Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 7 build b27

Date: 05/22/08

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6697875 4-Low Defect Copyright headers need to be upgraded with GPL derivative
  6690122 3-Medium RFE Provide a mechanism for specifying Java-level USDT-like dtrace probes
  6563616 3-Medium Defect Clarify instructions for unpacking openjdk binary "plug"
  6611685 4-Low Defect Incorrect link to CA certs info from build README
  6682167 3-Medium Defect Add cygwin faq to README-builds.html
  6691494 3-Medium Defect doc build broken in tracingdocs
  6529796 2-High RFE Support JIS X 0213:2004 in existing JDK versions, especially for Windows Vista
  6636363 3-Medium Defect BufferUnderflowException decoding length 6 UTF-8 sequences with direct buffers
  6430553 4-Low Defect MouseClick event should not be fired if MouseRelease happened without MousePress
  6471693 4-Low Defect Moving the vertical scroll bar of List in FileDialog leads Flickering in solaris.
  6508505 4-Low Defect JComboBox collapses immediately if it is placed to embedded frame
  6520716 4-Low RFE event classes lack info about parameters
  6522725 3-Medium Defect Component in a minimized Frame has focus and receives key events
  6573289 2-High Defect api/java_awt/Color/index.html
  6603312 3-Medium Defect Segmentation fault running java -jar SwingSet2.jar in 256 color mode
  6607170 3-Medium Defect Focus not set by requestFocus
  6609607 3-Medium Defect test/closed/java/awt/Focus/AppletInitialFocusTest[1] should be rewritten
  6610244 3-Medium Defect modal dialog closes with fatal error if -Xcheck:jni is set
  6613426 3-Medium Defect two WM_TAKE_FOCUS messages on one mouse click in GNOME Metacity 2.16.0
  6613529 3-Medium RFE Avoid duplicate object creation within JDK packages
  6615015 5-Very Low Defect Typo in javadoc for Component.getTreeLock()
  6616792 4-Low Defect five AWT focus regression tests should be fixed
  6619458 4-Low Defect testcase depends on a file with the name te{st.html
  6623459 4-Low RFE Get rid of XConstant, XProtocolConstants and XUtilConstants antipattern
  6627324 2-High Defect Alt Graph doesnot generate any key event when pressing in German locale
  6637204 4-Low Defect TrayIcon.displayMessage fails to show icon twice
  6637607 3-Medium Defect 1st char. is discarded after a modal dialogue shows up and disappears
  6638872 3-Medium Defect invalid links
  6677332 4-Low Defect incorrect signatures for JNI methods in XWindow.c and XlibWrapper.c
  6680135 5-Very Low Defect A number of test/closed/java/awt/Focus/* tests should be opened
  6681889 3-Medium Defect JSN security test headline/noWarningApp failed with NPE exception
  6686273 5-Very Low Defect Some AWT reg. tests should be moved to open repository (for CRs 6444769, 6480547, and 6560348)
  6688067 5-Very Low Defect regression test for 6471693 is missed
  6690036 4-Low Defect some code cleanup for insets-related code
  4935607 4-Low RFE RFE: LTP: Should be possible to set the TRANSIENT attribute of propertiies to FALSE.
  6610094 3-Medium RFE Add generic support for platform MXBeans of any type
  6687508 4-Low Defect Update test/sun/management jtreg tests due to sun.management.ManagementFactory class rename
  6558853 4-Low Defect getHostAddress() on connections using IPv6 link-local addrs should have zone id
  6644726 3-Medium Defect Cookie management issues
  6659779 5-Very Low Defect HttpURLConnections logger should log tunnel requests
  6687282 2-High Defect URLConnection for HTTPS connection through Proxy w/ Digest Authentication gives 400 Bad Request
  4252173 4-Low RFE Inability to reuse the HorizontalSliderThumbIcon
  4714674 3-Medium Defect JEditorPane.setPage(url) blocks AWT thread when HTTP protocol is used
  4765383 5-Very Low Defect JTextArea.append(String) not thread safe
  6210674 3-Medium Defect FileChooser fails to load custom harddrive icon and gets NullPointerException
  6348456 4-Low Defect BasicColorChooserUI ignores JColorChooser selection model changes
  6524424 4-Low Defect JSlider Clicking In Tracks Behavior Inconsistent For Different Tick Spacings
  6612531 2-High Defect api/javax_swing/ScrollPaneLayout/index.html
  6614972 4-Low Defect JSlider value should not change on right-click
  6624717 3-Medium Defect Corrupted combo box, GTK L&F, Ubuntu 7.10
  6625450 3-Medium Defect javax.swing.border.TitledBorder.getBaseline() doesn't throw IAE when width is \< 0
  6635277 4-Low Defect Incorrect text seen when creating a new folder, when selection is on the image file in JFileChooser
  6642612 4-Low Defect JFileChooser approve buttons should use Open and Save text (GTK)
  6675802 2-High Defect Regression: heavyweight popups cause SecurityExceptions in applets
  6688203 4-Low Defect Memory leak and performance problems in the method getFileSystemView of FileSystemView
  6690791 3-Medium Defect Even more ClassCasetException with TrayIcon
  6691503 3-Medium Defect Malicious applet can show always-on-top popup menu which has whole screen size
  6693507 5-Very Low Defect There are unnecessary compilation warnings in the com.sun.java.swing.plaf.motif package
  6635133 4-Low Defect Exception thrown when using a Unicode escape
  6691185 2-High Defect (coll) TreeMap.navigableKeySet's descendingIterator method starts at first instead of last entry
  6691215 4-Low Defect (coll) IdentityHashMap.containsValue(null) returns true when null value not present
  6635133 4-Low Defect Exception thrown when using a Unicode escape
  6365166 5-Very Low Defect javac (generic) unable to resolve methods
  6450290 4-Low Defect Capture of nested wildcards causes type error
  6481655 4-Low Defect Parser confused by combination of parens and explicit type args
  6531075 2-High Defect Missing synthetic casts when accessing fields/methods of intersection types including type variables
  6559182 5-Very Low Defect Cast from a raw type with non-generic supertype to a raw type fails unexpectedly
  6657499 3-Medium Defect javac 1.6.0 fails to compile class with inner class
  6682380 2-High Defect Foreach loop with generics inside finally block crashes javac with -target 1.5
  6683438 3-Medium Defect Bad regression test for CR 6611449
  6684582 3-Medium Defect Launcher needs improved error reporting
  6670476 2-High Defect Fix /tmp issue, Linux /tmp dirs disappear, softlinks not reliable, df /nonexist == 0 bytes
  6690457 2-High RFE Based on -release, look for make/jprt.${release}.properties file
  6693865 4-Low Defect Leaving /var/tmp files scattered around
  6693867 4-Low RFE Changed email to set reply-to to jprt-admin
  6524501 2-High Defect inconsistency with PKCS
  6695818 3-Medium Defect New regression test (KerberosTixDateTest) for Kerberos failing on (probably) all platforms.
  6692027 2-High Defect REGRESSION: Custom subclasses of QueryEval don't serialize
  6546639 4-Low Defect (spec)javax.net.ssl.SSLContext.getInstance( null ) throws undocumented NPE
  6546671 4-Low Defect (spec)javax.net.ssl.TrustManagerFactory.getInstance() throws undocumented NPE
  6571950 3-Medium RFE SSLSocket(raddr, rport, laddr, lport) allows null as laddr that spec doesn't reflect
  5053895 3-Medium Defect (spec) Unspecified IllegalStateException in TrustManagerFactory