Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 7 build b28

Date: 06/05/08

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6590549 3-Medium Defect Cygwin build of OpenJDK has problems and not very well documented
  6223022 3-Medium Defect '8' in 11pt Tahoma font is not rendered properly
  6523403 4-Low Defect OSS CMM: Need to provide lcms library with PYCC and LINEAR_RGB OS ICC profiles
  6603465 4-Low Defect com.sun.image.codec.jpeg tests should not be run by the test harness.
  6604044 2-High Defect java crashes talking to second X screen
  6611637 4-Low Defect sun.font.GlyphLayout not threadsafe causing NullPointerException
  6616758 3-Medium Defect Regression: Subpixel Courier New W looks bad
  6626403 4-Low Defect getFontMetrics hangs Java
  6630501 3-Medium Defect CRASH: JCK test eats much memory and jvm crashes
  6633656 4-Low Defect Cross platform print dialog doesn't check for orientation being unsupported.
  6636469 4-Low Defect Java Fullscreen Exclusive Mode not working with Xorg server 1.3.0 and above
  6638477 5-Very Low Defect Two external URLS referenced in 2D documentation are no longer functioning.
  6640532 3-Medium Defect Graphics.getFontMetrics() throws NullPointerException
  6656651 4-Low Defect Windows Look and Feel LCD glyph images have some differences from native applications.
  6658419 3-Medium Defect Regression test OffByOne.java threw exceptions in windows
  6662775 3-Medium Defect Move Imaging and color classes from closed to open
  6664915 3-Medium Defect SecurityException using javax.print APIs when queuePrintJob permission is granted.
  6675596 4-Low Defect SurfaceManagerFactory should allow plugging in different implementations
  6678161 3-Medium Defect Printing to remote non-Postscript printer does not work in Linux
  6679308 3-Medium Defect Poor text rendering on translucent image.
  6683472 3-Medium Defect Incorrect handling of translation component of font transform.
  6684056 3-Medium Defect SUPERSCRIPT TextAttribute on font needs to trigger layout.
  6686365 4-Low Defect bolded zero width space has non zero width in FM or LCD modes
  6687298 3-Medium Defect Reg testcase java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/RotTransText.java fails in windows in pit build 6u10 b22
  6692979 3-Medium Defect VM Crash when shearing text + rect over a range of values
  6694480 4-Low Defect Two small inefficiencies in getting font strikes for transformed fonts.
  6696292 3-Medium Defect Printing transformed images accuracy problems
  6697721 4-Low Defect OpenJDK: rotated text baseline different between TextLayout and drawString
  6699843 4-Low Defect IllegalArgumentException found when using Graphics.drawString( "", 0, 0 )
  6703377 4-Low Defect freetype: glyph vector outline is not translated correctly