Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
c89f86385056 6814659 separable cleanups and subroutines for 6655638
ebebd376f657 6805522 Server VM fails with assertion (block1->start() != block2->start(),"successors have unique bcis")
78af5ae8e731 6636138 UseSuperWord enabled failure
90a66aa50514 6820510 assertion failure with unloaded class in subnode.cpp
eca19a8425b5 6810653 Change String cache class used by Hotspot from String to StringValue
d0994e5bebce 6822204 volatile fences should prefer lock:addl to actual mfence instructions
fbc12e71c476 6810845 Performance regression in mpegaudio on x64
4948e7dd28dc 6822333 _call_stub_compiled_return address handling in SA is broken causing jstack to hang occasionally
f6da6f0174ac 6821700 tune VM flags for peak performance
96b229c54d1e 6543938 G1: remove the concept of popularity
4ac7d97e6101 6822263 G1: JVMTI heap iteration fails
cea947c8a988 6819891 ParNew: Fix work queue overflow code to deal correctly with +UseCompressedOops
fbde8ec322d0 6761600 Use sse 4.2 in intrinsics
69aefafe69c1 6824463 deopt blob is testing wrong register on 64-bit x86
7230de7c4610 6823454 Oop-typed loadP yields invalid pointer (0x1) on SPECjbb2005 at OSRed method entry
aa3a6f3eaa43 6825815 Bump HS15 build number to 05 and update copyright date of HOTSPOT_VM_COPYRIGHT
f30ba3b36599 6822407 heapOopSize lookup is incorrect in Serviceability Agent.
956304450e80 6819213 revive sun.boot.library.path
23276f80d930 6825642 nsk sajdi tests fail with NullPointerException
becb17ad5e51 6824570 ParNew: Fix memory leak introduced in 6819891
f18338cf04b0 6810474 par compact - crash in summary_phase with very full heap
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a2033addca67 6825175 Remove or disable sanity check on binary plugs
9d14b0582e1a 5106550 PNG writer merge standard metadata fails for TextEntry sans #IMPLIED attributes
11d333de082f 6761791 Crash in the FontManager code due to use of JNIEnv saved by another thread
feee56c07a8a 6708137 Remove obsolete from JDK 7
f68864fe53d3 6728838 Native memory leak in
40ec164889bd 6752638 java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.preferLocaleFonts() throws NPE on Linux
6755034 Legal notice repair: jdk/src/solaris/classes/sun/font/
eaeaacda1c56 6785424 SecurityException locating physical fonts on Windows Terminal Server
91bc016862c4 6752622 java.awt.Font.getPeer throws "java.lang.InternalError: Not implemented" on Linux
80fb12052ae4 5082756 Image I/O plug-ins set metadata boolean attributes to "true" or "false"
62d33a33f9e0 6782079 PNG: reading metadata may cause OOM on truncated images.
774083387e81 6788096 ImageIO SreamCloser causes memory leak in FX applets
828d4d5e7bf8 6795544 GIFImageWriter does not write the subImage of BufferedImage to a file correctly.
6d343a2795ca 6793818 JpegImageReader is too greedy creating color profiles
65cada5a8497 6793344 BasicStroke's first element dash pattern is not a dash
36da64dc6545 6631559 Registration of ImageIO plugins should not cause loading of jpeg.dlli and cmm.dll
f0978a1137fe 6791502 IIOException "Invalid icc profile" on jpeg after update from JDK5 to JDK6
e0a9038939ee 6799583 LogManager shutdown hook may cause a memory leak.
b02162077f24 6800846 REGRESSION: Printing quality degraded with Java 6 compared to 5.0
ff2afd0551c9 6750383 2D_PrintingTiger\PrintDocOrientationTest fails, wrong orientated images are printed
0c856354b669 6791612 OGLBat tests are failed in jdk 7 b42
8d5144dfc642 6735296 Regression: Common print dialog does not show the correct page orientation
59696dfd5455 6727719 Performance of TextLayout.getBounds()
9318628e8eee 6812600 The miter line join decoration isn't rendered properly
467e4f25965c 6733501 Apply IcedTea little cms patches
e43ea83ca696 6745225 Memory leak while drawing Attributed String
e2cc7ffbb355 6821031 Upgrade OpenJDK's LittleCMS version to 1.18
0c69e3ba15f4 6821504 typo in lcmsio.c
6d74c3f22c74 6604458 linux_x64-fastdebug-c2 fails on hyperbolic trig tests
90d1a828b6d1 6745361 Add -XX options to prevent stdout/stderr pollution using fastdebug/debug bootjdk
43124654f2aa 6502548 test/Makefile needs to be setup to allow for JPRT testrules (NSK and JCK testing too?)
b2530d839ecb 6824012 Add jdk regression tests to default jprt jobs
70c53bc9a49d 6824583 regtest TimeUnit/ fails intermittently on Windows - again
78fbc0dad111 6825765 Further adjustments to regression tests run by jprt