem in the pseudo memory barrier code
  6567018Hotspot build fails with gcc4
  6570268JDB: step002 fails assert(0 '<'= i && i '<' length(),"index out of bounds")
  4934185JCK1.5-runtime-interactive: XToolkit FileDialog does not work as expected
  4977491Window state changes without notifying the listener on Win32
  6260676FileDialog.setDirectory() does not work properly, XToolkit
  6457980regtest fails: java/awt/Focus/DisposedWindow/DisposedWindow.java
  6503472REG: An extra icon is created on the window list (ALT+TAB list) for Native File Dialog, Win32
  6527109Focus problems with two SWT_AWT components inside a single SWT shell
  6535356should fix a number of issues uncovered by static analysis tool
  6558510Flickering upon resize on X11 platforms
  6562716focus request queue is not updated when rejecting focus on EmbeddedFrame (win32)
  6562853frame should not receive focus if we transfer it from another frame to owned window
  6562910[openjdk] make sure lesstif is suitable for openjdk build
  6567564Canvas's graphics config does not change when moved across monitors, Linux
  6570669Typo results in an Unapproved API Change.
  4994649Long term persistence fails for JLayeredPane
  5023559LTP: XMLEncoder emits an extraneous reference to an object with nested targets
  6422403Bean introspection does not correctly calculate types of inherited properties
  6528714Introspector uses interface signature in property descriptor
  6531597LTP: Array of primitives could not be decoded
  6538853Default FontEditor generates incorrect text representation
  6568138FileDescriptors can sometimes escape being closed by the finalizer
  4300827(spec thread) ThreadDeath should note that stop is @deprecated
  4708197(thread) ThreadGroup.setMaxPriority changes priority if param is out of range
  6334268(process) Windows Process.exitValue() has poor error handling
  6497629(thread) ThreadGroup.setMaxPriority checks against last set maximum, not parent's maximum
  6519418(spec) System.nanoTime() needs substantial clarification
  6523983(process) Raise Windows pipe buffer size (win)
  6568485(process) Better native code hygiene (win)
  6568513Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
  6566349BigDecimal.longValueExact not thread-safe
  6322356InetAddress.getLocalHost performance need to be fixed
  6532906specification for getLocalHost() is too brief
  6565001Should use non-zero scope_id only for link-local addr
  6535542(bf spec) ByteBuffer.allocate{Direct}?() has undocumented zero-initialization
  6531532Switch windows-amd64 to DirectSound
  6537497update regtests with external copyrights
  6541458remove solaris midi library support from com.sun.media.sound.Platform
  4252164Rounded Line Borders Don't Render Properly (fix included)
  4776197JFileChooser has an easy-to-fix but serious performance bug
  4895800Win L&F: JFileChooser should have menu button for views instead of radio buttons
  4926884JFileChooser in details view does not select dir on pressing alphabet
  6248582JFileChooser not matching native behaviour - kbd navigation
  6337516NullPointerException in ToolTipManager on mouseExit
  6340106REGRESSION: JTextPane - Selection for empty lines is not visible
  6408315GTK: JSlider's current value is displayed over the Border
  6459115REGRESSION: JInternalFrame within JInternalFrame Drawing Problems
  6482388REGRESSION: LookAndFeel.getName() no longer matches LookAndFeelInfo.getName()
  6491714JFileChooser does not work properly with File selection when filter is changed
  6491856JTextArea Preferred Size is not even close to big enough to hold it's text
  6492088GTK L&F: JRadioButtonMenuItem indicator cut off on Human theme
  6493523JFileChooser: Problems with "My Documents" folder
  6495511Cascading popups broken in 1.6
  6515169wrong grid header in JFileChooser
  6527568api/javax_swing/text/html/parser/Parser/index.html#handle[Parser2010] fails on JDK7 b07
  6537965Remove straggling reference to SystemEventQueueUtilities
  6538761JFileChooser has incorrect order of items in drives combobox
  6540786BasicPopupMenuUI: MenuKeyboardHelper.uninstall() and MouseGrabber.uninstall() should be synchronized
  6542405[OpenJDK]SwingSet2 Xml files for Netbeans Project need to be removed from the Open JDK.
  6544309PIT:Unable to select the item's in 'input method selection' popupmenu by using keyboard.
  6553636There is need to standardize determination of current Operating System
  6554551JMenu Items Won't Render Icons
  6559152editable JComboBox: Can't select with keys inside JTable
  4917896(spec) UUID.compareTo() spec unclear on relationship between UUID ordering and "greater"
  6359979(coll) Speed up collection iteration
  6427291(coll) Comparator should mention null parameter
  6433170(coll) CheckedCollection.addAll(Collection) breaks all-or-nothing semantic
  6489956(coll) AbstractQueue suggests iterator().remove() is non-optional
  6519662(coll) AbstractMap collection views should override clear and isEmpty
  6529800(coll) ArrayList.removeAll should be O(n), but is O(n*n)
  6533203(coll) AbstractList.ListItr.add might corrupt iterator state if enclosing add throws
  6533307(coll) Optimize AbstractList range checking
  6534606(fmt) "%g" does not use locale-specific decimal or group separators
  6568517typo in Scanner.java
  6415572FutureTask run method can swallow exceptions from done method
  6560953Periodic tasks of ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor are not decorated on a second run
  6572565TEST BUG: .sh tests should leave more info behind when they fail
  6266406Infinite recursive loop in com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapSchemaCtx
New features integrated in current JDK7 build

New features integrated current JDK7 build b15

CategoryID Synopsis
  6460014Tidy up task queues
  6379550Windows Vista support
  6337995Bits.byteOrder should be a static final variable (perf)
  6550776Please clarify if Synthesizer.getAvailableInstruments() is allowed to return the zero-length array
  6438246File name field is mislabeled when JFileChooser is used in DIRECTORIES_ONLY mode