Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
4079d923a501 6844267 Nimbus generator depends on JIBX
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
3f1ef7f899ea 6878106 Synchronize CORBA and JDK makefiles where possible
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a05ea7791ee3 6873236 Fork HS16 to HS17 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
1760a1cbed36 6862945 4/3 conversion of jmethodID to methodOop in JVMTI is too expensive
046932b72aa2 6862956 PhaseIdealLoop should have a CFG verification mode
1a81ea4b45d4 6869822 assert(Universe::narrow_oop_shift() == 0,"use unscaled narrow oop")
a70508bb21c3 6862863 C2 compiler fails in elide_copy()
c8e2135f7e30 6829127 Deoptimization Failure on Specjvm98 _227_mtrt with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot since Hs11 b01
662f330d7275 6866651 Regression: simple int sum crashes jvm (build 1.6.0_14-b08 and 1.7.0-ea-b59)
d0acbc302e14 6795465 Crash in assembler_sparc.cpp with client compiler on solaris-sparc
cd18bd5e667c 6873777 FPU control word optimization still performed with SSE
357d4e2eb4dd 6873799 enable escape analysis by default
72088be4b386 6873116 Modify reexecute implementation to use pcDesc to record the reexecute bit
82bd76d4d7f2 6873800 enable compressed oops by default
cdb8b7c37ac1 6875329 fix for 6795465 broke exception handler cloning
05f89f00a864 6798898 CMS: bugs related to class unloading
e1fdf4fd34dc 6871111 G1: remove the concurrent overhead tracker
b37c246bf7ce 6861660 OopMapBlock count/size confusion
9eebd3ac74cf 6845368 large objects cause a crash or unexpected exception
8624da129f0b 6841313 G1: dirty cards of survivor regions in parallel
8b46c4d82093 4957990 Perm heap bloat in JVM
2c79770d1f6e 6819085 G1: use larger and/or user settable region size
b1f5ced5da21 6879076 disable jprt sync after builds are done
68ef3fdcdb76 6872136 CMS: confusing message may be printed when a collector is switched off implicitly
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b115cf946852 4963968 zlib should be upgraded to current version of zlib
196c7bb551e7 6875861 javadoc build warning on java.util.Properites from unconventional @see ordering
2607e571a6d5 6868864 Kerberos tests fail under windows/cygwin
69396f593772 6871697 LinkedBlockingQueue Iterator/remove/poll race
aeaf7b138d90 6868712 Improve concurrent queue tests
25371bf31658 6876628 @throw instead of @throws in two ParagraphView classes
5342b0cdbf95 6876282 BigDecimal's divide(BigDecimal bd, RoundingFormat r) produces incorrect result
4a5f2147f953 6877122 Many javadoc warnings from java.awt.Window, other awt classes
e0f79982edd2 6261502 (reflect) Add the functionality to screen out the "inappropriate" modifier bits
db5d6b4cbc11 6860431 Character.isSurrogate(char ch)
ee5300e1835a 6876328 different names for the same digest algorithms breaks jarsigner
98ad1322051e 6871847 AlgorithmId.get("SHA256withECDSA") not available
c34f92a47245 6873951 test/java/lang/reflect/Generics/ fails.
704296144175 6879368 Remove stray quote in Character javadoc
3f87b755b1c8 6873621 (file) FileStore.supportsFileAttributeView(Class type) returns wrong result
05ea733a7ae2 6868627 (spec) Files.walkFileTree doesn't make it clear that uncaught errors and exceptions are propagated
87a2ef2439bc 6432567 PIT : com/sun/jdi/ fails due to
559fb14d0ae9 6780496 Javaw process taking up 80-90 percent of CPU time!
7599cca4fe5e 6852051 Getting Null Pointer Exception when displaying message for TrayIcon on Opensolaris
911a82b4901f 6854898 Frame is located at the negative coordinates instead of origin for Solaris 10 CDE
d5ac8fb96d13 6689468 test/closed/java/awt/Component/VisibleHwInLwContTest/VisibleHwInLwContTest.html fails
d755ace580b2 6871299 Shift+Tab no longer generates a KEY_TYPED event; used to with JRE 1.5
a48c15bcf64f 6824600 OOM occurs when setLookAndFeel() is executed in Windows L&F(XP style)
fa334ff12794 6872492 JLayer sources contain wrong header
e8d93257cf7e 6579827 vista : JSlider on JColorchooser is not properly render or can't be seen completely.
d07bd8fa89e4 6849266 closed/javax/swing/JFileChooser/6484091/ fails on solaris 10 sparc
799439873bf9 6824395 Several Swing core components prevent using them in wrapper classes
4914723317b9 6851214 (tz) New Jordan rule creates a failure for SimpleTimeZone parsing post tzdata2009h
7aa6cb832991 6872467 (tz) Support tzdata2009l
92b6482e7719 6456628 (tz) Default timezone is incorrectly set occasionally on Linux
f7d606ca25a9 6802944 Nimbus initialization is too slow
7e7153da24ef 6844267 Nimbus generator depends on JIBX
e7d311b4ae94 6872503 JLayer event handling should be rewritten
9d8f551780d5 6830423 Unified Ext B character not displayed with Dialog font
37c33432e98a 6838887 (tz) Add UTC and Yerevan to tzmappings
5780cff2763c 6856390 RFE : sequence.allfonts.UTF-8.ja for Windows
4f819e2e0bfc 6387579 Usage of package-private class as parameter of a method (javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeSelectionModel)
935814bd43a6 6875153 JLayer.isOptimizedDrawingEnabled() throws NPE for null glass pane set
281fbd82a971 6797139 JButton title is truncating for some strings irrespective of preferred size.
ff468ef27959 6699856 Creating text in a JTextPane using Chinese text causes undesired behavior
01c46cb72eb7 6589634 Unable to view focus on "Up one level", "create new folder" etc. of JFileChooser Dialog
d73a741a7ea1 6868185 2 JCK api/java_beans/Introspector/ tests fails starting from jdk7 b66
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
40aca381dcaf 6872011 Update printing processor to support JSR 308
25f15fdd168a 6548708 Annotation processing should free service loader if there are no processors
8109aa93b212 6840638 Project Coin: Improved Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation (aka 'diamond')
ed31953ca025 6875336 some tests should use /nodynamiccopyright/
74760fd5197f 6843707 bad tests generate files in the test/ directory
6876699 generated files in repository
2c20f17c429c 6876753 javap tests fail on Windows
f29068bfeaed 6876755 apt tests fail on Windows
477c5bf1149c 6876765 javah tests fail on Windows
0ba956343648 6876782 two javadoc tests fail on Windows
f0c9fc46990b 6877188 some javac shell tests do not work on Windows
d5e76d422509 6877229 more javac tests fail on Windows
4fa458c945ac 6877744 delete extraneous file
45301370bc5a 6877751 test/tools/javac/6627362/ fails
5a72ba18c471 6877759 test/tools/javac/processing/environment/round/ leaves open file
dda7e13f09fb 6650759 Inference of formal type parameter (unused in formal parameters) is not performed
40a1327a5283 6877763 update langtools/test/Makefile for JPRT
8d999cb7ec09 6874249 Check has duplicate local variable and field for "source"
35e29f51a7c3 6419701 DefaultFileManager clean up: URI.create
6483788 DefaultFileManager.ZipFileObject.toUri() fails to escape space characters
6501502 JSR 199: FileObject.toUri should return file:///c:/ or file:/c:/ not file://c:/
6877206 JavaFileObject.toUri returns bogus URI (win)
6877223 tests @ignored because of issues with File.toURI on Windows
dd98acd9f717 6879346 files have Windows newlines
261c54b2312e 6879371 javap does not close internal default file manager