Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
c8379544879a 6831225 Upgrade JPRT jobs to use newer Linux 2.6 (e.g. Fedora 9)
45463a04ca27 6834177 Running jsynprog on Solaris Nevada can cause JVM crash
af5d39ca39a3 6835796 Fedora 9 linux_i586-fastdebug-c2-runThese_Xcomp times out
2b6c55e36143 6829013 G1: set the default value of G1VerifyConcMarkPrintRechable to false
b803b1b9e206 6819098 G1: reduce RSet scanning times
81a249214991 6829234 Refix 6822407 and 6812971
20c6f43950b5 6490395 G1: Tidy up command line flags.
a2957df801a1 6833576 G1: assert illegal index, growableArray.hpp:186
2b25645dab33 6837224 on linux needs version of 6799141
36ee9b69616e 6833879 Assigning positive zero is ignored when old value is negative zero
cecd04fc6f93 6837011 SIGSEGV in PhaseIdealLoop in 32bit jvm
f96f285ed3dd 6838154 make/linux/makefiles/sa.make needs hash-style fix
fede134842ab 6838819 Bump the HS16 build number to 03
622212a69394 6838842 NUMA allocator: Segfault during startup on Linux
cf71f149d7ae 6840196 NUMA allocator: crash in fastdebug during startup on Linux
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
2007e3d9c195 6762511 Translucency is not working on Linux using Metacity
ba95c9101e50 6837004 java.awt.GraphicsDevice.setFullScreenWindow throws NPE for windows with background color not set
b28b073e72b6 6838046 Rollback 6762511 due to build failure (6838003)
2387e3b1994e 6839802 java.dyn needs to be on the CORE_PKGS list
29180ef374c8 6839839 access checking logic is wrong at three points in MethodHandles