Bugs fixed current JDK7 build b22

CategoryID Synopsis
  6588045Pack: java.io.IOException: pop token out of range
  658918620070719212032.jrose.6337834 putback produces amd64 jvmg error: Bad immediate dominator info
  6598210Assertion error: loop exited more often than entered
  6607264Java stack trace on error broken for interpreter frames.
  6608692HotSpot version wrong when JPRT is used to build on Linux and Solaris
  6611670-XX:+VerifyDUIterators assert(_del_tick == node-'>'_del_tick,"no unexpected deletions allowed")
  6612113can't build optimized C2 VM
  6506133Hotspot JVM Out of Memory Error in JDK 1.6RC1 but not in JDK 1.5.0_09
  6562569REGRESSION: can not see BLOCKED state change after patching 5104215 diff.
  5073453problems with ACL on the hsperfdata_'<'user'>' directory on windows
  6608022langtools build should honor TARGET_CLASS_VERSION from control
  6608101Control builds should include an OPENJDK build by default (if OPENJDK not defined)
  6608521langtools: findbugs should generate xml/html output
  6608525langtools: default tests for javac incorrectly set to javac/api
  6608999build of demo/applets are compressed files
  6609227entries omitted from ct.sym
  6610694corba, jaxp, jaxws not getting langtools_dist in control builds
  6611332corba/jaxp/jaxws workspace build problems
  6611337ant version required should be 1.6.3 or newer
  6612165Move javax/jws and javax/annotation to jaxws workspace
  6612749removal of obsolete sman1 files from j2se workspace
  6582460TextLayout.getVisibleAdvance returns a wrong result for mixed LTR and RTL text
  6603887Subsequent calls of drawImage ignore bgColor for graybox_error.gif
  6603975ClassCastException in the Font(Map)
  6610080Create a viable OpenJDK RenderingEngine plugin
  6612249OpenJDK build gets error trying to load Ductus library on some programs
  6612294Pisces OpenJDK rendering plugin does not handle winding rule
  6532373xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion 'c-'>'xlib.lock' failed.
  6418029City Input Method sample throws a NullPointerException
  6430035Doc: "Java 2 Runtime Environment" should be modified in demos
  6593030CityIM, InputMethodHotKey, and indicim cannot be compiled due to workspace env changes.
  6225071DOC: VetoableChangeSupport.getVetoableChangeListeners: unspecified when no listenears are registered
  6592819Regression test failed: java/awt/font/LogicalFonts/MappingTest.java failed with error
  5052093URLConnection doesn't support large files
  6600238Memory leaks in java.net.NetworkInterface on Windows XP
  4921754java.nio exception classes don't specify serialVersionUID
  6599328SCCS keywords in nio files
  4860100XP L&F: Navigation bar icon spacing issues in JFileChooser
  5050516JFileChooser very slow in XP if directory contains large zip files
  6459419Not overwritten method 'getBorderInsets(Component, Insets)' of AbstractBorder
  6482571Leak in MetalLookAndFeel
  6482575Leak in ImageIcon
  6488322Windows and JFileChooser: Behavior when creating a folder with an existing name
  6493542JFileChooser throws NPE on Vista with Win LaF in new folder
  6493695JFileChooser - allowing to create a directory on a deleted directory
  6510999Selection in a JList with both scrollbars visible jumps on arrowkey-down
  6524757JColorChooser does not use default locale
  6563301BasicSpinnerUI sets the horizontalAlignment of an Editor set using setEditor()
  6578666REGRESSION: Exception occurs when updateUI for JTree is triggered by KeyEvent
  6596544JComboBox editor stays visible after popup gone
  6521742[BI] BreakIterator.isBoundary(int?offset) throws unspecified IllegalArgumentException
  6594712[Fmt-Da] subclasses of DateFormatSymbols can have MASSIVE performance issues
  6571297(timer spec) Need @throws NullPointerException in Timer spec
  6583715openJDK open tests for im, font config, and l10n areas
  6592589Link for ISO 4217 code for currency is not working, link error in javadocs.
  6593298regression test closed/java/util/TimeZone/6494331/Bug6494331.sh failed with access denied exception
  6534287empty arg caused a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  6454193JTREG test bug: 'com/sun/jdi/RunToExit.java' fails with timeout
  6456686VMMismatchException for methods on com.sun.jdi.VirtualMachine
  6607198Initialization of the JPEGImageReader is inefficient.
  6605689jhat, jrunscript, jstat broken in JDK 7 b20
  6471750JVMS3 4.4.4 Bug in Signature Grammar in revisions to "The class File Format" document
  6600740(launcher) javac and others uses the server vm
  6611182(launcher) windows launcher mismatch with registry keys
  6612225(launcher) fix the jli makefile
New features integrated in current JDK7 build

New features integrated current JDK7 build b22

CategoryID Synopsis
  6559429genhtml corrupts european extended characters in xml
  6464263Bypass ConvI2L operation for positive array's index on amd64
  6600125PREVIOUS_JDK_IMAGE should be passed into build
  6608527langtools: add support for cobertura coverage report
  6609966CORBA, JAXP, JAXWS split from j2se
  4425327RFE: Introspector.getBeanInfo does not support both stopClass and flags
  4499938RFE: DOC: BeanInfo and PropertyDescriptor don't work OK with read-only properties
  6458747Generify java.util.EventListenerProxy
  6480289Replace ThreadPool creation code in SwingWorker with java.util.concurrent
  6332635RFE: Remove MSLU from JDK
  6595137(tz) support tzdata2007g
  6598520(tz) Windows time zone mapping table needs to be updated for KB933360
  6611886(tz) support tzdata2007h
  6333599MBeans tab: jconsole displays TabularData is in hash order; sorting by keys would be helpful