Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
e13a01c44efe 6831225 Upgrade JPRT jobs to use newer Linux 2.6 (e.g. Fedora 9)
caba6a812b19 6591875 Nimbus Swing Look and Feel
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
4906dae0c5fa 6372405 Server thread hangs when fragments don't complete because of connection abort
5104239 Java: thread deadlock
6191561 JCK15: api/org_omg/PortableInterceptor/ClientRequestInfo/index.html#RIMethods sometime hang
6486322 org.omg.CORBA.ORB.init() thread safety issue
6420980 Security issue with the class
6465377 NullPointerException for RMI ORB in 1.5.0_08
6553303 Corba application fails w/ org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: vmcid: SUN minor code: 203 completed: No
6438259 Wrong repository ID generated by IDLJ
972c6157fae5 6831225 Upgrade JPRT jobs to use newer Linux 2.6 (e.g. Fedora 9)
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
c8152ae3f339 6830069 UseLargePages is broken on Win64
a61730a6fdbc 6833316 not setting values for 6u14 release flag
67a2f5ba5582 6684007 PrintAssembly plugin not available for linux or windows
1b42d5772ae0 6449385 JCK test dup2_x200106m1 fails with Segmentation Fault on x86
a134d9824964 6828024 verification of fixed interval usage is too weak
3ec1ff9307d6 6741757 minor ctw improvements
2bf529ef0adb 6831323 Use v8plus as minimum required hardware for current Hotspot sources
be93aad57795 6655646 dynamic languages need dynamically linked call sites
6b2273dd6fa9 6822110 Add AddressLiteral class on SPARC
04fa5affa478 6709742 find_base_for_derived's use of Ideal NULL is unsafe causing crashes during register allocation
9c6be3edf0dc 6589834 deoptimization problem with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
aa92a90b1cc6 6833951 Extra ":" Causes Testcase in CR 6589834 "Parse Exception: Invalid tag: summary:"
fb4c18a2ec66 6833573 C2 sparc: assert(c < 64 && (c & 1) == 0,"bad double float register")
3672e1dac765 6834142 method->print_codes(): Error: ShouldNotReachHere()
f4cbf78110c7 6834202 Bump the HS16 build number to 02
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b56d870cb5c8 6738894 Merge jaxp fixes from 6 update train into OpenJDK 6 and 7
6573268 Four JCK-devtools-6a tests report OOM: Java Heap space since JDK7 b14
e4851e9f7be2 6831225 Upgrade JPRT jobs to use newer Linux 2.6 (e.g. Fedora 9)
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
99fc62f032a7 6536193 Fix the flaw in UTF8XmlOutput
31822b475baa 6831313 update jaxws in OpenJDK7 to 2.1 plus bug fixes from OpenJDK 6
6672868 Package not included in make/docs/CORE_PKGS.gmk
68257a5eb19a 6831225 Upgrade JPRT jobs to use newer Linux 2.6 (e.g. Fedora 9)
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a31f5f824580 4811968 ASN.1 (X509Certificate) implementations don't handle large OID components
74a3d8978eb0 6827871 Cleanup leftover code in
6fe0aa207f5f 6827921 should use nio data tables instead of its own copy
8d37331265ae 6714845 Quotes in Kerberos configuration file are included in the values
897b2d42995a 6587676 Krb5LoginModule failure if useTicketCache=true on Vista
572d3f36c8a9 6827153 Miscellaneous typos in javadoc
6f99dbd58123 6829098 Regression test java/security/Security/ClassLoaderDeadlock/ error - missing ";"
33e06332c9d4 6830658 Changeset 897b2d42995a breaks the fastdebug build in NativeCreds.c
1aaeb8fbe705 4244499 ZipEntry() does not convert filenames from Unicode to platform
4532049 IllegalArgumentException in ZipInputStream while reading unicode file
5030283 Incorrect implementation of UTF-8 in zip package
4700978 ZipFile can't treat Japanese name in a zipfile properly
4980042 Cannot use Surrogates in zip file metadata like filenames
4820807 cannot extract files with Chinese chars in name
0b3660c68262 6795561 (bf) CharBuffer.subSequence() uses wrong capacity value for new buffer
44b6b2a4dd04 6543863 (fc) FileLock.release can deadlock with FileChannel.close
6429910 (fc) FileChannel.lock() IOException: Bad file number, not AsynchronousCloseException
6814948 (fc) test/java/nio/channels/AsynchronousFileChannel/ failed intermittently
6822643 (fc) AsynchronousFileChannel.close does not invalidate FileLocks
fb2ccb7c50c7 6497740 Limit the size of RSA public keys
8e51a219fc3b 6588160 jaas krb5 client leaks OS-level UDP sockets (all platforms)
150a441a305d 6733959 Insufficient checks for "Main-Class" manifest entry in JAR files
ec336f0e23f4 6734167 Calendar.readObject allows elevation of privileges
135c5fe2ee42 6726779 ConvolveOp on USHORT raster can cause the JVM crash.
9d1033f65e4b 6721753 File.createTempFile produces guessable file names
3c567ab34788 6755943 Java JAR Pack200 Decompression should enforce stricter header checks
0291de857e51 6766136 corrupted gif image may cause crash in java splashscreen library.
dfb09d805b2d 6652463 MediaSize constructors allow to redefine the mapping of standard MediaSizeName values
a8ec0998704e 6717680 LdapCtx does not close the connection if initialization fails
6a4e03cc03bb 6632886 Font.createFont can be persuaded to leak temporary files
6522586 Enforce limits on Font creation
6652929 Font.createFont(int,File) trusts File.getPath
392c4225d636 6792554 Java JAR Pack200 header checks are insufficent
7f4cf1eb7586 6804996 JWS PNG Decoding Integer Overflow [V-flrhat2ln8]
dedf9366f289 2163516 Font.createFont can be persuaded to leak temporary files
7f6c1ce75629 6804998 JRE GIF Decoding Heap Corruption [V-y6g5jlm8e1]
51f13571014c 6804997 JWS GIF Decoding Heap Corruption [V-r687oxuocp]
2e34ef54a93a 6630639 lightweight HttpServer leaks file descriptors on no-data connections
21e38c573956 6656633 getNotificationInfo methods static mutable
8cdfcdea53cb 6691246 Thread context class loader can be set using JMX remote ClientNotifForwarded
13dfb2c46091 6610888 Potential use of cleared of incorrect acc in JMX Monitor
8062f8c51a88 6610896 JMX Monitor handles thread groups incorrectly
3265fb461090 6721651 Security problem with out-of-the-box management
255dcd4f19b6 6737315 LDAP serialized data vulnerability
ccd08d4b19cf 6830721 (fc) test/java/nio/channels/AsynchronousFileChannel/ intermittent failure
e281812be4ce 6831461 (sample) Copy -r fails with IllegalArgumentexception: 'maxDepth' is negative
697bf0cf039b 6830220 Logging issues due to regression from bug fix 6797480
079985c9965b 6716076 test UTIL_REGRESSION/test/java/util/logging/ failed with exit code 1
0fd45dba3cc8 6278014 java.util.logging.LogRecord.getThreadID() should provide real thread id
c35a027468f2 6831313 update jaxws in OpenJDK7 to 2.1 plus bug fixes from OpenJDK 6
6672868 Package not included in make/docs/CORE_PKGS.gmk
31a9fa5a8e6b 6831225 Upgrade JPRT jobs to use newer Linux 2.6 (e.g. Fedora 9)
45dfc3aeee8f 6835241 Annotate some tests with @ignore that have shown to be unpredictable
8dd1c3eb1288 6590857 Drag & Drop arbitrary file copy
98ddbb3840a4 6825342 Security warning may change Z-order of top-level
c6503f2a93d1 6826104 Getting a NullPointer exception when clicked on Application & Toolkit Modal dialog
9124b0123df3 6821948 Consider removing the constraints for bounds of untrusted top-level windows
5555093749ab 6829858 JInternalFrame is not redrawing heavyweight children properly
bd06d33634ee 6633354 AppletPanel loads Swing classes
0d03c3cc2f03 6770457 Using ToolTips causes inactive app window to exhibit active window behavior
68ce3fa2b4c5 6825362 Avoid calling peer.setZOrder on Window instances
9cb0aecf54bd 6802853 API: shaped & translucent windows
7601454859c2 6829923 Test javax/swing/system/6799345/ fails on X11 platforms
8e01a3dee336 5050147 RFE: Add More Useful Constructors to MidiMessage Subclasses
f94a3aaae91d 4672194 FloatControl should provide consistent policy for the floats
e7b19babfd80 4895403 SPEC: documentation of javax.sound.sampled.spi.MixerProvider should be detailed
a301fb619494 6806019 38 JCK api/javax_sound/midi/ tests fails starting from jdk7 b46
923a730165bf 6821030 Merge OpenJDK Gervill with upstream sources, Q1CY2009
e61cd67602bd 6823445 Gervill SoftChannel/ResetAllControllers jtreg test fails after portamento fix from last merge.
5ac8b97ffabd 6823446 Gervill SoftLowFrequencyOscillator fails when freq is set to 0 cent or 8.1758 Hz.
7f45fcc04f8e 6591875 Nimbus Swing Look and Feel
8df0db057762 6835113 Nimbus Makefile issue
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
4030cc469205 6831225 Upgrade JPRT jobs to use newer Linux 2.6 (e.g. Fedora 9)