Bugs fixed current JDK7 build b20

CategoryID Synopsis
  6471009Significantly higher CPU usage in jvm1.6 build 97/98 vs jvm1.5.0_06-b05 on DOTS ATCJ2 test
  6597143ThreadLists fails: inconsistent results
  6584839CheckUnhandledOops flag SEGV's some nsk tests
  6587066~Thread() assert(last_handle_mark() == 0,"check we have reached the end")
  6587896TEST_BUG: closed/runtime/4784641/CheckedIsSameObjectTest.java fails
  6589875guarantee(klass_hash_ok(k, id),Bug in native code: jfieldID class must match object)
  6597884"java -XX:+PrintSafepointStatistics -version" crashes
  6595122apt shell tests need fixing
  6534156Builds should use jdk1.6.0 as BOOTDIR
  6575893Restructure j2se workspace for langtools separation, simplier building
  6585359JDK 7 builds are using PREVIOUS_JDK_VERSION = 1.5.0
  6585478incorrect bootclasspath in make/common/Rules.gmk for javah
  6591759Openjdk and closed build issues: add boot_cycle, both, ALT_BUILD_* vars
  6595013Occasional failures building with missing *debug/j2sdk-image in install makefiles
  6600124correct jprt configuration, remove: NO_DOCS & SKIP_COMPARE_IMAGE
  6600148test/Makefile broken for windows, the -k:! pattern on the jtreg line is problematic on windows
  6600843Change default javac (when no langtools available) from BOOTJDK to IMPORTJDK
  6601746Restore oldtools makefile for rmic
  6601955The klist, kinit, ktab launchers should be for windows only
  6602585ct.sym is not built properly, uses boot javac rather than new javac
  6603396The javazic Makefiles are running $(JAVA) to run the javazic tool
  6603401Running the IDLJ compiler during the build relies on $(JAVA)
  4976567DOC: API doc for lookupStreamPrintServiceFactories is misleading
  5095771WEmbeddedFrame.print code should take long instead of int for HDC
  5097238Pressing 'ESC' when focus is in 'copies' field does not dispose the print dlg
  6570475PIT: Animated GIF's colors are altered when loaded with Toolkit API
  6577988Java process crashes with assertion failed message on TrueType file loading
  6585922ImagingOpException from ConvolveOp when input BufferedImage is TYPE_3BYTE_BGR
  6586016Typo in java.awt.image.MemoryImageSource snippet
  6586511javax.print should use java.util.ServiceLoader
  6587844MakeGreyscaleBits should check for number of edges available
  6588006windows implementation of java.awt.print.PrinterJob needs to better sync java and native state
  6592906Regression test AppletPrintLookup.html fails
  6592928Regression test PrintSubInputStream/Example.java fails under jtreg harness
  6594374Unnecessary orientation re-setting in windows print data structures.
  6599317SCCS keywords in D3DTestPattern.java
  6599363Incorrect filling of GeneralPath under JDK 1.6
  6573426InputMethodManager: unnecessary try-catch clause should be deleted in the run() method
  4818598LTP: XMLEncoder doesn't save state for Class properties with default values
  5004188Refactor listener management in [Property|Vetoable]ChangeSupport.java
  6194788PropertyDescriptor constructor doesn't set bound field
  6536295LTP: XMLEncoder could not encode EnumMap
  6538876api/java_beans/PropertyEditorSupport/descriptions.html#EditorSupport problem with null value
  6570354DefaultPersistenceDelegate throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  6589532XMLEncoder fails to encode TitledBorders
  6595834InetAddress.isReachable is not thread safe when using ICMP ECHO.
  6591971(bf) Optimize direct buffer byte-swapping
  6537473remove unused code
  6554203javax_sound MEMORY LEAK PLATFORM_API_WinOS_Ports.c 439
  6587337OpenJDK: open unencumbered part of JavaSound implementation
  4847375JFileChooser Create New Folder button is disabled incorrectly
  6217905JPopupMenu keyboard navigation stops working
  6274267ScrollPaneLayout sometimes improperly calculates preferred layout size
  6423287PargraphView returns wrong minimum span
  6434444Vista: JTable differs with native table in vista laf.
  6458123Bugs in menu item layout
  6462604Ctrl+T with JEditorPane does not scroll correctly from hyperlinks
  6463712JSpinner forwards ChangeEvents from old model
  6480425JTable.setRowSorter fires property change with the wrong name
  6501991java.awt.font.LineBreakMeasurer.nextOffset ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  6503981Bug in BasicTableHeaderUI
  6538132Regression: Pressing Escape key don't close the menu items from jdk7.0 b07 onwards
  6541987JColorChooser dn't disappear when escape key is pressed, when focus is in JSpinner
  6547087JPopupMenu.Separator getPreferredSize throws NullPointerException
  6548613Windows JFileChooser missing "My Recent Documents" in dropdown
  6576036Nonexisting parameters are mentioned in Swing spec need to be corrected
  6578189Regression:TitleBorder insets have changed and it causes bcoz of 6434444.
  6579129REGRESSION:NPE in DefaultTableCellHeaderRenderer in 6u3_b01 due to fix for 6434444
  6580930Swing Popups should overlap taskbar
  6583251One more ClassCastException in Swing with TrayIcon
  6591151Serialization problems with javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel
  6239296Arrays.java micro-optimizations
  6286592(fmt) Formatter "%tz" returns wrong GMT time offset during daylight savings time
  6586631Use toLongArray in the specification of BitSet.hashCode
  6557865-target 5 should not put ACC_SYNTHETIC on package-info
  6593327incorrect edit to test/tools/javac/EOI.java
  6595976Cleanup warnings in ZipFileIndex.java
  6438508ImageIO.write() creates an empty file even when the given format is not supported by ImageIO
  6549882PNG reader should load RGB[A] images in display-optimal format
  6559064javax.imageio.metadata.IIOMetaDataNode needs to declare its behaviour for DOM L3 methods.
  6587263Import declaration not used in javax.imageio.*
  6595120javadoc shell tests need fixing
  6595125javah shell tests need fixing
  6595128javap shell tests need fixing
  6592002TAB chracter used in literal strings
  6592441Remove 300 redundant casts
  6590256SA-JDI: Change uses of com/sun/tools/jdi/LinkedHashMap.java to java/util/LinkedHashMap.java
New features integrated in current JDK7 build

New features integrated current JDK7 build b20

CategoryID Synopsis
  6571248Open source developers would like an example jvm using c++ interpreter
  6467557Poor exception handling in RasterPrinterJob and Win32PrintJob
  6479552Type1 Courier font is not being measured consistently.
  6568874RFE: Provide option for displaying native print and page dialogs when using an AttributeSet
  6582164JavaBeans tests should be open source
  6271108Java doesn't use kernel sound api
  6513571SPEC: FormatConversionProvider.get{...}Encodings methods should be allowed to return empty array
  4419748JEditorPane CSS not supporting borders properly
  6520730HyperlinkEvent should contain InputEvent information
  6570749sun.awt.im.InputMethodPopupMenu should be the same in 6u3 and 7
  6410729Add BitSet.previousClearBit, previousSetBit
  6587756RFE: Optimize addMetaName method in "zip_util.c" to reduce the cache miss
  4833522FileChooserDemo: Add example FileSystemView to demo