Bug/RFE fixed in current JDK 7 build b39

Date: 11/06/08

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6384206 3-Medium Defect Phis which are later unneeded are impairing our ability to inline based on static types
  6532536 3-Medium RFE Optimize arraycopy stubs for Intel cpus
  6667595 4-Low RFE Set probability FAIR for pre-, post- loops and ALWAYS for main loop
  6711100 3-Medium Defect 64bit fastdebug server vm crashes with assert(_base == Int,"Not an Int")
  6717150 3-Medium Defect improper constant folding of subnormal strictfp multiplications and divides
  6743188 2-High Defect incomplete fix for 6700047 C2 failed in idom_no_update
  6747051 4-Low RFE Improve code and implicit null check generation for comressed oops
  6750588 3-Medium Defect assert(lrg._area \>= 0,"negative spill area") running NSK stmp0101 test
  6752257 4-Low RFE Use NOT instead of XOR -1 on x86
  6753795 3-Medium Defect HotSpot crash in strlen() when JVMTI is used
  6762004 5-Very Low Defect 6532536 fix contains changes in os_solaris.cpp which were pushed by mistake.
  6652160 2-High Defect G1: assert(cur_used_bytes == _g1-\>recalculate_used(),"It should!") at g1CollectorPolicy.cpp:1425
  6660681 3-Medium RFE Incrementally reserve pages on win server 2003 for better large page affinity
  6710665 4-Low Defect G1: guarantee(_cm-\>out_of_regions() && _cm-\>region_stack_empty() && _task_queue-\>size() == 0, ...)
  6711316 4-Low RFE Open source the Garbage-First garbage collector
  6716466 4-Low RFE par compact - remove VerifyParallelOldWithMarkSweep code
  6718086 3-Medium Defect CMS assert: _concurrent_iteration_safe_limit update missed
  6722116 3-Medium Defect CMS: Incorrect overflow handling when using parallel concurrent marking
  6725697 4-Low RFE par compact - rename class ChunkData to RegionData
  6729594 3-Medium RFE par compact - remove unused block table implementation
  6740923 4-Low Defect NUMA allocator: Ensure the progress of adaptive chunk resizing
  6743059 3-Medium Defect Error in spaceDecorator.cpp for "optimized" build.
  6753547 3-Medium Defect NUMA allocator: Invalid chunk size computation during adaptive resizing
  6758633 3-Medium Defect G1: SEGV with GCOld on Linux
  6754998 5-Very Low Defect Update Hotspot version for hs14 b06
  6755406 5-Very Low Defect minor mistakes in copyright notices
  6618726 4-Low RFE Introduce -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions flag
  6673124 2-High Defect Runtime.availableProcessors / os::active_processor_count wrong if unused processor sets exist
  6700107 3-Medium Defect java/lang/Class/forName/TooManyDimensions.java crashes with SIGSEGV in c2 compiler with fastdebug
  6719149 3-Medium Defect Wrong "java/lang/String should not be loaded yet" assertion in fastdebug bits with UseStringCache
  6744783 3-Medium Defect HotSpot segfaults if given -XX options with an empty string argument
  6755845 3-Medium Defect JVM_FindClassFromBoot triggers assertions
  6761092 1-Very High Defect jvm crashes when CDS is enabled
  6306922 4-Low RFE Dump dump created by +HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError should include stack traces for stack roots
  6749967 3-Medium RFE regression tests for apt should be same-vm friendly
  6759795 3-Medium Defect test/tools/apt/Basic/print.sh may fail depending on jtreg options
  6760805 3-Medium Defect empty element on bootclasspath breaks test/tools/apt/Compile/compile.sh
  6760930 3-Medium Defect empty element on bootclasspath breaks test/tools/apt/Discovery/discovery.sh
  6763006 2-High Defect JDK HotSpot builds not using SS12 / VM doesn't find classes from JDK/lib/tools.jar in -Xcomp mode
  5025260 4-Low Defect (se) Register methods should throw ClosedChannelException instead of NPE
  6406133 4-Low RFE JCDiagnostic.getMessage ignores locale argument
  6586091 3-Medium Defect javac crashes with StackOverflowError
  6724345 4-Low Defect incorrect method resolution for enum classes entered as source files
  6731573 4-Low RFE diagnostic output should optionally include source line
  6738538 3-Medium Defect javac crashes when using a type parameter as a covariant method return type
  6751514 3-Medium Defect Unary post-increment with type variables crash javac during lowering
  6759143 2-High Defect com.sun.tools.javac.util.Messages is obsolete and should be removed
  6759682 3-Medium Defect APT: compiler message file broken after refactoring of com.sun.tools.javac.util.Message
  6759775 3-Medium Defect RegularFileObject.inferBinaryName gives bad result on empty path
  6759796 3-Medium Defect test/tools/javac/6348193/T6348193.java fails if there are empty entries on the bootclasspath
  6759810 3-Medium Defect bad regression test causes source file to be deleted
  6759996 3-Medium Defect ignore empty entries on paths
  6748541 4-Low RFE javadoc should be reusable
  6760500 3-Medium Defect test com/sun/javadoc/testSupplementary/TestSupplementary.java is not same-VM safe
  6760226 3-Medium Defect test/tools/javap/T6622260.java fails with specific locale settings
  6247934 3-Medium Defect CachedRowSetImpl requires Locale.US
  6706974 4-Low RFE Add krb5 test infrastructure
  6761072 4-Low Defect new krb5 tests fail on multiple platforms
  6757225 2-High Defect MXBean: Incorrect type names for parametrized types, dealing with arrays
  6758165 1-Very High Defect ConnectorBootstrap.DefaultValues should have a default value for USE_LOCAL_ONLY