Bugs fixed current JDK7 build b17

CategoryID Synopsis
  6510732Compute consistent block frequencies
  6572484Javac crashes hotspot VM with -server -Xcomp options on windows, 64 bit Solaris SPARC/AMD
  6575679jbb regression 2-3% in b15 on x86
  6575876java -server -version should not indicate tiered VM
  6578344assembler_i486.hpp won't compile with gcc4.1.2
  6579347Solaris/SPARC Server VM: endless loop in checkcast_arraycopy stub
  6579506assert(!o-'>'is_null_object(),"null object not yet handled here.") on CTW runs
  6582890assert(cost '>'= 0,"negative spill cost")
  6584342assert(hd-'>'head()-'>'is_Loop(),"must begin with loop head node")
  6585490inline_unsafe_prefetch() throws assert(saved_sp == _sp, "must have correct argument count")
  6530811regression b08: SEGV in FastScanClosure::do_oop
  6558100CMS crash when -XX:+ParallelRefProcEnabled is set
  6561906Assert in DisoveredListIterator::load_ptrs() too strong in certain execution contexts
  6538429Make HotSpot pscan clean
  6575068Hotspot Windows build fails in VS2005 due to getcwd/_getcwd POSIX name change
  6576627Error: assert(which == imm64_operand && is_64bit,"")
  6577180JVM crashes when multiple LineNumberTable attributes exist and the last one is empty
  6578245Internal Error (relocInfo_amd64.cpp:67)
  5030005TARGDIR/CTARGDIR and other makefile cleanup
  5013322File Dialog is shown even when Print To File option is deselected on win32
  5020009OGL: improve sw-'>'surface blit performance on x86 platforms
  5080051Media Size is not reflected on the print dialog when size, source are selected
  6263951Java does not use fast AA text loops when regular AA hint is set
  6357885PrinterJob.getPrinterJob().printDialog() causes IllegalArgumentException when print spooler is off
  6357932JDK 1.5 : printing is incorrectly scaled on HP 6122, 6127 Epson R200 and likely others
  6359283PrinterJob.pageDialog() ret. incorrect PageFormat when non-default printer used
  6394243Printing through 2D Printing brings up 2 file dialogs successively, WinXP
  6446094Win32PrintServiceLookup.getPrintServiceByName() should not recreate duplicate instances.
  6464341SwingSet2 demo crashes with ACCESS_VIOLATION in [ntdll.dll+0x1c97b] on windows-amd64
  6527316java incorrectly claims to support Copies attribute when printing a postscript file
  6527962Retire the non-standard package com.sun.image.jpeg.codec
  6556332Medialib code should be separated out form the awt.dll
  6567281TEST_BUG: /java/awt/PrintJob/BadPrinterTest threw exception
  6570471REG: Regression Test java/awt/print/PrinterJob/PrintTextPane.java fails on Win32
  6572518OGL: move impl of OGLMaskBlit into shared code
  6574117NPE in querying Win32PrintService that does not support SheetCollate when using null DocFlavor
  6575331Java Printing: Incorrect pages range is printed when All selected
  6575804Java2D printing: On Windows, cancelling a job on a printer connected to FILE: may not cancel it
  6576507Setting desktop hints and mixing composites result in garbled text
  6578452OGL: test/closed/sun/java2d/OpenGL/LargeOps.java fails
  6579548Hebrew Character Size - correct test
  6580195InitPrinter should not throw IllegalArgumentException
  6581756Cannot Print text over transparent Image
  6586292OpenJDK build does not work
  6586545PIT: openjdk b17 pit build crashes on linux when running Java2Demo Font test
  4726458Dialogs and Frames are never garbage collected
  4980161REG:setting focusable window state to false makes the maximized frame resizable
  6451578A mouse listener method happens to process mouse events whose time is in the future.
  6515061Incorrect focus owner when hiding the components
  6519005regression: Selection the item on the choice don't work properly in vista ultimate.
  6563821REG: ActionEvent triggered by TrayIcon always shows the same time-stamp (getWhen), win32
  6566434REG: Choice on a non-focusable window responds to keyboard interactions, XToolkit
  6566905getFocusOwner() return Invisible component as focusowner
  6572886PIT: Native Dlg's icon overlaps on the title when the dialog is parent-less and shown the first time
  6573191PIT : ApplicationExcludeDialogTest throws java.lang.NullPoiinterException : null pData
  6573198PIT: NullPointerException when trying print-to-file from a native print dialog, Win32
  6577648Fix for 6535356 should be enlarged
  6577700Cygwin-based Windows builds should check the shell that is used to run make
  6580383SplashScreen should not set the XErrorHandler
  6206031(process spec) minor Process spec improvements
  6549811add support for delegation in HTTP/SPNEGO
  4802633(coll) AbstractList.addAll(-1,emptyCollection) doesn't throw IndexOutOfBoundsException
  6282094(fmt) String.format() with a null Locale throws NullPointerException
  6302620Range checks are unnecessary in Arrays.fill() when filling an entire array
  6499848(coll) WeakHashMap's HashIterator may skip entries
  6573169(coll) Missing @serial include in Collections.java
  6476650Improve ReentrantReadWriteLock code sample
  6570566Incorrect range check in CopyOnWriteArrayList subLists
  6570575Cannot remove elements from CopyOnWriteArrayList subLists
  6570631CopyOnWriteArrayList subLists prohibit even non-structural modifications to parent list
  6570924CopyOnWriteArrayList subLists should implement RandomAccess
  6576792ThreadPoolExecutor methods leak interrupts when run in pool threads
  6525646(JDWP) ThreadReference.OwnedMonitorsStackDepthInfo returns invalid error when passed thread is null
  6547811JDWP: ReferringObjects and Instances commands return unexpected error
  6198111PNG ImageReader: Exception while reading pngsuite image
  6200709JNU_GetLongFieldAsPtr() should use jlong_to_ptr instead of (void*)
  6541870NullPointerException in ObjectInputStream with Externalizables
  6578946Tools should display a better message for Kernel VM that doesn't support attach mechanism
  4967755ModelMBeanAttributeInfo constructor modifies its Descriptor argument
New features integrated in current JDK7 build

New features integrated current JDK7 build b17

CategoryID Synopsis
  6550155Reduce the size of VM
  6570735OpenJDK should use Freetype instead of proprietary rasterizer
  6576055Integer.parseInt(String) should not accept just '+'
  5037068BitSet bulk import/export
  6252592Provide for the user mandatory fields missing in Descriptor given to Model*Info constructors