Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
bbd817429100 6934712 run langtools jtreg tests from top level test/Makefile
c60ed0f6d91a 6934759 Add langtools testing to jprt control builds
35d272ef7598 6936788 Minor adjustment to top repo test/Makefile, missing non-zero exit case
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b5d78a3b8843 6892265 System.arraycopy unable to reference elements beyond Integer.MAX_VALUE bytes
ae4032fb0a5b 6894807 No ClassCastException for HashAttributeSet constructors if run with -Xcomp
0c3f888b7636 6626217 Fixed loader constraint array handling
f5dd08ad65df 6932480 Fix crash in CompilerThread/Parser. Unloaded array klass?
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
0137b5857c63 6932473 (tz) javazic produces incorrect SimpleTimeZone parameters with Sun<=7
0e0ce1aa1bba 6933032 (tz) Support tzdata2010e
ce3770eadf85 6707226 java.beans.Statement & java.beans.Expression miss one important usecase
d86c053ca938 6931347 SynthTabbedPaneUI.paintTabArea() is not called when tabbed pane is painted
1224c1388e86 6933784 NIMBUS: ImageView getNoImageIcon and getLoadingImageIcon returns nulls instead of an icon
325823a26aac 6932524 NIMBUS: 3 constructors of JSplitPane creates new jsp with continuous layout - they should not.
ef892cd084ec 6922214 SynthTextPaneUI.installUI() doesn't install the default caret and highlighter
f799c62ad4f8 6939021 (tz) Support tzdata2010g
dbde35ddda78 6907881 Different undesired behavior for entering Asian characters in Windows IME starting with Java 6.0
d23dcd3e3ce4 6934327 Update linux fontconfigs for Ubuntu and Fedora.
47958f76babc 6933618 java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails when rerun
467484e025d6 6931812 A better implementation of sun.nio.cs.Surrogate.isBMP(int)
07e1c5a90c6a 6934054 java/net/Socket/ return error in samevm
c342735a3e58 6933629 java/net/HttpURLConnection/ fails if run in samevm mode
c6f8c58ed51a 6223635 Code hangs at connect call even when Timeout is specified when using a socks proxy
ee385b4e2ffb 6929479 Add a system property to disable mmap use in ZipFile
bf6eb240e718 6933294 Fix some test/Makefile issues around Linux ARCH settings, better defaults
f88f6f8ddd21 6934923 test/java/net/ipv6tests/ hangs on Solaris 10
895a1211b2e1 6935199 java/net regression tests failing with Assertions
0500f7306cbe 6868865 Test: sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ fails under all platforms
2796f839e337 6829283 HTTP/Negotiate: Autheticator triggered again when user cancels the first one
c52f292a8f86 6695485 SignedObject constructor throws ProviderException if it's called using provider "SunPKCS11-Solaris"
df5714cbe76d 6591117 Poor preformance of PKCS#11 security provider compared to Sun default provider
dc42c9d9ca16 6837847 PKCS#11 A SecureRandom and a serialization error following installation of 1.5.0_18
3bb93c410f41 6935233 java/net/ServerSocket/ fails with modules build
c40572afb29e 6632169 HttpClient and HttpsClient should not try to reverse lookup IP address of a proxy server
31dcf23042f9 6586707 NTLM authentication with proxy fails
8a9ebdc27045 6614957 HttpsURLConnection not using the set SSLSocketFactory for creating all its Sockets
6771432 createSocket() - smpatch fails using 1.6.0_10 because of "Unconnected sockets not implemented"
6766775 X509 certificate hostname checking is broken in JDK1.6.0_10
f8c9a5e3f5db 6915365 3/4 assert(false,"Unsupported VMGlobal Type") at management.cpp:1540
26477628f2d5 6813340 X509Factory should not depend on is.available()==0
6109b166bf68 6937703 java/net regression test issues with samevm
31517a0345d1 6693917 regression tests need to update for supporting ECC on solaris 11
3771ac2a8b3b 6902790 Converting/displaying HKSCs characters issue on Vista and Windows7
6911753 NSN wants to add Big5 HKSCS-2004 support
1105276dbd6a 4947220 (process)Runtime.exec() cannot invoke applications with unicode parameters(win)
d3309aae68ef 6888149 AtomicReferenceArray causes SIGSEGV -> SEGV_MAPERR error
b1e8f41ed755 6639665 ThreadGroup finalizer allows creation of false root ThreadGroups
e943f6b0b0e9 6736390 File TOCTOU deserialization vulnerability
ff9c2f53594e 6745393 Inflater/Deflater clone issue
d893f890b4dd 6904925 Changeset for 6745393 for jdk7 ssr forest was incomplete
df3091222715 6893947 Deserialization of RMIConnectionImpl objects should enforce stricter checks [ZDI-CAN-588]
121fa73c7185 6893954 Subclasses of InetAddress may incorrectly interpret network addresses
3598d6eb087c 6898739 TLS renegotiation issue
91a4840fa9b4 6633872 Policy/PolicyFile leak dynamic ProtectionDomains.
7a60d100ffa5 6904162 Add new VeriSign root CA certificates to JRE and remove some old/unused ones
3dabb7d5be98 6904691 Java Applet Trusted Methods Chaining Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
c80b6350de63 6910590 Application can modify command array, in ProcessBuilder
0667ab707c48 6914866 Sun JRE ImagingLib arbitrary code execution vulnerability
494aea51f26f 6914823 Java AWT Library Invalid Index Vulnerability
45ead4a2c48b 6909597 Sun Java Runtime Environment JPEGImageReader stepX Integer Overflow Vulnerability
1ff19af7b735 6899653 Sun Java Runtime CMM readMabCurveData Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
cda01c4b091c 6902299 Java JAR "unpack200" must verify input parameters
7a6b3cc68e92 6887703 Unsigned applet can retrieve the dragged information before drop action occur
c5c6f8fa92ae 6932659 JTreg test files were missed in push of 6887703
69002275e0e2 6648001 Cancelling HTTP authentication causes subsequent deadlocks
495ba30cf02f 6921111 NullPointerException in PlainDatagramSocketImpl.socketSetOption
0b7f10901f30 6717164 FilterInputStream.skip incorrectly inherits wording specifying how the InputStream.skip works
fc7c38b2584c 6941130 Semaphore should throw if number of permits overflows or underflows
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
9871ce4fd56f 6933914 fix missing newlines
f856c0942c06 6934224 update langtools/test/Makefile
dd30de080cb9 6937244 sqe ws7 tools javap/javap_t10a fail jdk7 b80 used output of javap is changed
3058880c0b8d 6937318 jdk7 b86: javah and javah -help is no output for these commands
65e422bbb984 6937417 javac -Xprint returns IndexOutOfBoundsException
de6375751eb7 6938326 Use of "ant -diagnostics" a problem with ant 1.8.0, exit code 1 now