Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
54d14906940b 6827026 Change javac source and target default to 7
60b818e5e4f9 6851515 awt_p.h incorporates a chunk of the XRender header
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
2752d8bd4142 6827026 Change javac source and target default to 7
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
bdaf6acaf6e3 6827026 Change javac source and target default to 7
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
605e1cdeba48 6827026 Change javac source and target default to 7
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
842fb12a21d7 6831794 charset EUC_TW is 12.6% of the total size of charsets.jar
6229811 Several codepoints in EUC_TW failed in roundtrip conversion
72e4312ea1e0 6843079 Putback for the new EUC_TW is not complete
49478a651a28 6728376 Wrong error handling in Java_java_util_zip_Deflater_deflateBytes leads to size 0 if compress fails
6735255 ZipFile.close() does not close ZipFileInputStreams, contrary to the API document
02b02a886b9b 6832016 {DigestMD5Base,Des3DkCrypto}.setParityBit should use Integer.bitCount
4d607dc5cb22 6682516 SPNEGO_HTTP_AUTH/WWW_KRB and SPNEGO_HTTP_AUTH/WWW_SPNEGO failed on all non-windows platforms
eb46247f6c53 6832353 Krb5LoginModule: use the KRB5CCNAME when searching for Kerberos ticket cache
1bc5be8665cc 6827026 Change javac source and target default to 7
914c33c7de3e 6843578 Re-implement IBM doublebyte charsets
6639450 IBM949C encoder modifies state of IBM949 encoder
6569191 Cp943 io converter returns U+0000 and U+FFFD for unconvertable character
6577466 Character encoder IBM970 throws a BufferOverflowException
5065777 CharsetEncoder canEncode() methods often incorrectly return false
8d2efec31d78 6622432 RFE: Performance improvements to java.math.BigDecimal
3994c5c669cb 6806261 BigDecimal.longValueExact() method throws NullPointerException
206d73d299d4 6349566 doesn't set default domain
dc3865883a5a 6844887 NPE in TextCallbackHandler
d93b7df1e260 6822460 support self-issued certificate
c3c5cc0f2a3e 6720721 CRL check with circular depency support needed
045aeb76b0ff 6726695 HttpURLConnection shoul support 'Expect: 100-contimue' headers for PUT
25db260cb810 6845286 Add regression test for name constraints
7772d77bd7c2 6829636 test/java/util/logging/ is flaky
2aeaffb6c897 6798842 TEST_BUG: fails intermittently with unexpected thread status.
fba2425da9b1 5080203 TEST_BUG: ThreadStateTest fails intermittently.
a7a38e606a7a 6512493 TEST_BUG: unexpected LockInfo failure in
fb97068670e6 6535104 TEST_BUG: fails intermittently.
59bbb9f3f430 6838211 jdk docs creation broken for tracing docs
928e0f1043e6 6807602 Increase MAX_BUFFER_LEN and MAX_HEAP_BUFFER_LEN on 64-bit Solaris and Linux
aece9096d5cd 6838199 remove support for old javap
d26c268597ed 6808625 Incomplete code sample in Deflater javadoc
045743e0eb2d 6847459 Allow trust anchor self-issued intermediate version 1 and version 2 certificate
8f405b65ddac 6578647 Undefined requesting URL in
4da7b972b391 6845161 Bottleneck in Configuration.getConfiguration synchronized call
ffbcf1d1103c 6570344 Invalid RSA OID in
74aefd0ab26d 6850720 (process) Use clone(CLONE_VM), not fork, on Linux to avoid swap exhaustion
d0de3e41426b 6511515 poor performance of LogRecord.inferCaller depending on java.lang.Throwable.getStackTraceElement
5a5b56904855 6853336 (process) disable or remove clone-exec feature (6850720)
6f1f159aed75 6839645 Swing application prints message in Control Panel if language is changed
a3f970a8600b 6832386 Fix JTreg test: java/awt/Graphics/DrawImageBG/
7289003cd1c9 6829180 Removing focused component from a window causes a JVM crash for JDK7b50+ on WinXP/Vista
70654407b626 6847584 closed/java/awt/EventDispatchThread/LoopRobustness/LoopRobustness.html fails
2a526ccd12e8 6851515 awt_p.h incorporates a chunk of the XRender header
1bbbd0ef5d04 6850113 Bidi class needs to be updated to support Unicode 5.1
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b5872f0790e7 6841422 classfile: add Type visitor
f838537fb1ac 6841420 classfile: add new methods to ConstantClassInfo
fc634a593812 6841419 classfile: add constant pool iterator
cd0630109de5 6824493 experimental support for additional info for instructions
0c6cd88f72b9 6843013 missing files in fix for 6824493
4ce1c1400334 6832154 refactor Paths to be just a utility class for JavacFileManager
79eb8795a1de 6827026 Change javac source and target default to 7
44eaac2b4501 6843648 tools/javac/versions/ is broken
d402db1005ad 6722234 javac diagnostics need better integration with the type-system
84061bd68019 6843761 Update langtools tests to remove unncessary -source and -target options
d4828eba4939 6802102 unignore @ignored tests where possible
47cf04bb80c9 6838199 remove support for old javap