Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b22f9e823be7 6843003 Windows Server 2008 R2 system recognition
c2baa2f0415e 6853793 OutOfMemoryError in
803db6c94a3b 6857287 (file) Clarifications for symbolic link related javadoc
fa488e4ff685 6856856 NPE in HTTP protocol handler logging
0cabe1192c8b 6854795 Miscellaneous improvements to "jar"
0a294c066e7a 6857803 Missing links to exceptions in javadoc for Class.getGeneric{Superclass, Interfaces}
1175f872a968 6857802 GSS getRemainingInitLifetime method returns milliseconds not seconds
1df67a3ecce8 6857795 krb5.conf ignored if system properties on realm and kdc are provided
d133d4052378 6858127 Missing -DNDEBUG on Linux and Windows native code compiles
d3a08f8c3c86 6855551 java -Xrunhprof crashes when running with classes compiled with targed=7
ae60bb671e54 6628737 Specification of wrapper class valueOf static factories should require caching
6f26e2e5f4f3 6852744 PIT b61: PKI test suite fails because self signed certificates are beingrejected
880896883a47 6562614 Compiler warnings for gettimeofday in Inet4/Inet6AddressImpl.c
d0ce095004b2 6453837 PartialCompositeContext.allEmpty is buggy
beb5e5cad3ae 6832540 IllegalArgumentException in ClassLoader.definePackage when classes are loaded in parallel
043c7100a752 6853916 java.awt.Window.setBackground(null) throws NullPointerException
99cdc0268e4b 6855323 Robot(GraphicsDevice) constructor initializes LEGAL_BUTTON_MASK variable improperly
9b1e640af25e 6759726 TrayIcon constructor throws NPE instead of documented IAE
df34ec9f3e26 6847958 MouseWheel event is getting triggered for the disabled Textarea in jdk7 b60 pit build.
c27d7c1d1918 6847149 test/java/awt/Window/OwnedWindowsLeak/ fails
4cd623432e7d 6837446 Introduce Window.isOpaque() method
bccc4d5e8d6a 6380849 RFE: Automatic discovery of PersistanceDelegates
7720d6c079ca 6329581 RFE: LTP: java.beans.XMLEncoder does not manage ClassLoader.
ef20a15b3569 6723447 Introspector doesn't check return type for indexed property setters
0407df5a768e 6489447 Apply the more robust fix for 6449933 to dolphin and 6ux
bd31b30a5b21 6857870 Regression tests are failing with ExceptionInInitializerError