Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 7 build b51

Date: 03/19/09

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6786690 4-Low Defect Javadoc HTML WCAG 2.0 accessibility issues in standard doclet - DL tag and nesting issue.
  6778669 4-Low Defect Patch from Red Hat -- fixes compilation errors
  6791572 3-Medium Defect "duplicating node that's already been matched"
  6797305 5-Very Low RFE Add LoadUB and LoadUI opcode class
  6802499 4-Low Defect EA: assert(false,"unknown node on this path")
  6805427 2-High Defect adlc compiler may generate incorrect machnode emission code
  6807084 4-Low RFE AutoBox elimination is broken with compressed oops
  6807963 4-Low RFE need tool to make sense of LogCompilaton output
  6808589 5-Very Low RFE Merge vm_version_x86_{32,64}.{cpp,hpp}
  6809798 4-Low Defect SafePointScalarObject node placed into incorrect block during GCM
  6810672 5-Very Low RFE Comment typos
  6810855 4-Low Defect KILL vs. TEMP ordering restrictions are too strong
  6811267 4-Low Defect Fix for 6809798 broke linux build
  6812678 3-Medium RFE macro assembler needs delayed binding of a few constants (for 6655638)
  6812721 3-Medium Defect Block's frequency should not be NaN
  6812831 3-Medium RFE factor duplicated assembly code for megamorphic invokeinterface (for 6655638)
  6786346 4-Low Defect intermittent Internal Error (src/share/vm/memory/cardTableModRefBS.cpp:226)
  6797870 3-Medium RFE Add -XX:+{HeapDump,PrintClassHistogram}{Before,After}FullGC
  6804746 3-Medium Defect G1: guarantee(variance() \> -1.0,"variance should be \>= 0") (due to evacuation failure)
  6806226 3-Medium Defect Signed integer overflow in growable array code causes JVM crash
  6810698 2-High Defect G1: two small bugs in the sparse remembered sets
  6812428 2-High Defect G1: Error: assert(!ret || obj_in_cs(obj),"sanity")
  6814467 4-Low Defect G1: small fixes related to concurrent marking verboseness
  6567360 3-Medium Defect SIGBUS in jvmti RawMonitor magic check for unaligned bad monitor pointer
  6700114 3-Medium Defect Assertion (_thread-\>get_interp_only_mode() == 1,"leaving interp only when mode not one")
  6800721 3-Medium Defect JavaThread::jvmti_thread_state() and JvmtiThreadState::state_for() robustness
  6805864 3-Medium Defect Problem with jvmti-\>redefineClasses: some methods don't get redefined
  6816970 5-Very Low Defect Bump HS15 build number to 03
  6806046 4-Low Defect Hotspot build error when compiled from Visual Studio
  6811384 3-Medium Defect MacroAssembler::serialize_memory may touch next page on amd64
  6791649 4-Low RFE add "SKIP_MSIVAL2=true" to the Windows section of make/jprt.config
  6799141 2-High Defect Build with --hash-style=both so that binaries can work on SuSE 10
  6809563 3-Medium RFE corba build in JDK uses invalid bootclasspath for javah
  6810915 4-Low RFE Sun proprietary warnings in JDK build
  6814575 3-Medium Defect Update copyright year for files changed from Jan 2009 to March sixth 2009
  6498938 3-Medium Defect Faulty comparison of TypeMirror objects in RoundEnvironment.getElementsAnnotatedWith implementation
  6501749 4-Low Defect Filer should state connection between created files and root elements
  6799230 4-Low RFE Lazily load java.lang.annotation.Annotation class
  6799689 4-Low RFE Make sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.hexFloatPattern static field initialized lazily
  6737323 5-Very Low Defect (doc) Typo in javadoc for SocketPermission
  6775145 3-Medium Defect ClassLoaderUtil.releaseLoader calls System.out.println ("classLoader = " + classLoader)
  6812879 5-Very Low Defect Excess code line in ArrayList method
  6803402 2-High Defect Race condition in AbstractQueuedSynchronizer
  6809463 4-Low Defect Missing license header in test LargeZipFile.java
  6467183 4-Low Defect javac fails to raise unchecked warning on cast of parameterized generic subclass
  6799605 3-Medium RFE Basic/Raw formatters should use type/symbol printer instead of toString()
  6804733 2-High Defect javac generates spourious diagnostics for ill-formed type-variable bounds
  6807255 3-Medium Defect LineNumberTable wrong if enhanced-for-loops are used
  6809504 4-Low Defect Remove enctype="text/xml" from the offline registration page
  6801467 4-Low RFE Defer get the launcher resource bundle until it's needed
  6812738 4-Low Defect SSL stress test with GF leads to 32 bit max process size in less than 5 minutes with PCKS11 provider