Bugs fixed current JDK7 build b21

CategoryID Synopsis
  6606964Minor adjustments to Build 20 changes for compare-images
  4617063spec for EventQueue is totally contradictory
  6234439Ambigious spec for Frame.setExtendedState()
  6438179XToolkit.isTraySupported() result has nothing to do with the system tray
  6463545focus spec should be corrected for Focus Cycle Root and Focus Traversal Policy Provider
  6464499reg test java/awt/List/SetBackgroundTest/SetBackgroundTest.html fails
  6479820Spurious entry/exit mouse events
  6492970REG: Modeless dialog not getting active the first time when the parent frame is non-focusable, Win32
  6539458JPopupMenu does not display if invoker is instance of JWindow
  6552803the moveToFront causes Heavyweight components to be removed.
  6579962FileDialog focus is incorrect (Linux)
  6586752Window decorations do not appear
  6589530HW/LW mixing code incorrectly handles insertion of components with the setComponentZOrder() method
  6597821WWindowPeer leaks AppContexts
  6599601Permissions/AWTWindowTest and Permissions/DFLoadTest failed in PIT 7.0 B20 on Windows Vista
  6603243regression: ClassCastException in the DropHandler.initProperties()
  6379235(thread) ThreadGroup accounting mistake possible with failure of Thread.start()
  6600199(process) Decode system error messages using platform encoding (unix)
  6579083HTTP/SPNEGO infinite retry after delegation failed
  6595324Three tests in JCK-runtime-6a alt.bundle fail only with agent started in java plugin
  6598160Windows IPv6 Socket implementation doesn't set the handle to not inherit
  6599750InetAddress.isReachable implementation not completely thread safe
  6601686InetAddress.isReachable(timeout) may not return after timout milliseconds
  6602407lost main.errors resource
  6529230JConsole hangs up when connecting to service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://nonexistent.host:128000/jmxrmi
  6596051File viewer window in JConsole is not resizeable.
  6597615Typo in JConsole resources file
  6471750JVMS3 4.4.4 Bug in Signature Grammar in revisions to "The class File Format" document
  6562603J2SE keyword should be removed
  6599318SCCS keywords in Driver.java and main.cpp
New features integrated in current JDK7 build

New features integrated current JDK7 build b21

CategoryID Synopsis
  6559429genhtml corrupts european extended characters in xml
  6580829provide a plugin toolkit developer with new sun.awt.KeyboardFocusManagerPeerProvider iface
  6176346MBeans tab: Need better UI for displaying tabular data in the MBeans tab
  4777096RFE: javaw should open a dialog to report errors
  5103003launcher C source should have clearer detection of Solaris
  6519912java launcher cleanup of messages