Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
d8b49b53d8cf 6872177 JCE framework and provider builds broken following -target 7 changes
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
8001ba2bf10d 6873059 Explicitly use -source 6 -target 6 when compiling with the boot jdk javac
3f1ef7f899ea 6878106 Synchronize CORBA and JDK makefiles where possible
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
f753dffae23e 6871765 Bump the HS16 build number to 08
6a93908f268f 6857194 Add hotspot perf counters to aid class loading performance measurement
1413494da700 6850957 Honor -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError when array size exceeds VM limit
8c79517a9300 6840305 Discrepancy in system memory details (when 4G or greater) reported by JVM and Windows OS
abe076e3636f 6864003 Modify JVM_FindClassFromBootLoader to return null if class not found
2b4230d1e589 6862295 JDWP threadid changes during debugging session (leading to ingored breakpoints)
27f6a9b9c311 6864886 G1: rename -XX parameters related to update buffers
83b687ce3090 6866591 G1: print update buffer processing stats more often
061cd4d965fc 6862534 -XX:NewRatio completely ignored when combined with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepG
ff004bcd2596 6843292 "Expect to be beyond new region unless impacting another region" assertion too strong
15c5903cf9e1 6865703 G1: Parallelize hot card cache cleanup
6cb8e9df7174 6819077 G1: first GC thread coming late into the GC.
703065c670fa 6868991 JPRT: elide GCBasher_G1 test on winx64 until 6867250 is resolved
a94af87c3357 6861984 solaris version of should support SA_ALTROOT directly
dd0a4e1e219b 6851386 assert(b->find_node(def) < j,"uses must follow definitions")
665be97e8704 6863420 os::javaTimeNanos() go backward on Solaris x86
94b6d06fd759 6860920 serialize.cpp shouldn't use objArrayOopDesc::base_offset_in_bytes(T_BYTE)
52898b0c43e9 6863155 Server compiler generates incorrect code (x86, long, bitshift, bitmask)
60fea60a6db5 6864914 SPECjvm2008 produces invalid result with zero based Compressed Oops
55cb84cd1247 6865031 Application gives bad result (throws bad exception) with compressed oops
9987d9d5eb0e 6833129 specjvm98 fails with NullPointerException in the compiler with -XX:DeoptimizeALot
2b9164d13ce9 6868486 timouts and outOfMemory in regression tests
fc2281ddce3c 6868269 CompileTheWorld assertion failure introduced by the reexecute bit implementation
ef671fb22f73 6868051 (SA) FreeChunk support for compressed oops is broken
bd2b1f617a4e 6868487 EnableInvokeDynamic and EnableMethodHandles should not be visible flags in JDK6 or JDK7
3ee342e25e57 6821693 64-bit TaskQueue capacity still too small
6821507 Alignment problem in GC taskqueue
b32a809aab08 6866585 debug code in ciObjectFactory too slow for large objects
10d8c0d0d60e 6867645 java -Xshare:dump failed - read only space too small
308762b2bf14 6872000 G1: compilation fails on linux/older gcc
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
dd3c5f3ec28d 6873200 patch.out and jaxws.patch do not belong in jaxws repository
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
1ff977b938e5 6840246 Lightweight implementation of String.split for simple use case
8c0c96a3f9f6 6870335 Provider numbers need to be bumped to 1.7
35f32639ee20 6676423 (prefs) Opensource unit/regression tests for java.util.prefs
7fcdefc99dc4 6866397 (file) PathMatcher with regex syntax doesn't match as expected (win)
77a1c2056565 6730652 CharsetEncoder.canEncode(char) returns incorrect values for some charsets
8414927b41d8 6829785 TextCallbackHandler does not honor PasswordCallback.isEchoOn()
5e8986cabdd8 6867665 Problem with keytabs with multiple kvno's (key versions)
dfece53c600f 6595866 File does work with symbolic links (win,vista)
70c03e494a68 6870926 (file) Path.toRealPath performance can be improved (win)
5cd12b68d09b 6866804 (file) Path calls checkPermission insteadof checkXXX (sol)
3992a43bb0a5 6378701 (enum) Unclear purpose of EnumConstantNotPresentException
99a55f6f1cef 6874521 Remove @note tags
cef30252932a 6842687 New I/O: Update Asynchronous I/O API to jsr203/nio2-b101
dbcc1f13e4fd 6875033 regression: test of 6867665 fail
d954cd279188 6853636 Fix warnings in jdwpgen, add jdwpgen NetBeans project
dd997cc0c823 6872048 bad private keys are generated for 2 specific ECC curves
80368890a2a0 6873059 Explicitly use -source 6 -target 6 when compiling with the boot jdk javac
b3aac0db5586 6705913 freetype_versioncheck.exe - Unable To Locate Component
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
8a03f3c7d160 6870706 langtools launcher issues
71680973d8ec 6758471 should be able to set jtreg options in langtools build
7dbb79875a63 6558476 com/sun/tools/javac/Main.compile don't release file handles on return
2aa3a1cdb094 6873059 Explicitly use -source 6 -target 6 when compiling with the boot jdk
2ce3597237f0 6871291 Please clarify "classes" parameter
61c1f735df67 6873849 suppress notes generated by javac
d9febdd5ae21 6873845 refine access to symbol file
c863e90091ee 6869216 testgetallmembers should consistently use correct filemanager