Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a7f7276b48cd 6909462 Fix nbproject/private references in .hgignore
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
e703499b4b51 6909462 Fix nbproject/private references in .hgignore
f334aec453a1 6896084 VM does not reserve protected page below heap for compressed oops implicit null checks
73a726751507 6852078 HSX 14/16 in jdk 5.0: api/javax_management api/org_omg jck tests crashes or make tnameserv crash
389049f3f393 6858164 invokedynamic code needs some cleanup (post-6655638)
323bd24c6520 6769124 various 64-bit fixes for c1
09572fede9d1 6896370 CTW fails share/vm/opto/matcher.cpp:1475 "duplicating node that's already been matched"
dcdcc8c16e20 6896352 CTW fails hotspot/src/share/vm/opto/escape.cpp:1155
473cce303f13 6887571 Increase default heap config sizes
ba7ea42fc66e 6898160 Need serviceability support for new vm argument type 'uint64_t'
87b2fdd4bf98 6892079 live value must not be garbage failure after fix for 6854812
b18963243361 6902000 use ShouldNotReachHere() for btos/ctos/stos in TemplateInterpreterGenerator::set_short_entry_points
7ef1d2e14917 6902036 WorldWind asserts on escape.cpp:1153: assert(addr->is_AddP(),"AddP required")
84cb6f20afb3 6900899 vm fails to start when -Xmx value is less than OldSize + NewSize
a75edfd400ea 6893504 LinkageError for bootstrap duplicate class definitions.
8e7adf982378 6896043 first round of zero fixes
7c57aead6d3e 6892658 C2 should optimize some stringbuilder patterns
bd12fff78df5 6904191 OptimizeStringConcat should be product instead of experimental
8b22f86d1740 6901572 JVM 1.6.16 crash on loops: assert(has_node(i),"")
5f932a151fd4 6895788 G1: SATB and update buffer allocation code allocates too much space
0e2d7ae2bc67 6898857 [Regression] -XX:NewRatio with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC causes fatal error
89f1b9ae8991 6898948 G1: forensic instrumentation for out-of-bounds recent_avg_pause_time_ratio()
23b9a8d315fc 6902701 G1: protect debugging code related to 6898948 with a debug flag
3fc996d4edd2 6902303 G1: ScavengeALot should cause an incremental, rather than a full, collection
db0d5eba9d20 6815790 G1: Missing MemoryPoolMXBeans with -XX:+UseG1GC
fa357420e7d2 6899058 G1: Internal error in ptrQueue.cpp:201 in nightly tests
6aa7255741f3 6906727 UseCompressedOops: some card-marking fixes related to object arrays
ed52bcc32739 6880903 G1: G1 reports incorrect Runtime.maxMemory()
afc30fccf324 6906565 G1: deal with compilation warning in g1MemoryPool.hpp
9118860519b6 6904967 G1: some CollectionUsageThreshold tests fail
7bfd295ec074 6908208 UseCompressedOops: array_size() returns incorrect size for MAX_INT object array following 6906727
c5d3d979ae27 6908167 jbb2005, OptimizeStringConcat causes assert in EA
f96a1a986f7b 6895383 JCK test throws NPE for method compiled with Escape Analysis
7fee0a6cc6d4 6896727 nsk/logging/LoggingPermission/LoggingPermission/logperm002 fails with G1, EscapeAnalisys
9dc2adf2cbe0 6908215 G1: SEGV with G1PolicyVerbose=2 debug flag
920875ae1277 6912782 Bump the HS17 build number to 06
85f13cdfbc1d 6829192 JSR 292 needs to support 64-bit x86
032260830071 5057818 codecache full and compiler disabled in bigapps fastdebug run
44f61c24ddab 6862387 tune concurrent refinement further
4b966d9946a3 6888880 JKernel VM to inject the sun.jkernel.DownloadManager as a boot classloader hook
95e9083cf4a7 6822370 ReentrantReadWriteLock: threads hung when there are no threads holding onto the lock (Netra x4450)
547f81740344 6361589 Print out stack trace for target thread of GC crash
9127aa69352e 6648438 4/4 src/share/vm/prims/jvmtiEnv.cpp:457 assert(phase == JVMTI_PHASE_LIVE,"sanity check")
98cd9901c161 6849968 3/2 JVMTI tests fails on jdk5.0 with hs14
167c2986d91b 6843629 Make current hotspot build part of jdk5 control build
2e8bdfdd3ba2 6899467 System property java.class.version out-of-sync with VM for jdk 5.0 with HS 16 in nightly build
933a3e806ce6 6895168 JCK api/signaturetest/sigtest.basic.html#basic test fails for jdk 5.0 with HS 16 in nightly build
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
7a12d3789e1b 6909462 Fix nbproject/private references in .hgignore
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
fc1c72d1dfbb 6909462 Fix nbproject/private references in .hgignore
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a0f6963b1618 6903754 (bf) Improve floating-point buffer comparison
db5c77621c6b 6908628 ObjectIdentifier s11n test fails
c2f83e13bbe5 6909057 @see Arrays#hashCode missing particular method specification in j.u.Objects.hash
0f8f624ddcb4 6909082 Docs warning from java.util.logging.PlatformLoggingMXBean
7c9be6c9385a 6867348 Digest Value of References inside Manifest - calculation order problem
ae944611249f 6909089 Memory leak occurs by lack of free for read buffer in SocketInputStream#read()
f9c9c2b726a0 6909070 Missing package statements in java.text.Bidi @see links
aa0d374b40a5 4891262 API spec, javax/accessibility: few invalid javadoc tags
3267ca7afe95 6909563 Javadoc build warnings in rmi, security, management
5434b2585a08 6909442 Fix comments in test/sun/tools/jhat/
2d53da2c4764 6906210 Fix another minor typo in test/Makefile
c84d8b9be5c6 6909373 Add -ea to the testing done by jdk/test/Makefile
ad1e30930c6c 6908131 Pure Java implementations of StrictMath.floor(double) & StrictMath.ceil(double)
c6d3ca281660 6558110 tmp/java/jli/obj_g/static is not deleted automatically
a368ebcfeeb6 6898747 Allow JNDI cosnaming provider to be used when java.applet is not present
da43f2e977ac 6909572 Add a new target for building modules
b8d1e718ea6d 6909573 Temporary launcher support to add modules in the bootclasspath
f7e4cda33734 6908541 Bad resource management in java/math/BigInteger/
94feb5bd31bd 6912628 test/java/util/jar/JarFile/ cannot be run in samevm mode
4a062158d2c5 6912893 (build) make/java/nio/FILES_java.gmk doesn't list sun.nio.cs.Unicode
49bc2b443eca 6908348 java/util/concurrent/BlockingQueue/ get OOME for unbounded queues
6a80c535f02e 6843127 krb5 should not try to access unavailable kdc too often
91c3cabb3d32 6907425 JCK Kerberos tests fail since b77
ef9774dc4f5a 6895424 RFC 5653
c028d78fa438 6913636 kvno check in JSSE
9c352f7ed4a3 6891770 JSR 292 API needs initial unit tests
dbcf6cafa65c 6914665 update jdk code for JSR 292 (post 6858164)
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ff823a039e16 6909538 Clarify meaning of "element" in javax.lang.model.element API
4011f49b4af8 6906175 bridge JSR199 and JSR 203 APIs
fbeb560f39e7 6907575 [classfile] add support for classfile dependency analysis
0666a8f87661 6910317 [classfile] typo and other issues in Dependency classes
96c71cbc544b 6911854 Update to use @compile/proc